5 Tips for Creating a Web Form That Converts

You might have integrated or creating a web form for your website but are these forms convertable? Whether you are able to convert your customers into potential clients using such web forms?

Converting web form is very important if you want to gather more information about your clients, plus it is useful to increase your subscription list and build the rapid checkout experience. Creating a captivating form is not just sufficient, it is also important to make a form functional.

Most of the visitors are getting pampered to the functioning and well-designed forms, getting a chance for people who feel awkward or a person who likes to work.

So how you will create a custom form? Some five tips are given below that will help you to know how you can convert the users into potential clients to enhance the online presence.

Design a One-Column Form

You know very well that a short form or a one-column form can help you to win against distraction. Some studies show that a user takes less than 15.4 seconds to complete one column form.

And this figure is faster than it the time required to complete a form with many columns. Therefore it is a good idea if you create one column form that will never give a problem to you.

creating a web form

But yes designing is an important factor when we talk about the creating a web form. The form with multiple columns and fields makes a user confused because not all users will find all fields to be important. Thus they will feel the patterns are not logical they will leave some field. Multiple columns on a mobile phone are difficult to fill up.

Hence everyone should follow one simple rule while creating a web form i.e. to keep all field linear and in vertical format.

After this, the last element should be present online. And that is a call to action button. The button should be visible clearly on the mobile phone as well.

Guide Users with Copy and Space

Form readability will be broken if you use solid spacing and copywriting.
While designing a contact form it is very important to focus on some factors.

  • Before designing a form make sure it has some limited and useful fields. It should pretend that what you exactly want to perform. Do not involve many things.
  • Do not forget to add placeholder text. By doing this your field will be less confusing to your users.
  • Each element should have a proper space so that the user can fill the details easily. Do not forget to create large boxes so that users can tap those boxes from any small or large devices.
  • After all, these steps remember to add some common notation, for example, red asterisk. Whenever users forget to fill some important field they will get the notation in red color that these boxes are mandatory to fill. In this way, they will not miss the chance to fill in the required field.

Don’t Ask for Anything You Don’t Need Now

Always ask for limited information that is required. Do not ask for the details which are not in use. How much and what details are required it all depends on the marketing funnel you use. Just make sure you are not integrated too much field to ask for your users.

If you want to increase your email list you will need more users’ email addresses. For that, you will require adding a subscription button or need to create email marketing.

While asking your customers, register first on the website to access all the website content. Thus you will need to ask customers to fill the form but don’t ask them to add their personal information like age, gender, etc.

Start with the basic thing ask for general details like email address, contact number, etc. Do not ask for location or the address unless your website is not related to the WooCommerce or related shipping stuff.

On your website, if you have integrated with the checkout form, do you want that user should be able to choose card type? Or do they need to add a shipping address or a billing address? So do not add such fields which are not much necessary.

Remove such fields that are not in use and activate the checkboxes to combine such filed whenever needed.
The next option is to auto-detect and predictive search whenever required.

Use Field Validation

Field validation is very important as it will display a user about the error before them jumping to the field. By doing validation you will make sure that the user is adding the right content for example email address on the desired field, phone number in the field of contact number and more.

The importance of validation is to make sure you have the proper information to generate leads from a potential client. It gives a normal environment as no fake information will not be added.
For example, phone number can be added in various methods such as
(000) 000-0000

But can you tell me which one is correct? According to programming, all ways are equal.

Validation will be provided for the domain email address such as yahoo.com, gmail.com, etc. Suppose visitors entered the wrong password they will get the notification of the wrong email entered.

You can also use tooltips for validation error so that the user will get to know immediately about something wrong happening.

Have fun

Website forms are something fun. Many forms are created in a simple way that gets ignored most of the time. You will find that most of the users neglect the survey form because they have a very simple design.

But if you add emojis to show the scale from sad face to happy face you will notice that you will get more than 50% discounts. Designing elements can be very helpful to creating a web form.

Some forms can have popup and slide in. but these popup forms should get display before filling the form. Otherwise, the popup window can be distractive for the users.

For the marketing process, the forms are considered to be the most important tool. With some tips given above you can create most captivating and attractive contact form to get more users.

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