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These free charity WordPress themes also come with a few features that can help you to communicate with your donors.

Believe it or not, a charity website does require an appealing presentation to catch the eyes of the donors and achieve their goals.

Because of this reason, most of the NGOs are nowadays taking the help of the WordPress platform to set up their website.

Thanks to the numerous creative developers, WordPress comes with a wide variety of themes and plugins, which makes it quite easier for anyone to establish a website for any purpose.

free charity WordPress themes

So, without any further ado, here are some of the themes, which are suitable for NGOs, fundraisings, charities and any other non-profit organizations.

Activism Lite

Activism lite


SKT Charity

SKT Charity Pro New


SKT Charity is one of the most well-polished and clean free charity WordPress themes, which if used effectively, can help you to create an amazing website for your NGO.

Even though being free, this fantastic theme is enriched with a lot of excellent features, which are highly flexible and can be used for numerous purposes.

SKT Charity does not require you to have any knowledge about the code languages and is quite easy to use. Thus, with this theme, you will be able to make a solid and reputable online platform almost in a jiffy.

In addition to this, the theme is compatible with various gallery plugins, so, you will be able to showcase both your past and present works.

SKT Charity also comes with a customizer, which lets you see all the live changes that you are making while using the theme to create or re-design your website.

Fundraiser Lite

fundraiser WordPress theme


Known to be one of the most responsive free WordPress charity themes, Fundraiser Lite is another theme that can be used to make a website in a creative way.

Versatile and very intuitive to manage, Fundraiser Lite can be used quite comfortably even if you do not have any kind of technical knowledge.

In addition to this, the theme comes with an incorporated blog section, which enables you to write or update posts and articles that are related to your website.

This feature is quite beneficial as it helps to keep your users engaged with your site. Fundraiser Lite is compatible with AMP plugin, which means your users will be able to view your website even with their mobiles and cell phones.

SKT Education Lite

SKT Education


When talking about WordPress themes charity free, how can we forget about the one and only SKT Education Lite?

Known to be one of the best themes for the beginners, SKT Education Lite can be used to create and design not only the charity websites but also the fundraisers as well as the NGOs.

With this theme’s page builders, you will be able to modify each and every detail of your website, even if you do not belong from a technical background.

The theme is also known to be widget-friendly, so, you will able to use as many widgets as you want to customize your website.

In short, SKT Education Lite is that type of theme, which will be able to help you to spread awareness in a more professional yet personal way.

Play School Lite

education Wordpress Theme


When you are trying to raise awareness for a cause, it is quite important to create a sophisticated website, which can make a strong impact on the minds of your users.

However, this amazing feat can only be achieved if you use Play School Lite.

Considered as one of the best mobile-friendly themes, Play School Lite is very flexible and can be used with any of the major browsers.

Also, as the name suggests, this theme is quite simple and very easy to use. So, you will be able to ‘play’ around with it, even if you do not have any idea about the programming languages.

Unlike a few other free charity WordPress themes, Play School Lite is very lightweight, thus, it will not take much space in your PC.

It is also compatible with all kinds of multilingual plugins and comes with some multi-purpose templates, which makes it one of the best in the business.

SKT Simple

simple new


As the name suggests, SKT Simple is extremely simple and can be used even by the beginners. In addition to this, it is also quite responsive, which can play an important role for the charity and NGO websites.

The multiple customization features of the theme can also help you to create or re-design a website within just a few moments.

It also comes with over 600 Google fonts, which can assist you in customizing your website in various ways. In short, if you are thinking to create a clean yet effective website, then, SKT Simple will surely be one of your best options.


Nature One is one of the most powerful free charity WordPress themes which comes with numerous website templates.

Known to be one of the fastest loading themes, it comes with a lot of features which can be used quite easily to create a website for your cause.

As this theme is SEO-friendly, the users, especially the potential donors, will be able to find your site quite easily through their search engines.

Yogi Lite

Yogi Lite is another member of the free charity WordPress themes group, which can provide the website of a nonprofit organization a great look as well as feel.

Like some of the aforementioned themes, Yogi Lite is also known to be mobile-friendly and responsive to the major browsers and devices.

The theme comes with a customizer, which can be used to change the colors of the links and hovers. It also features a default sidebar, which is filled up with a lot of widgets.

My Dog Lite

If you are looking for some minimalist free charity WordPress themes for your charity or NGO website, then, My Dog Lite is definitely worth checking.

Like only a few other themes, it features an incorporated blog section, which can play a big role in keeping your users and clients engaged with your website.

With this theme, you will be able to use various formats, such as video, multimedia, and text, for your post. It is also compatible with various social media plugins, such as Facebook and Disqus, which can help you to expose your website to a lot of other users.

SKT Meditation

Because of its multi-conceptual approach, SKT meditation is indeed one of the best WordPress charity themes free out there in the market.

Like the previous theme, SKT Meditation also lets you use some of the most reputed plugins to increase the traffic on your website.

It can make your website look more charming and enchanting as with this theme, you will be able to represent your posts by using images, videos, audios, etc.

In addition to this, if you choose to use SKT Meditation to create your website, then your users and clients will also be able to use your website even with their mobile phones.

So, these are some of the best WordPress themes that can help you to make your charity website look much more exquisite and appealing.

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