Free WordPress Themes That Are Even Better Than Premium

Over the years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of WordPress. This is largely due to the easy setup process and great features that it offers.

In the battle of online competition between various companies and organizations – it has become very important for different firms to keep their level up to the mark. In this regard, they keep looking for better and better choices for their websites.

Keeping in mind the utmost need of having a great website – we have written this article to feature free WordPress themes that are even better than the Premium ones.

If you were focused on elevating your business to the next level, you would want to make use of every support that thrusts you in that direction.

A website is a major support, to say the least. Use WordPress and showcase yourself to the world with our highly elevating Free Wordpress themes toreach greater heights in your business.


1. SKT White

skt white

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In the list of free WordPress themes that are even better than the Premium, this one deserves a special review. It is a responsive theme which is nicely designed to suffice for the requirements of visitors.

It includes multiple pages which can be customized very easily. This developer friendly feature gives this theme an edge over the others. Moreover, the clients area is also very easy to use.

One of the features is the photo gallery which makes it very easy for the visitors to have visual perspective about your product. On top that, this section will integrate very nicely with the lightbox compatibility.

The design of the CSS templates has been done in such a manner that it looks appealing to the eye. Moreover, the social media integration will assist you in sharing the website with a large audience of people.

2. SKT Black

skt black pro

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Just like the aforementioned theme, this one works the same. However, there is a catch. It is present in black color which imparts a bolder and much vibrant feel to your website. Moreover, the design is elegant and professional.

It combines simplicity with responsive design. Apart from that, the theme can be customized in a very simple manner.

Moreover, the integration with social media buttons, incorporation of photo gallery and smart CSS based design makes it one of the best free premium WordPress themes.

3. SKT Full Width


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With background rotating for home page and numerous other features, this theme has managed to be one of the best free WordPress themes.

The design provides a great experience to the visitors as there are multiple backgrounds which scroll for each page.

There is a sidebar which can slide based on the background setting. People who want to show their portfolio through pictures are fans of this great theme.

Other features include the blog section, featured images and built in player to play video files.

4. SKT Panaroma


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This is a great theme for all photographers out there. With this free premium WordPress theme, you will get a template for blog and page.

Moreover, there is an option to make changes to the background of all the inner pages. As far as the compatibility is concerned, it offers easy integration with plug-ins like WooCommerce and contact form 7.

The theme is based on the idea that you should be able to portray the complete idea of your website through five core images present on the homepage. All these features can be easily managed through the simple and user-friendly interface.

5. SKT Corp

SKT Corp pro

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If you are looking for a free WordPress theme, especially for your business then this one can prove to be the right choice.

It offers you the feature of playing with 5 slides to showcase your product, services or main idea to the visitors. The option of content slider allows you to add a lot of content and direct the readers to more details when they click the “read more” link.

Based on the green and white colors, the theme is designed to give professional look. Moreover, the three blurbs lying under the slider give you extra space for the display of content along with images.

6. SKT Biz

SKT Biz Pro

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This is a great theme for corporate organizations. Moreover, it can also be used for other businesses, churches or nonprofit organizations.

Being multipurpose, it suffices for the needs and requirements of both client and users in various ways. This responsive theme comes with slider which has a capacity of five different slides.

There is a home page content which be loaded on default basis and can be customized very easily.

7. Gravida Lite


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Just like the aforementioned theme, this one is also multipurpose and offers a very nice, professional and clean look. The design is appealing to the eye and makes it simple for the users to understand and interact with the website very easily.

The changes can be made and seen in real time. Moreover, you can also change the default color of this theme.
The setting up process is very easy and the integration of other features makes it a great choice.

8. Bizness

This theme is designed specifically to meet your business requirements. It ensures that all the features are integrated in the best possible manner to provide the users with great experience.

It’s a responsive and multipurpose theme that is ideal for organizations which are in need of a remarkable business layout. The design allows you to showcase all your products, services or ideas in an elegant and professional manner.

9. SKT Girlie Lite

If you want to give your website a girly touch then this is the best choice that you can have. This theme comes with a lot of white space and features which would make the girls go crazy. The chosen font is super appealing to the eye and you can add up to 5 slides to the home page.

There are short codes, gallery and other features that you can enjoy with this theme.

10. SKT Parallax Me

The main attraction of this free WordPress theme is the super cool parallax slider which is one of the things ensuring great user experience.

It is very easy to setup and all the features are carefully designed to meet the requirements of the users in the best possible manner.

The customization process is easy and the careful incorporation of plug-ins and various other features make it a superb choice for your website.

In an era of rapid digitization and computerization, the reach of internet is indispensable if you are serious about your business.

Especially, in a highly competitive environment, there is no way one would stand better than the rest if there isn’t a proper website that is pleasing on the eye and user friendly to a visitor. Customers assess a company based on the impressions they are subjected to.

The first of those is very important because it drives them to open themselves up to further impressions of your business.

When such is the level of competition where the customers have myriad options to choose from, it is supremely important to capitalize on the very first avenue that exposes the client to you, which could well be our website with Free WordPress themes, at the least.

There could be several websites available in the public domain, but not everything is as suave and easy as WordPress.

The most important aspect of setting up a website is the level of ease with which it is set up, without compromising on lending great features to make use of.

The features must be easyto be put to use and yield the maximum out of the website in order to be able to serve the purpose of gratifying customers who visit the website, better. Our Free WordPress themes offer exactly this, without costing anything for the themes.

Customization of websites is an important factor in every business. In the same vein, it is not any lesser for a website. Different business may have different needs.

Likewise, different products or aspects of your business may require different elements in a website for a more discreet projection of each. It may even happen that you end up liking different elements in the wide range of choices that customization offers.

Hence, customization is a great asset. Free WordPress themes offer customizable themes without necessarily costing an extra dime.

The choice of themes is something that may give a fair idea on what your business actually demands. You may lack ideas as to how your website should look like.

Designing your own theme my not be always best, for there might be readily available themes which excel your imagination.

Choose an excellent theme from our Free WordPress themes to excel your imagination. It might surprise you in a way that you would feel you made a great choice opting for WordPress, offering great themes, that too, freely available.

Choose a website that serves as a window to open up your business to the world and make the ideal choice in WordPress, if you were not to regret. Free WordPress themes even challenge premium ones with its customizability and variety.

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