Top 10 Free WordPress Themes for Consulting

At present free WordPress themes for consulting of great diversity are in front of us, acting like one of the most reliable and trustworthy platforms for our website-related activities of any kind, nature and description.

Provided that it is quite an important and serious business to make a selection out of the great quantity of suggested free WordPress themes, each person interested in this business puts forward his priorities, demands and requirements. And consequently, in this case this or that theme gains advantage over other suggested themes not only by complying with certain requirements and claims presented in the name of a certain person, but also thanks to its extra qualities and performances. Taking into consideration the above mentioned, this article is going to concentrate on the best 10 free WordPress themes, mainly required and convenient for representing any consultant, consulting agency or suchlike activities. We have carefully picked up and are going to showcase all-inclusive and quality-checked themes for consulting, which undoubtedly will be a great assistance and contribution to all of those people, who are trying to find a perfect framework for their consulting activities, and also for those, who are searching a virtual platform, where they can find the most relevant and reliable consulting.

1) SKT Consulting :
SKT Consulting Pro


2) IT Consultant Lite:


Our list of top 10 free WordPress themes for consulting deservedly opens IT Consulatant Lite.

The appropriate specialists working on this theme have done a perfect work, so that IT Consultant Lite turns to a professional looking and functionally saturated WordPress theme. This very neat and clean white and red responsive theme comes with default WordPress customizer, nivo slider, standard page and social media integrations, theme color changing possibility and all in all easy to use theme options. The theme also shows Google mobile and WordPress latest version compatibility.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Google mobile friendly passed theme
  • Integrated with social media
  • Comes with a default nivo slider
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress


3) SKT Design Agency:


SKT Design Agency is designed to help anyone create and use any kind of professional consulting website. This free consultant WordPress theme can be a perfect choice for any business, corporate, medical, finance, design agency, etc. SKT Design Agency is proposed with easy to customize homepage and options, widgetized sidebar, 5 level dropdown navigation support, documentation availability, links color change availability and shows great functionality with all major and popular plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • GPL compliant no copyright issues
  • Sidebar widgetized
  • Extend functionality by adding shortcodes plugin
  • Documentation complete and available


4) SKT Construction Lite:


SKT Construction Lite is also among the most popular free consulting WordPress themes, created, designed and worked out to cover all the demands for a professional and successful construction, renovation, architecture, building, modeling, remodeling, drafting or any other individual, agency or company. This free responsive theme offers different useful sections on the homepage, including about us, services, gallery, blog, etc., default slider with 5 slides, standard pages and shows compatibility with all major devices and plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Has 5 slides in the default slider
  • Multilingual with the use of qTranslate X
  • Easy to use and set up homepage and other pages
  • Blog sidebar is widgetized


5) Kraft Lite:


Here is another easy to use and functional free consultant WordPress theme, aimed at proposing an effective creation tool for any kind of finance, business or consulting website. Carefully worked out and showcased options and features of this adaptable multipurpose theme are available slider with up to 5 slides, widgetized right sidebar, social media integration, simple blog template, Google mobile friendly quality, complete documentation available and functionality with WooCommerce, Nextgen Gallery , Contact Form 7 and the latest version of WordPress.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Super fast loading WordPress theme
  • Slider with upto 5 slides working
  • Comes with complete documentation
  • Basic Social icons integrated


6) SKT White:


SKT is praised to be high performance free consulting theme, which is packed with all the necessary and easy to use functions and options for creating your relevant website. Easy to manage sections on the homepage of this white dominant WordPress theme can be quickly filled with appropriate content. SKT White comes with outstanding slider on top, suggests 5 slides availability, dropdown levels up to 5, standard pages, social media icons, photo gallery section with lightbox and shows compatibility with major plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Looks good on any device
  • Supports dropdown navigation levels upto 5
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress
  • Fully responsive with 5 slides ability on the top


7) SKT Black:


SKT Black is another consultant WordPress theme for free with business-focused interface, as well as functional and extensive options. Different customizable sections and blocks on the homepage, like home, about us, our team, our services can be filled and presented with the required information about your company’s consulting and other activities. This beautifully desinged responsive theme with overall dominant black includes parallax slider with up to 5 slides, standard pages like 404, search, archives, is coded with HTML5 & CSS3 and is compatible with all major devices and plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • SEO and SMO ready theme
  • Easy to use theme options with sections of homepage set up given
  • WordPress theme handbook code compliant and secured


8) SKT Biz:


