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Girlie Pro WordPress theme is specially created only for girls looking to start their own business. Women prove herself in each and every area. She is the best daughter, best mother, also she is the best business person.

Hence, Girlie Pro is beautifully created and coded with the latest HTML5 and CSS5 code. This theme behaves as a multipurpose website that the theme can be mold into multiple businesses such as blogs, corporate business, construction business, events related business, and any other business.

But Girlie pro is intentionally created for girls related personal and portfolio blogs.

By live customization option, you can create a website as you need. You can get the exact feel and functionality that you were looking for. This is possible because the customization process is very easy that can adapt any look by altering any section, layout, menus, color, widgets, etc.

Are you worried that how the website will appear on different platforms and browsers?
Let me tell you that the Girlie Pro WordPress theme seems attractive, astonishing, and overwhelming in every version of browsers and devices.

To spread awareness about your website, social media buttons are integrated by default that will make the website more visible on different social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Users will stay in contact with you for a longer time.

Girlie Pro WordPress theme review


Girlie Pro Features :

Website created particularly for Woman

Many themes can be forge to different choice but instead of editing each and every field you can use Girlie Pro that is created for women related business.

You just have to directly replace the images, edit the content, delete menus and pages that you don’t want and the website will be ready within some action via mouse.

Custom Widgets

You can access as much as the widget you want. Widgets can be added to the sidebar and homepage. The widgets are also customizable that can be converted to any design. Many widget plugins are also available to make custom widgets.

Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Girlie Pro WordPress theme is multipurpose. The theme has been provided with multiple page option but if you don’t want too many pages then simply delete the page that you don’t require. Hence the theme can form into one page WordPress theme as well as a multi-page WordPress theme.

WordPress Live Customizer

While performing changes on the theme you can visit the preview option to see the changes in real-time. You don’t need to update every time each action that you perform.

Page Builder Compatible

Multiple page builders plugins are compatible with Girlie Pro such as SKT Page Builder, WPBakery Page builder, and Elementor Page builder. Specially SKT Page builder will work more effectively as it is very comfortable and effortless in terms of customization.

Unlimited Slider

More than 10 sliders are permitted to add in the homepage banner section. To make the sliders dynamic, dynamic slider feature has been involved. Other inner pages can have videos, banner image, slider image depends on your choice.

Shortcodes ready

Different shortcodes are provided with each section and pages of the theme to create your own layouts without having coding knowledge. Shortcodes ready means different types of shortcodes plugins are also available.

Header Layout

girlie pro WordPress theme

The header option is given with 5 menu pages. Such as homepage, variation layouts, pages, shortcodes, blogs and contact us. Each menu page consists of inner pages that perform different tasks.

Footer Layout

girlie pro WordPress theme review

Footer option is designed with a wide area section that consists of About Me, Services, and contact us option. Social media buttons are also integrated. This theme follows the wide design style that allows the user to have a quick review of the complete website where quick links are also permitted.

Advanced Logo Options

By default sample logo is created and embedded into the theme I.e. Girlie Pro Logo but you can create your own company or business logo by applying some colors, animations, images, fonts, etc. The logo is the main attraction point. you create a logo with an advanced logo option that Girlie Pro WordPress theme provides.

Home/Front Page

The homepage is the font view of the website. If you create a well-designed homepage then you can take your user from one page to another. At last, you will have some quality leads in your hand.

The homepage should always consist of important topics but in short, like contact details, service section highlights, testimonial with slider option, blogs section, read more area, and my story section.

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