10+ Jewelry or Jewellery WordPress Themes for Jewels Website

A stunning assemblage of alluring and elegant, inspiring and functionally advanced jewelry or jewellery WordPress themes.

These jewellery WordPress themes are suitable for all those businessmen and organizations that want to offer their jewelry – based products and goods, as well as render their award – winning and stress – free services to all the interested candidates easily yet effectively.

One of the best marketing formulas to rely on when dealing with jewelry industry is to exercise all the given virtual channels and marketing techniques to increase your visibility, reach out more target clients and subsequently generate more leads and sales.

In case you are engaged in jewellery business, the first thing you should strive for is your infallible virtual presence to broaden your influence on the right market segment with the efforts reduced to the absolute minimum.

Below is a valuable, easy to use and follow rundown of the best jewelry or jewellery WordPress themes for all kinds of jewelry – related businesses, including commercial undertakings, online stores, fashion blogs and websites, designers, retailers and wholesalers and others.

Each and every template included in the list will let you stand behind the quality of your own digital work and stuff.

Only a pretty little investment should be made while purchasing any of those templates since all are available at an affordable price.


Moreover, every single penny you shell out for it will certainly come back to you in the form of boosted sales or increased revenue.


Jewellery Shop Wordpress Theme


Jewellery is an amazing template available at SKT Themes. This theme has most attractive and impressive layout that will be fitted on every device. It has a beautiful navigation bar so that people can navigate easily.

The header section is featured with high quality revolution slider images plus it is compatible with crelly slider and smart slider3.

Jewellery WordPress themes have attractive product section that can be used to add number of products and featured images to explore your brand.

To help you in quick setup the theme comes with the desired option known as one click importer. You can easily change the look of your homepage layout to the way you want. So many options are given that will highlight your main products and services.

Ele Fashion:



Fashion Trends:

fashion WordPress theme


GB Shopping:

GB Shopping


Ele Store:

ele store





Luxury Watch:

SKT Luxury pro


Brew your original and mind – blowing ideas and let them be perceptible for everyone across the globe with Luxury Watch as one of the top rated jewelry or jewellery WordPress themes for jewelry and other personal luxury accessories.

With this totally adaptive and resilient, challenge – ready and well – laid out template no any obstacle will be posed for you to overcome since anyone with 0 coding knowledge will be capable of mastering the whole template easily.

Luxury Watch is designed to feature a wide array of jewelry or other luxury products like bags and watches, other personal ornaments or accessories, clothing and much more.

However, this responsive and cross mobile compliant website builder feels fantastic when it comes to more extensive niches and topics as well.

To put it short, the conversion of all the respective information and details catering to your jewelry goods or services into digital pieces of forms and inserting them into the theme sections and areas will make it easy to generate, share and communicate your message with your target market.

Yogi Pro:

When one begins to tackle the essence of Yogi Pro as a surprisingly robust and persistent theme, he will for sure discover tons of advantages to open up boundless capacities for any kind of personal affair or corporate business.

Hence, while general – purpose at its core, this amazingly developed and clearly coded template will never feel clueless when it comes to revealing your jewelry products or related services through your posts and publications.

It is one of the strongly – advised pieces of jewelry or jewellery WordPress themes and can be boasted for its user and client – optimized, thoroughly worked – out and completely polished nature.

The theme’s package includes more than 100 available shortcodes to be practiced by a website admin of any background, blog section for frequent updates, social media integration to socialize your content and wait for its results.

As well as WooCommerce compatibility for running an online jewelry shop and sell much – demanded jewelry accessories, necklaces and bracelets, rings, etc.

CutsNStyle Pro:

CutsNStyle Pro is beautifull and classy, chick and elegant, visually enthralling and functionally cutting – edge template of WordPress production which is ready to match all your business needs and objectives.

With CutsNStyle Pro you can take the leading position over each and every part and portion of this time and security – checked template in the blink of an eye.

Hence, you will be authorized to use all well – organized and located sections to showcase your jewellery business and your working profile with all the offered items and services, their prices, your location and other contact details and much more.

For the credibility and convenience of your website mobile and device using customers, CutsNStyle Pro has been stylized and launched to celebrate readily responsiveness and cross – mobile compatibility.


Subtle and elegant, fabulous and feminine centric, Girlie one of the most aggressive jewelry or jewellery WordPress themes and digital strategies that your jewelry business can adopt in order to enroll quantifiable results, as well as boosted advancement in the digital platforms.

This well – crafted and seriously worked – out website solution is experienced in generating more traffic, as well as conveying it into leads and clients.

Build your website and keep it up to date without struggling with any programming knowledge. Balanced and accomplished to propagate durability in all its manifestations.

This premium quality product comes across total contentment if we analyze its ingredients with proper scrutiny: from homepage animated sections and calls to action to social media integration, gallery area and responsive slider on the homepage.

From e-commerce ready nature to WooCommerce compatibility and responsiveness across all the major mobiles and browsers, Girlie has it all.

Beauty Cuts:

Seamlessly coordinated between simplicity and power, lightweight performance and stability, Beauty Cuts demonstrates enviable aptitude when it comes to categorizing your high – quality images and texts in an environmental – friendly layout and user – optimized fashion.

No kick-up around how to control and customize this template. This surprisingly exquisite and ticklish jewellery WordPress theme with controllable color palette will give you additional powers based on do – it – yourself – functional approach.

Hence it will not be beyond your capacities to use the color changing options of the theme, homepage banner slider for the exposure of your best images and photos, keep the main focus of the website visitors, etc.

In addition, your website and its jewelry – related content will go hand in hand with any portable device or mobile and will automatically rescale and resize itself to meet the given dimensional requirements.

Business in today’s competitive era cannot run without the online presence.

It is definitely a very exciting prospect to connect with a larger audience and when one is talking about competition there is no way you can survive without continues connect with the customers which are only provided with the help of online selling platforms.

The Jewellery WordPress Themes are designed in such a way that they help the business owners create attractive and useful online selling space.

Here are few steps that you must follow in order to ensure that the website is created in the most effective way.

Organization: Online selling will require a lot more organized efforts compared to regular business. Every product should be numbered before it goes on the platform.

This will ensure that the Jewelry piece which is ordered and the one which is sent are the same. Take photos for the website Gallery and they should be highly professional so that the customer gets a clear idea of what they are getting.

It is always best to use an experienced photographer for the job as what is visible is sellable.

Create the website: You will have to take a strong decision about using an existing platform (third-party) or creating your own website. If you wish to complete ownership then creating one for your self is what you must seek.

The Jewellery WordPress Themes are a great source which comes with every function that is required to actually create the platform.

There is a strong support system if you feel that things are not going according to plan. There are plug-ins which can be added in case there is something which is missing on the platform. You must remember that you should include social media icons on the website.

This is a must as the promotion and popularity become easy and effective. It is like an autopilot mode where when one thing starts the rest will automatically follow.

Getting the website might require few things in place:

  • Think about an impressive homepage: Make sure that the business information is shared in a highly compelling way. The most popular and unique designs should be shown on this page. Keep it crisp.
  • Product Page: This is a page where all the information about the product and service should be included which might be required by the customers. Talk about the product size, material, delivery time, returns etc.
    This page should be professionally designed so that the users not just understand the quality of business but also wish to get associated with it.
  • Contact details: This is a must and right there for the customers to actually locate it. The customers should be able to send queries immediately.
    Delays here mean bad impression about the services if not the product. The numbers mentioned here should be updated and active along with that quick response should be the target.

Customers must feel warm and welcome so that they make a purchase from the platform the moment they reach it. Everything should be planned and maintained to ensure the outcomes are great.

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