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Premium Law Firm Websites Templates & Themes

Law firms need a professional website and so does the attorneys. Hence we have come up with a special theme just targeting law firms or attorneys. Our WordPress theme has host of features which we will be sharing below.

Key Features Of Law Firm Websites Templates

  1. It has a beautiful slider which can be used to showcase your latest case images or awards or any important messages like 25+ years of experience etc.
  2. It has got a profile section displaying profile of your law firm.
  3. Our law firm website templates made for attorneys integrates social media like avvo, rocket lawyer, linked in and facebook.
  4. The top section has a call to action displaying phone number and email id for urgent calls to your office.
  5. The right sidebar boasts of a contact us today section which can be used to send quick emails/messages from visitors or future prospects to your office.
  6. Areas of practice on the left sidebar quickly showcases your areas of practice so that the visitor knows for sure which areas you/your firm practices in.
  7. As per attorneys needs we have contact us area, gallery area with photos and videos to showcase either their office set up or have video testimonials. They also can use this area to showcase press or media images.
  8. Law firm or attorney WordPress theme boasts of theme options which allows for color changes and font changes.
  9. It comes with more than 100+ shortcodes for ease of use like info boxes, accordions, line etc.
  10. It also comes with 600+ google fonts to select from.
  11. Most important feature here would be that it is fully responsive and mobile and tablet compatible.
  12. This theme comes with free installation and great support.

Law Firm Website Templates

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The best law firm website templates are ideal templates for designing websites for law firms, attorneys, legal consultants, paralegal services, and legal advisors. Download law firm website templates & themes with demo content and check them out!

List of Top Rated Law Firm Websites Templates & Themes

We have handpicked some of the best law firm website templates in this article. Check them out!



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As said before this theme is perfect for lawyers, law firms, attorneys, legal corporations and any other related law and legal institutions.

Trust is very important because a law firm or attorney is the one who is regarded as high as a doctor. Many times the life of a person is in the hands of an attorney because of the circumstances and the case he is facing.

Hence law firm or attorney WordPress theme should reflect the genuine services on offer and showcase the practice rich experience, lawyer credentials, the firm case studies and lots of other things which prove them as the best in the industry for that particular service.

If anyone is a divorce lawyer specifically then that should get highlighted on the website and similarly if a law firm deals with only corporate law the best then that should be reflected.

Our newly designed and created law firm website templates have a great call to action on the very top with phone number, address and hours of working for the law firm or attorney website.

A nice navigation menu which has 5 levels of drop down for having a nicely set up big website which has multiple levels of menu and multiple menu items.

A nice slider which has pause time and animation control given as well as call to action with a nicely laid out form for visitors who are in need of legal advice can explain their problems and contact a law firm is given.

Why Choose us is laid out at the beginning because as i said in the start of this article that any law firm or attorney WordPress theme based website is based on trust and reliability and hence Why Choose us stands here as the main USP of the law firm or attorney services.

Practice areas are nicely laid out with the use of icons which are font based and text respectively.

Our attorneys area in this theme showcase the attorneys in team and their relevant experience and profiles.

Blog posts can showcase case studies, popular laws passed and how awards for the law firm. So several uses for the same blog posts.

Customer testimonials are very important as they show relevant experience from customers point of view.

Also social profiles and links to various directories where the law firm or the attorney has been reviewed like AVVO is one of them are listed below.

Thereafter again call to action is included and a bigger and broader footer section with opening hours and others have been given.

Footer, header and sidebar is widget friendly in this law firm or attorney WordPress theme and thus one can easily have whatever they want to in these areas without showing the default ones if not in need.

Apart from being responsive and great look and feel which gives a pure professional look this template is also responsive and cross browser compatible and has been tested for all sorts of hand held and desktop devices too.

The digital era has helped in allowing various businesses and industries to reach the next degree of customer outreach.

Marketing and making your appearance through social media is the new ball game in town. This is why an online website becomes critical in order to give a thrust to any type of business. Fortunately, advanced technical skills such as coding need not be acquired to build a website.

With the help of advanced content management systems such as WordPress business can now easily buy domains and choose a suitable theme that reflects their business vision.

The legal market revolves around certain important values such as confidentiality, professionalism and responsibility to perform in the best interests of the client.

With regards to your website, the reflection of these values are of utmost importance. Just the way you are expected to enter a courtroom with an appropriate attire and appearance, the same is applicable for your website.

This is why we have collated a wide range of Firm WordPress Themes keeping in mind the needs of the legal industry. Our Law Firm or Attorney WordPress Themes can be bought and easily used by Lawyers, Legal Advisors, Barristers, Law Firms, Legal counsels and similar professionals.

The themes are designed keeping in mind a modern and professional look as per the tone of the Legal industry.

Our law firm website templates have been built such that it will help you to reach out to a larger range of audience be it divorce, human rights, corporate law and much more.

With help of our themes, your interactions with your clients through our website can be helpful in getting a fruitful business by making a lasting impression. Our themes have been equipped with a range of features.

They can be customized and organized as per your tone and liking. We have a plethora of Law Firm or Attorney WordPress Themes that have been specially designed keeping in mind their respective fields and their needs.

The technical aspects of our themes have been time tested to assure the best and maximum results. Advanced security protocols have been installed to ensure secure access to website to both the clients as well as yourself.

Also, the responsiveness of our themes are quick allowing it to run faultlessly ensuring a great customer experience. Our themes have also been built for compatibility for a wide range of devices be it mobile, tablets and desktop devices.

With all senior executives of successful business rating that digital transformation is a must, then it simply implies that if your business does not have a website then it may end sooner than you realize it.

Hence it is recommended that professionals such as lawyers take advantage of the internet, by making a strong online presence through social media and website.

When these techniques helping to generate a greater amount of traffic through online information based practices, why would you lose out on such a great opportunity?

Legal Expert

Legal Expert

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Legal Expert is an extremely fruitful Law Firm or Attorney WordPress Theme for law-related service providers. This theme is suitable for legal document makers, judicial, attorneys, government lawyers, and others.

Legal Expert is a 100% responsive theme and looks amazing on almost every device. This theme has passed the Google mobile-friendly test. It has a default slider that comes with a time control feature. The animations can be changed effortlessly. It comes with a lot of font and color options. It comes with superior customer support. It is compatible with WooCommerce. It means services can be booked online. It is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest WordPress version.

SKT Advocate

SKT Advocate

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Ele Attorney

ele attorney

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SKT Banking

banking WordPress theme

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