What are Best Features in WordPress 5.3

With WordPress launching its latest version, WordPress 5.3, it is time that you took a closer look at the improved design, unique standalone features and the rest. The new version comes with a raft of new features and it is time that you reviewed the same carefully.

What are Best Features in WordPress 5.3

1. Gutenberg block based editor:

In the old WordPress, you had to make do with the old text based editor and each time you wanted to add something new to the content such as a image or media file or icon you had to follow a different process for each.

Well, the good news is that with the all new WordPress 5.3, all happens to be pass in the sense that with the Gutenberg editor. Each element is wrapped around a block to the point that even a simple text would consist of blocks.

This should provide you with ease of use and enable you to quickly create some outstanding content with the help of this new editor.

2. Short codes, embeds, social media posts:

What makes the new changes all the more attractive is the fact that thanks to the new block based approach, it has become a lot easier to add widgets to one’s website.

You can also add short codes, embed codes and even share content across social media with the help of the right blocks.

What are Best Features in WordPress 5.0

3. Create and reuse blocks:

what makes Gutenberg outstanding is the fact that this editor allows you to create blocks of text which are outstanding.

You can edit this block of texts, until you are completely satisfied, and then using the menu, click on ‘add to reusable blocks’, and soon, WordPress would add the designated text t reusable blocks that you can reuse again.

It would in all probability, ask you to rename the block of text, and once that’s done, you should be set. You should be able to locate the same text under “add blocks” section and get to reuse the same with other posts, etc

4. Editing existing content post upgrading to WordPress 5.3

The innovations that WordPress has managed to come out with this time around is staggering to say the least. Now, you can migrate and upgrade to the new WordPress 5.3 without a hitch and without worrying about your SEO or traffic.

But what really stands out is the fact that you can still access your old editor’s window with your old texts and as you access your old texts and posts and click on edit, you should see the content wrapped inside a classic block.

You can choose to edit your content using the old option or move onto the latest one as showcased by WordPress 5.0. And of course, you can still use the old editor; all you have to do is to download and install the classic editor plugin and that should take care of the same.

5. Twenty nineteen, the old default scheme:

THIs time around, WordPress is being launched with a new default WordPress theme, twenty nineteen. The default scheme is based on Gutenberg starter theme, and therefore it is compatible with the new editor. You should be enable to create some outstanding content with this default wordress theme and all the features that it contains.

6. Compatibility with themes and plugins:

Compatibility with themes and plugins

What’s remarkable about WordPress 5.3 is the built in compatibility with most of the WordPress themes out there as well as the various plugins. Given the fact that this new product had been in the works for a while, it gave the developers enough time to check out their various themes and plugins and to test the same for compatibility.

And in case you are wondering, you will be pleased to know that some of the essential plugins. Like WP forms and Yoast SEO are both compatible to the new platform and can be readily used on both.

7. Advantages to plugin compatibility:

Given the fact that WordPress 5.3 is highly compatible with multiple plugins, it makes more sense to opt for the same.

Granted that you may have a business website but the only way that you would be able to maintain an edge over your competition is by providing the various users with advanced functionality and more user centric features. And that is all the more reason as to why you should opt for this platform.

Thanks to its compatibility, you can use various third party apps on the platform with ease and without having to worry about the same either.

Now you can enable your customers to share your content via their various social media accounts and download, install the social media plugin. This should enable you to leverage the vast reach of social media platforms effectively.

You can also provide your users with advanced search functionality with a slight twist, one that allows you to purchase the product you need and so much more.

You can also install other forms of plugins. Which can limit, size up the images and media files on your website and optimize the lot. This should make for good SEO and it should definitely help you rank better for the same.

You can also install caching plugins as well as others to ensure that your pages load fast. Online audience come with a low attention span and it is vital that you use the limited attention to your advantage and present the best possible content and get your pages to load fast at the same time.

These are some of the interesting features that you may want to keep your eye peeled out for; just read the above article carefully and you should soon see what the WordPress platform is all about and learn more about its brand new features.

By using this platform, you should be able to snag more customers, get them interested enough to check out the various user centric features of your website and soon help transform that prospective lead into an actual paying customer. Do check out WordPress 5.3 at the earliest.

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