Best Domain Registrars: Who’s the Cheapest and Should You Use Them?

Do you want to buy your website’s domain name and looking for the suggestion for best domain registrars?

In this post, you will find the list of top domain registrars and how they all differ from each in terms of ease of use, customer support, and price.

Best Domain Registrars

2. Bluehost
3. Namecheap
4. Hover
5. GoDaddy
6. SiteGround
7. OVH
8. A2 Hosting

The domain name mentioned above is ICANN-accredited, which means that they have been legally granted approval by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) to register the names of the domain.

Best Domain Registrars

This domain registrar provide a wide range of services, but their main priority is given to sell domains.

Pricing of domain
.com will cost you $9.99
.co will cost you $6.99
.net will cost you $12.99

Easy to use
The checkout process of is very straightforward and uncomplicated but has an offensive number of upsells. For domain purchase set at two years, they have base time. If you are looking to buy a domain name for only one year then you will need to do it manually.

Extra services
Web hosting services is offered by especially with regard to their own website builder. Although we do not recommend to get all these services. For your domain, if you are choosing then we will suggest you look for hosting from elsewhere.

Customer support
As per the reviews given by existing customers of, their services are slow. Some reviews are based on hosting products, but also provide a good range of information that how customer support actually works along with you when from this source you purchase the domain.


As compared to domain names, Bluehost more concentrate on marketing hosting plans.

Most people will say that is the best place to buy domain names if you are looking to buy a domain name and hosting. And it’s true because it is all in one place to buy both required services.

Pricing of Bluehost
The prices are based on industry standards. This is a great pack as it offers you a free domain with minimum hosting packages. (The offer will start from $2.95/month).

For web hosting accounts if you have decided to go with they make sure to visit this link

By visiting this page you will notice that they are affiliate links, that means other company will get some commission if you register it through third party website, which will give your $2.90 vs $3.90 discounted price.

It is true that you will not be able to get such discounts if you visit the official website of Bluehost through any other method.

Easy to use
On Bluehost, you can easily you can buy your very first domain name. The best feature that this company provides is easy to use interface, thus they are not belligerent with upsells.

Some extra services provided by Bluehost are

  • Website design services.
  • Marketing services.
  • Web hosting.
  • For wordpress users, they have plans at a discounted price.
  • The discounted plan offers free SSL certificates and free domain.

Customer support
It is the best Domain Registrars when we talk about its customer service On the web you will come across very few complaints about this company. They have scored 3.2 out of 5 in WordPress hosting survey. Which is a good number to consider it as popular hosts.

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3. Namecheap


Namecheap is completely ICANN-accredited and the cheapest domain registrar. This domain registrar can be considered as a most trusted name. It is also best in terms of support and balancing price.

Pricing of Namecheap
.com will cost you $12.98
.net will cost you $12.98
.co will cost you $25

With Namecheap, if you are choosing the .com domain, they will provide you WhoisGuard privacy protection for free of cost. People who do not like to share their contact information with other companies should choose Namecheap as they ask for contact details.

Easy to use
On Namecheap purchasing a domain name is very easy.

The checkout process is kept straightaway and clean, despite that, it has the simplest upsells which does not frustrate you.

In fact, the domain management panel of Namecheap is basic and natural. This is a good point to choose this company.

Extra services offered by Namecheap

  • It creates a large number of website applications
  • Free domain email forwarding
  • Web hosting
  • To guide you maintain your privacy, VPN services are provided.
  • 1 click WordPress installation facility is provided along with their plans for hosting.
  • Also managed WordPress hosting is offered by this company.

Customer support
The most important feature provided by Namecheap is that it offers a 24/7 live chat service. But unfortunately, they are not available on call. Most people will prefer the live chat option as they feel it is convenient for both parties.

The function i.e. live chat is very easy to use. The team will respond to the user’s queries within a day.

Status updates blog is also provided by Namecheap where all their customers will be kept in a loop for their issues and planned maintenance.

4. Hover


Hover is a new cheap domain name registration company this is a small company that does only one thing that is associating email accounts and selling domains at their best.

Pricing of Hover
.com will cost you $12.99
.org will cost you $13.99
.net will cost you $15.49

Easy to use
Hover company is more famous for its simplicity that can be noticed while checkout process. No upsells are found in Hover. They accept payment from different payment gateways including Paypal, Apple Pay, Credit cards, and more.

Extra services offered by Hover
Email addresses are provided by Hover with its own domains but at this time no other services are provided.

Customer Support
By email, phone, or live chat, customers of Hover can reach customer care.
Besides that, the customer care services are available for only a limited period of time i.e. 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday, they are available from 12 to 5 PM if you live in the same country.

Thus some people from different countries might face problem while contacting for customer support.