One more professional free consultant WordPress theme is SKT Biz. This multipurpose business theme can relate to any kind of business, corporate, portfolio, blogging, non-profit activities, as well as relevant consulting services in accordance with them. This visually appealing theme with white and blue colors combination introduces default slider with up to 5 slides, easy manageable and customizable options and sections, up to 5 dropdown level navigation, standard pages and is highly optimized for functioning with major devices and popular WordPress plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Google mobile friendly
  • SEO friendly
  • Set up of homepage super easy
  • Theme options very easy to use require no html coding


9) SKT Launch:


SKT Launch is great and comfortable looking and deeply customizable free WordPress theme, designed for launching any product, including e-book, app, etc and providing consulting services with relation to those products. This responsive theme facilitates the process of transforming your website from being simple into all inclusive and fully featured online presentation, as SKT Launch suggests easily changeable link color, background, image and text. It also comes with default slider, specialty section on the homepage, is Google mobile friendly theme and functions well with WordPress latest version.
Some of its feature includes:

  • It is cross browser compatible and cross device compatible
  • Responsive and passes Google mobile friendly test
  • Also passes Google page speed test
  • Theme check passed and also codex standards followed


10) Spirited Lite:


One more white and blue dominant consulting theme for free is Spirited Lite, which is very easy in usage and is convenient for the visitors, who try to access your website based on this particular theme with different devices. This theme is also suitable to be engaged in any kind of business, corporate or individual consulting services and other related activities. Spirited Lite includes default slider, widgetized sidebar and standard pages, comes with social media and one default Google font integration and shows compatibility with SEO, xTranslate X and other plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Easy to set up using Customizer
  • Default slider included with the theme
  • Check changes done live as you work with the customizer
  • Documentation for the free theme also available along with Pro


11) Gravida Lite:


The last one in our list of free consulting WordPress themes is Gravida Lite. This responsive multipurpose theme is crafted with due attention and professionalism and deems to be a great solution for any kind of business, particularly including consulting related activities. Gravida Lite comes with different sections on the homepage like home, about, services, etc, 4 boxes on the top, latest posts on the bottom and footer with contact and social media integration. The theme also supports dropdown navigation with 5 levels, 5 slides availability and proves to be checked for its compatibility with popular browsers, devices and plugins.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Homepage set up very easy to do using Customizer
  • Get 5 slides and a nice slider on top
  • Supports upto dropdown level 5
  • Social media integrated


If you are running a consultancy, then chances are that you already know that setting up a website for one is easier said than done. Well, that used to be the reality but no longer thanks to the readily available, WordPress themes for consulting. Consulting has taken on broader hues and connotations of late so much so that this niche has grown in both size and scope. And the fact that you would have to interact with people from all walks of life makes it necessary that you choose the right theme for your consultancy website.

When choosing from the various WordPress themes for consulting, it is important that you choose one that allows you room to customize and tweak the website to reflect your website. It is equally important that you demo the various themes available and even do a dry run to see which one is getting you more traction online. You can actually do a beta test which should allow you to zone in on the right theme for your website and for your consultancy. What’s more, if you happen to run a consultancy that specializes in several verticals rather than just one, you would need a website that reflects this reality. That’s why you may want to check out some of our WordPress themes for consulting.

You can choose from a variety of WordPress themes for consulting; bottom line the front page must be aesthetically appealing and be able to provide the user with all the information he requires without the site getting too cluttered in the process. So make sure that your information architecture is spot on and that the overall design is perfect to engage the end user. You need to ensure that all information is presented to the user in a logical manner as this should help enhance user experience. A website that is robust and highly functional stands a better chance of being recommended to others by customers.

Once you have demoed some of the important WordPress themes for consulting, you need to ensure that it comes loaded with all the requisite features. The good part about using our WordPress themes is that you do not have to tinker with codes and can get it up and running with a few buttons. Most of our themes are easily customizable and come with an integrated built-in homepage. So you should be able to use our WordPress themes for consulting and get your website up and running in no time at all.

The theme should make it easy for you to build your website in no time at all. It is essential that you choose the right theme for your consultancy website so that you can beat the competition at their own game. And remember to customize your website so that it reflects your business accurately. You can choose to set up a small website or a larger one and design it accordingly but make sure that is no longer cluttered. And remember to beta test some of the designs so that you can choose the one that appeals the most.

Thank you for visiting SKT Themes a place for selecting top WordPress Themes from a list of several hundred templates. Happy Reading and Shopping.