10+ Best Easy WordPress Themes for Customer Friendly Websites

A useful collection of easy WordPress themes for all kinds of personal and business websites.

These easy WordPress themes can be considered for manifestations and representatives to stop beating around the bush and find the most affordable and easy to use template suitable for their digital plans.

Although WordPress content management system is famous for its user – friendly layout with ultimate customization options available in an easy to control format, finding the easiest template for any non – techy person can be tough.

Hence we have done the hard work of searching all the available templates of WordPress production and digging the simplest ones for you to power your website with the look and feel you have always dreamed of.

All the easy WordPress themes categorized below are highly flexible and versatile for just about anything, since the general coding and development of them are based on the principles of clearness and simplicity for every average user to intuitively manipulate and process the given platform with minimum endeavors to be exerted.

easy WordPress themes

However, the easy nature of those templates does not lead to the reduction of working potential within the context of digital marketing as well, since they are adjusted to celebrate totally modern basis to sustain the whole fierce competition in the online arena.

Clean Pro:

clean pro



SKT BlendIt



Portfolio wordpress theme


Shudh Pro:

SKT Shudh


SKT Dual:



The first clearly – coded and lightweight, smooth and sleek template in our list of easy WordPress themes comes launched as SKT Dual for marketing purposes in order to attract today’s digital generation.

By the application of this theme you will no way feel overwhelmed at any stage of the website creation, its design and further maintenance, since the theme has been developed with an average WordPress user in the author’s mind, so that he can make the most of the theme with pretty little efforts.

SKT Dual is as simple and applicable, as it is streamlined and powerful in responsiveness and plugin compatibility for extended performance.

Complete Pro:

complete pro


In case you have no prior experience of dealing with web development or design, Complete Pro can be an exceptional final solution at your leisure to outshine your competition with ease.

From complete and integrative nature to all the contemporary touches, from user and customer – driven layout to color combination controls, Complete Pro integrates it all for your convenience.

Intuitive and dynamic admin panel is also available to get you head around what is out there and control every single nuance of your website right from the backend.

This responsive and mobile – compliant, translation- ready and WooCommerce compatible theme is based on the modern customizer enabling you to make changes and preview them before they will appear valid for the website visitors.

Flat Pro:

Inspired by the modern design trends, the authors of Flat Pro have decided to make it simple and affordable, yet beautiful and trendy with flat design traits across the content to be published in the website.

No fuss about how to make your website presentable and stable towards any kind of challenges without any hardcore programming knowledge.

This template shares one of the simplest and digestible platforms letting you take care of your digital presence easily and effectively.

From multipurpose design and all – inclusive package, seamless navigation levels and fast loading rate, nicely – arranged theme sections and alluring visualization, Flat Pro has all the prerequisites of attracting people and prospects and converting them into leads.


Another simple, yet practical, easy to use, yet amazingly saturated sample among the easy WordPress themes is Simple authored by SKT Themes.

This visually elegant and calm, surprisingly polished and durable template has been custom – built to cater exclusively to any topic or business representation and accelerate its growth and popularity in the digital spectrum.

With this theme you will be the one and only master of your website with tons of available controls and elements at your hand to create engagement with your client base, as well as to demonstrate your leadership and expertise in the target field with your accurately classified content and images in respective sections and areas.


Powered by elegant and fabulous look, girly touches and traits, Girlie is a fantastic website creation ecosystem for every girl or woman to trot out her own style and turn the visitor’s head with her feminine charm.

If we get into the meat of the essential reasons why this template is ranked as premium – quality and top – rated, one of them will be the overall simply to use and understand nature of it to explore fully in order to make and keep customers, as well as to concentrate on the processes bringing revenue rather than getting stuck into complex procedures and coding.


Clear and minimalistic, devoid of anything excessive to distract the website visitor’s attention, Naturo makes sense whatever your vision or objective is.

It is a perfect way to simplify your digital life and eliminate the majority of errors and hardship along the way. Dealing with Naturo as one of the lovely and time – checked easy WordPress themes is as simple and pragmatic, as walking on a snazzy, but comfortable pair of stilettos.

With simplicity in the theme design exclusive to a wide array of industries, there will also be less upkeep for you in the future.

Moreover, Naturo includes responsive layout ready to adjust itself in compliance with any suggested mobile or device screen resolution and generate the same alluring look and feel for all on – the – go website viewers.

Resume Pro:

In case you have set your mind of creating your personal WordPress website with ease, look no further than Resume Pro. This totally controllable and minutely worked – out template is made for precision.

Stability and great usability, and your time spend on its installation, activation, formatting and customization will be highly reduced.

WooCommerce and other plugins compatibility, color changing and combination controls, mobile – optimized coding, SEO and SMO – friendliness of this error – free and designer – made, serious and elegant looking easy personal WordPress theme will definitely contribute to your popularity in the online world.

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