Townpress WordPress Themes for Community Town Planning Social Works

Today we are going to share a list of the top and best townpress WordPress themes which work best for town press and municipality, city portal and city guide, online town hall or online city tour.

Community or public department, governmental organization or political jurisdiction, social worker or ministry, social contractor or other niche specific topics and niches to be showcased and discussed online.

Utility and public services websites, portals or official profiles of mayors and community leaders, public procurement programs and other relevant activities can also be roundly supported and displayed with the help of any of these townpress WordPress themes.

There are endless ways of building a digital presence. Some methods costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, others are quite cost effective and thus affordable even for the small or startup businesses, small stores or local cafes, small towns and villages, etc.

Moreover, it’s not always the price that determines the future qualities of your site and guarantees its flawless operation online. So what you need to do in this case is to carefully analyze all the options and find the one that comes as a mixture of affordability and power.

townpress wordPress themes

We at SKT Themes have already done such survey and have landed on the best and the most cost effective townpress WordPress themes which can be used for a variety of purposes, from municipality and municipal corporations.

Rural toilets and public bathrooms, city portals and local self governing bodies to society support and maintenance agencies, utility and public service providers and not only.

A great website should definitely employ multiple options and channels to take your business or virtual undertaking to new heights, and these townpress WordPress themes are what will give your website such needed options and elements, promotion ways and channels.

They are all motivational and inspirational to keep you energized and creative all the time on your way to building something unique and easy to follow at the same time.

SKT Association

SKT Association

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SKT Municipality

SKT Municipality

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SKT Notary


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SKT Blessing

SKT blessings

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SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme

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SKT Perfect has been coded and styled with the recent web design and development tendencies in the authors’ mind. This logical approach led to the creation of a completely dependable and flexible website building ecosystem which can be controlled and modified by absolutely anyone.

All in all, it’s one of the five star townpress WordPress themes you can rely on and be sure that it will never leave you half the way.

Well, every website builder is different and so are the expectations from a high quality template. But whatever your objectives catering to your website, be sure SKT Perfect is powerful enough to take them into account.

HR Management

Hr Management Wordpress Theme

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HR Management is one of the modern and practical web solutions on which you can elevate and successfully exploit any municipality or public relations management portal and not only. Whatever the type of your website.

This all inclusive and multiprofile template will offer the best for you so that integrating all the favorable conditions for multiple theme managers and authors, as well as the end users of the website will be as easy as a pie.

If you are passionate for a brighter look and a more advanced functionality, you are welcome to put your creativity into work with colors and the overall shades, as well as to add as many compatible plugins as are necessary to fill in the functional gaps you can find in the default template.


simple new

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Simple will help any kind of private or public organization to find the best acceptance in the digital platform and be as productive as possible with user centric nature, modern CSS 3 animations and strong HTML 5 coding, responsive design and much more.

This well polished and well structured template comes with all default homepage parts and sections you can customize as per your site needs and showcase weather forecast, local businesses and upcoming events.

Listings and directories, news portal or frequently updated blog part, town or city documentation, licenses, financing, galleries, and more.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

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Urban tourism development, city tour and guide, local public relations management and procurement profiles and much more can be shared and well exposed with Solar Energy.

The true power of this template is more than enough for the elevation of a pro quality website that will be equally competent in desktop and mobile versions, as well as will be easy to notify and index for the top rated search engines.

Solar Energy is also ready to be quickly localized or translated into your native language or into as many different languages as your audience requires. Along with translation plugins, other first aid plugins have also been checked for their compatibility with Solar Energy.

SKT Job Portal

Job Portal Wordpress Theme

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SKT Jo Portal is another persuasive example of how the best townpress WordPress themes should be.
The theme developers have done their best to make it easy to edit and modify from behind the scenes.

As well as added multiple shortcodes, buttons, fonts, homepage controllable slider to free you from a hard work and leave you online the simple and creative part to enjoy.

A good townpress or municipality website is frequently updated and always keeps its employees, members of the public or citizens well informed. Therefore, you can add high quality content and images around the clock with SKT Job Portal and be sure they are legible and well formatted across different mobile and desktop browsers.

Political Candidate

political candidate WordPress theme

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Political Candidate is based on the latest web technology and as such is wonderfully reliable both for small and great websites.

From personal profiles of officials or mayors to dynamic forums with daily hot discussions on the local problems and their solutions, and everything in between, Political Candidate will leave you speechless with its capacity to wear any form and function in any preferred way.

Color picker controls, typography and image management options, e commerce functionality with additional plugins, easy to use shortcodes and extensive documentation for you to follow in difficult situations of your admin life are all included in Political Candidate.

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