How to Change the Number of Posts Per Page in WordPress Blog Page

This article serves as a guide to help you on how to change the number of posts per page.

Today’s world is highly interconnected – the rise of communication and e-commerce today means that success is equivalent to your digital presence.

One can obtain countless opportunities and succeed in their preferred enterprise.

If the importance of digital media and marketing is neglected, you are highly likely to fail before even beginning.

Change number of posts per page

A WordPress blog is one such way through which your agenda and name can go out and be seen and heard by the world.

number of posts per page

Starting a blog is not a hefty job, nor is using one and is very inexpensive to maintain as well.

Web hosting and domain names today are cheaper than they have ever been, assuming that you host your WordPress blog.

However, if this is not the case, it must be fixed as the steps provided in this article are specific to host properties independently.

One ubiquitous question asked by beginners is “How do we change the number of posts per page in WordPress displayed on blog page?”

How can you change the number of posts in WordPress?

A few simple steps are required to change the number of posts per page WordPress blog page.

The WordPress archive pages show just ten posts per page by default.

However, this can be changed very quickly from the dashboard setting and as many posts/articles as you wish to can be displayed.

1. Login to your WordPress account, go to Settings, followed by the readings page.

2. Enter the number of posts you wish to show by editing the value of ‘Blog pages show at most’ field.

3. ‘Save Changes’ to store the settings. The archive pages and WordPress blog will show the number of posts you have set to display.

change the number of posts per page

How many Posts Should be Displayed on a Blog Page?

Most bloggers prefer displaying ten pages per page, as is set by default.

This number is an appropriate number for display when seeing from the SEO perspective and user experience as well.

One can change the number of posts per page WordPress to as much as they like to, but it is not recommended to go above ten if excerpts are not being shown.

The main reason for this is that the more posts a page will display, the larger the size of the page will be making it slower to load.

The Effects of WordPress Alteration

To change the number of posts being displayed on your blog is a quick task with no special operation being conducted, and basically, anyone can do this.

However, just knowing how to do it is not good enough.

It is essential to understand why is it being done and what its implications may be.

This is because whenever you change number of posts per page WordPress or any other thing, it has an impact on how the search engines react.

Most notable are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It matters how they relate to your blog or website.

This may also affect the relationship of your site with its readers.

These little bits make the foundation of a successful blog or website, and it is very crucial to take some time and scrutinize the factors which impact it.

Some useful tips which may be wise to use are that the timing and choice of changing a maximum number of posts on your blog are listed as follows.

Loading Problems

This is one of the most pressing issue and a simple one as well.

The more posts a blog will display on a single page, the slower that WordPress blog will load due to its large size.

This becomes an even more significant problem if one moves into publishing nontextual rich media, which includes music, images, videos, and others.

At the lowest level, this is an annoying issue.

However, when it goes on long without any fixation being provided, it can eliminate the viewership and search engine ranking of your post.

This can also be caused by increased viewership.

To summarise; if one is sticking according to the standard format, the per-page count should be set to either ten posts per page or below.

number of posts per page

Search Engine Optimization

The key to getting views for the content you post on your blog are major search engines.

WordPress system works through a series of tags which express the description of your content to the search engines.

It is WordPress’s coding, which is the reason why your posts might appear on multiple pages over the site.

These search engines particularly hate replicated content and will retort consequently.

To keep these search engines say ‘happy,’ the default count of pages should be set to a maximum of ten posts per page.

The Loophole, a.k.a. Getting Snipped

In this case, the thing which can not be done with the untrimmed full-length posts can be done with excerpts of posts.

Primarily, one can place around fifteen to twenty of these on each page of the blog without any issue.

Excerpts being summaries of posts instead of each complete entry provide several benefits which include:

  • Posts and pages being loaded much quicker.
  • A search engine profile more favorable and complete search engine optimization.
  • Bounce rate lowers down.
  • Excerpts provide enticement for the posts which they tend to summarize, leading to a greater number of page views for each visitor, consequently providing more eyes to the content.
  • The advertiser generates increased revenue as they tend to like blogs which are written in that particular manners, which prove more attractive and can provide more traffic potentially.

This article has provided enough information on changing the number of posts on WordPress.

Moreover, it also tells what the implications attached to it are.

The process to do so is very simple and involves very few simple steps.

One can easily change the number of posts per page WordPress blog, but the problems attached to making the number of jobs too high must be considered.

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