5. GoDaddy


Another best place to buy cheap domains is GoDaddy which is the largest ICANN-accredited domain registrars. It is the commander in the industry of domain name. It has more than 17 million customers and more than 55 million domains widely.

The top-level domains are provided by the company. Country specific and general specific domains are available at a reasonable price. To target local audiences or visitors from worldwide these companies is best to go for your country’s domain name.

Pricing of GoDaddy
.com will cost you $17.99
.net will cost you $19.99
.co will cost you $34.99

Easy to use
The checkout process of GoDaddy has so many upsells. At some point, you will feel that their upsells are frustrating.

Extra services provided by GoDaddy

  • In bulk domain name can be purchased
  • You can buy the already taken domain names too. Atleast you can try.
  • It comes with the one-click installation feature for wordpress. Thus you will be rid of installing WordPress manually.

Customer support
GoDaddy is much popular because it is dedicated to its customers by providing dedicated support and high-quality services.

On the Help page of GoDaddy you can leave your message and ask for support, On basis of their customer service, they have got some bad and some good reviews. However, the support team is available 24/7/365.

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6. SiteGround


This is a web hosting company same as Bluehost, but this company also provides registration services.

Pricing of SiteGround
The pricing structure of SiteGround is not good, the offer domain names starting with $15.95+ per year. Their main business is not selling domains but to provide hosting services.

If you are unable to work with nameserver directly, then it is good to invest money for having a good domain name and getting it in a single place. One of the cheap domain registration is SiteGround that also comes with hosting.

Easy to use
The website of SiteGround is created properly, while getting or buying a domain for you you will never face any issue. Also, you will find that the domain management panel of its is very simpler to utilize.

Extra services provided by SiteGround

Two different hostings is also offered by SiteGround:

  • Email hosting
  • web hosting

Features provided by SiteGround

  • WordPress SuperCacher
  • Easy WordPress installations
  • Wordpress auto-updater
  • Free wordpress site transfer
  • One-click wordpress staging
  • For wordpress free installation of Git is provided.

Customer Support
SiteGround can be considered as an all-rounder when it comes to customer support.
Because you will find that the support channel of SiteGround is available 24/7, plus you can chat with them through live chat, talk with them via contact details mentioned and submit a ticket with the query.

SiteGround has scored 4.7 out of 5 In some hosting Wordpress survey. Which is the biggest score and selling point. So if you are looking for a cheapest domain names with good and valuable support then then SiteGround is for you.

7. OVH


In Europe, OVH is the first registrar company, so if you live in Europe, then OVH is the best option that you should consider for cheapest price.

Pricing of OVH
The pricing of OVH will be in pounds as it is based in the UK.
.com will cost you 5.99 pounds
.eu will cost you 1.79 pounds.
.org will cost you 7.79 pounds
.uk will cost you 3.79 pounds.

The website of OVH is very easy to navigate. Thus one can easily purchase a domain name from this website.

The panel of domain management is very simple. You will not encounter any single problem. The level of support and management interface will differ as per the location which is a bad thing for international or multinational customers.

Extra services provided by OVH
With domain names, it also provides some other service i.e. web hosting. Web hosting is an add-on option also recognized as DNS Anycast which will take your audiences to the DNS server which will be nearest to them.

Customer Support
It is impossible to check each customer review for OVH. but one review is there to consider that it is insensitive. This means you might need to wait for a longer time to get a response to your queries. it might take 24 hours or more to respond back to you.

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8. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting
Another best cheap domain name would be A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting is also one of the best wordpress hosting companies that we would like to recommend.

The main focus of this company is to provide hosting services but also it is capable of providing a high range of country-specific domains, generic level domains i.e. gTLDs, and other new domains.

It also offers some user-friendly and simple platform for transfer, domain search registration, and website management.

By choosing A2 Hosting you will be able to enjoy the best quality domain and WP hosting. With other hosting agencies, you can also buy a single domain and a host or conversely.

Pricing of A2 Hosting domains for TLDs
.com will cost you $14.95
.org will cost you $14.95
.net will cost you $14.95
.info will cost you $14.95
.co will cost you $34.95

Extra services/features provided by A2 Hosting Domains

  • The domain transfer is very simple and easy
  • For domain, ID protection’s available for $9.95 yearly.
  • Customer email for $3.92/month
  • Extra services provided are WordPress hosting, web hosting, SSL Certificates, and email forwarding.

Customer Support
The support of A2 hosting is appealing and overwhelming. For rapid solutions, support will be provided via phone and live chat. For email support, you can also create a support ticket. And for the general based question, you can read their detailed knowledge base.

The cheapest domain registration company we would like to suggest to you would be NameCheap. Because they have the best and affordable prices along with the best customer services and for domain and hosting, we will like to suggest Bluehost.

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