9 Best WordPress Themes for Speakers in 2024

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for professional speakers or influencers WordPress themes or WordPress themes for speakers and authors? Here we have listed top-notch speakers WordPress themes. read them out loud.

WordPress Themes for Speakers

Do you want to become a motivational coach? Do you want to reach the masses and guide them through your motivational capability? You can opt for the WordPress themes for speakers. With this, you are able to make a life coach website of eminence with a professional touch. Being multipurpose, you are able to build a multipurpose website that will act as a live coach for business.

WordPress Themes for Speakers

Why Choose The Right WordPress Themes for Speakers?

You need inherent oration skills and the desired knowledge to become a speaker or a motivational business coach. But if you choose the right public speaker WordPress theme, your job will become easy. You are able to reach masses in bulk without personally visiting the places. You need to choose such a WordPress theme with the premium plugins that is fully relevant to your requirement as a motivational speaker.

Download WordPress Themes for Speakers With Demo Content

The WordPress themes for speakers are ideal templates for designing websites for professional speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, and anyone who conducts public speaking events. Download WordPress themes for speakers with demo content and check them out!

Top List of WordPress Themes & Templates for Speakers

We have handpicked some of this article’s best WordPress themes for speakers, Check them out!


Speaker WordPress theme

demo WordPress themeDownload WordPress theme

Marvin is among the responsive WordPress themes for speakers. It comprises necessary SEO plugins and the sidebar. Compatible with various browsers and multiple devices, the theme also carries the colour changing options. It is a simple one and comprises pervasive documentation. With the options panel, it becomes easy to handle even for the beginner.

Political Candidate

political candidate WordPress theme

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The Political Candidate theme is categorised among the speaker’s WordPress themes. Because of its multipurpose capability, it is a suitable choice for the campaign and fundraising websites. With this, you are able to display fundraising videos and photographs. With this one, the options are unlimited. It also carries unlimited colour choices.

SKT CoachPress

Public Speaker WordPress Theme

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SKT CoachPress is an exemplary theme for the motivational speakers who want to make a knowledge website. The template gives you an impression of sorts and comprises professional looks. Also categorised among the public speaker WordPress themes, it provides you the easy installation options. It also provides you with easy updating options.


Personal WordPress theme

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Character is among the personal WordPress themes but because of its core multipurpose nature, you can also use it among the WordPress themes for speakers. Since it is a page builder friendly theme, things become easy for you when it comes to the professional website. It comprises colour changing options and you can change each and every element.

Girlie Pro

Feminine and Girly WordPress Theme

demo WordPress themeDownload WordPress theme

Girlie pro is among the feminine WordPress themes. It is a good theme for the female motivational speakers as well because of its various associated multipurpose features. Since it is multipurpose, you can easily open the professional speaker website on both the mobile scenes and tablets. Since it is a power packed theme, you are able to easily use it for the colour, font and the size change. You are able to easily ignite websites with powercode. It has a wonderful feature of social media integration.

Resume Pro

Resume WordPress theme

demo WordPress themeDownload WordPress theme

Resume pro has WoCommerce and comprehensive documentation. Because of its multipurpose tendency, you can also use it among the WordPress themes for speakers. The best thing with this WordPress theme is the licensed coding. Composing important plugins like WooCommerce, contact form 7 and SEO, the resultant website is professional.

Online Coach Pro

online coach new

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Online coach pro is SEO plugin oriented WordPress theme and is also in the category of WordPress themes for speakers. Coded with the elementor page builder, it is responsive as well making the website an apt for various screen sizes be it the laptops or the mobile phones. It provides you the choice of full colour changing and comprises hundreds of icons. With WooCommerce capability, it provides added advantage.

SKT Launch Pro

Launch Pro

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SKT launch pro is a page builder WordPress theme and comes in the category of public speaker WordPress themes due to its various types of multipurpose capabilities. Although primarily an ebook WordPress theme, you can also use it as the motivational coach theme. Coded with the elementor page builder, it is also WooCommerce oriented and SEO ready. Apart from this, it is also screen adjustable because of its responsive nature. It is also integrated with hundreds of Google fonts.

SKT Events

SKT Events

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SKT events is a multiple events WordPress theme but due to its very multipurpose character, it is good for motivational speakers as well. You are able to make a distinct website in this area with it. You are able to make a multiple platform website with this one. With this, you can also create a multipage blogging website for transmitting knowledge and experience.

Key features to see in WordPress themes for speakers

Before you think of buying pro-WordPress themes for speakers, do keep in mind some essential features. Some of these are mentioned below:

Responsive design

Responsive design matters most for such themes because screen adaptability is a matter of concern for professional coaches. If the theme is responsive, the website will adjust on both mobile and tablet screens.

Customization options

Customization options give freedom from complete adjustability in the speaker’s theme.

Retina ready

Make sure the professional speaker WordPress theme has a desired level of retina readiness to make website access easy.

Photo gallery and video section

For professional speakers WordPress template, photo gallery and video section plays an important part for a wider reach of your knowledge to the masses.

Event highlights and client reviews

Speakers WordPress themes need to have necessary event highlight plugins for prior intimation. Check the client reviews before purchase so that you may not regret later.

Drag and drop builder

With this classic tool associated with the speaker template, you see the website coming to life in front of you. Make sure to have this feature.

Exposure features

The WordPress template should contain contact form and social media integration options because the site needs to be audience oriented with greater exposure to masses.


WooCommerce can play an important role for the motivational speaker website. Therefore you need a theme with WooCommerce capability. Generally the motivational speaker is an epitome of knowledge and experience. Through the online store, you can sell CDs, DVDs, books,ebooks, etc containing the recordings of your lectures during the events.

Excellent customer and technical support

For the speaker’s WordPress theme, you need excellent support because it is not necessary that you are yourself an expert in themes and website building. Even though you may start the step by step process, you might face difficulties on the way. Make sure you purchase such speaker templates from the trusted sources so that you get the customer and technical support from the top developers and designers.

How to choose the right WordPress theme for speakers?

It is good if you make a thorough search before selecting the right WordPress theme for speakers. You need to purchase such a template based on your core need related to the profession you are into. Apart from this, it is crucial for you to look into the support option. If you choose good public speaker WordPress themes, you are bound to get good technical and customer support from the best designers and developers.


Do you want a good WordPress theme for speakers? You do not need to worry because availability is enough. Only you need to check the required features as per the main requirement of your website.

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