Cover Image Vs Featured Image In WordPress Block Editor

Cover Image Vs Featured Image in WordPress block editor

Cover Block in the WordPress 5.0 brings about the opportunity for the bloggers and writers to add a cover image, representing the article. Though, newbie bloggers are sometimes confused between the Featured Image and the Cover Image.

So, we are here to help clear the mist that is all about Cover Image Vs Featured Image.

What Exactly Do We Mean By Cover Image In A WordPress?

You need to understand the concept of Cover Image Vs Featured Image to utilize both the options well. So, we begin with defining the aspects of a Cover Image.

Every blog might have a different section like ours. To follow that pattern, sometimes information is clearer through visuals. So, in a single blog or a page, you can add wide snaps.

These snaps indicate the new section or another portion of the blog. Hence, these snaps are called the Cover Images.

WordPress understands well the editing and visualization part of the blog. Therefore, users or bloggers can edit the Cover Image as well.

Options like adding colorful overlays, texts, and ability to adjust the background opacity are found at the Block panel on the right-hand side of the editor.

Cover Image vs Features Image

Color overlays are convenient to match a particular theme or mood of the blog. If you learn to do this, the content will look appealing easily.

On the same note, text overlays work fine for introducing the starting of a new section.

Now, What Is A Featured Image Then?

We hope that your confusion regarding the Cover Image Vs Featured Image niche is getting clearer now that we have talked about once aspect of the question.

On the other hand, a Featured Image is actually the thumbnail or the main icon for the blog you decide to publish. This image builds the initial interest about the readers who stumble upon your blog news.

However, the readers might not know the inside material before actually clicking your blog post. That is why a Featured Image bridges the knowledge gap and compels to the visitors on your website to read ahead.

Also, if you share your blog post on a social media platform, this icon will be displayed. Basically, wherever you post the blog, Featured Image is the first thing visitors check out. A stunning Featured Image becomes the selling point as well.

For some, it is a marketing strategy, for others, this image works fine for gaining loyal followers and readers.

How Cover Image vs Featured Image Are Added In WordPress?

Firstly, we will explain the Cover Image adding & editing methods here:

When you are operating the WordPress Block Editor, you will see the plus sign in the content block. If you press it and scroll down to select the Common Block, you will find the first option is Cover.

That is how you can embed the Cover Image for starting the new section of the page or the blog post that you are working on.

As when you click the aforesaid option, the Cover block will show up in between your main content. It will have two options that are Upload or Media Library. It shows how you can upload the Cover Image.

Now it depends upon you to select the options whichever are convenient for you.

Or else, simply find the image on your desktop and drag it over to the Cover Image option. Easy, right?

Well, after the image loads in the middle of the content, you can edit the image further.

To do so, you would need to click the image itself.

A toolbar will appear over the image from where you can edit the font size, color, and style.

There are options for alignment of the multiple texts as well.

Other than that, the Block panel which we have talked about earlier, enables the bloggers to further fine-tune Cover Image.

And if you click the Advanced feature on the same Block panel, you can add CSS codes and custom-made styles as well.

Now, let’s explore the adding process of a Featured Image:

Choosing a Featured Image might be tricky for amateur bloggers.

One does not perfect the art of uploading the relatable Featured Image in a day.

Though, understanding how it gets added into your blog is not at all difficult.

So, now you must be familiar with the panel on the right-hand side of the WordPress editor. It is very useful for editing the whole blog in one go.

This includes adding a Featured Image as well.

On the Document section of the panel, you need to scroll down till the end. Here you will find the option Set Featured Image.

After clicking it, you will need to select an image to upload.

It can either be from the Media Library or from your own device.

Otherwise, you can always drag and drop the image onto the screen after selecting the Set Featured Image button.

After an image has been selected, at the right-hand side you will see another panel from where you can name a Title of the Featured Image.

You can also add a Caption, Alt Text, and descriptions for the Featured Image.

But keep in mind, all these texts will be shown to the reader first along with the Featured Image whenever you share your blogpost somewhere over the internet.

Therefore, you need to write something very catchy, relatable, and honest. Only such attributes will earn a response from your fellow readers.

Finally, after careful thought, the text and other options regarding the image, you can click on the Select option at the end of the panel.

Honestly, then it doesn’t even take a few seconds for the Featured Image to get uploaded as a thumbnail option for your blog.


This comparison of Cover Image Vs Featured Image has been quite entertaining for us as we wrote their ins and outs.

We hope next time you think for a minute or two before finalizing a snap for your blog’s cover or feature.

If you are a dedicated blogger, we are sure you can edit and upload the best images from now on.

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