Under Construction and Coming Soon WordPress Themes for Maintenance Mode

For all those who are looking for the best under construction and coming soon WordPress themes to properly schedule their site building and activation with relevant pages and modes, we have the best offers.

Under construction, coming soon or maintenance mode activation in certain stages of your site launching and development can be more than necessary.

One of the essential factors of a high quality web design it its communicability. Hence you can start strong communication with your audience even while your site is under construction and has not been launched yet, is under temporary maintenance or the like.

This strategy will also keep your domain and future website “searchable” so that people will be aware of your upcoming personal or business website.

Well, if you are convinced to put up a coming soon or under construction page on your website and get involved into the digital world right from the start, our collection of the best under construction and coming soon WordPress themes are just for you.

All of these products are simple and affordable in nature while requiring creativity to become something unique and attention grabbing.

As far as the activation of coming soon page and its seamless combination with your website are concerned, these under construction and coming soon WordPress themes know the best way of integrating relevant third party tools and plugins to make your work successful.

Coming Soon WordPress Themes

SKT Coming Soon

coming soon

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SKT Landing Page

landing page WordPress theme

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SKT Landing Page is one of the practical and results driven one page templates among under construction and coming soon WordPress themes enabling you to take care of the proper look and feel of your website prior to its activation.

Checked for its excellent practicality with dozens of useful plugins and shortcodes collections, fonts and color management controls, SKT Landing Page is simply the best in functioning with under construction or maintenance mode WordPress plugins.

They can help you attract more attention with a uniquely created and published message letting your clients know that your website will go live soon. It is a way better solution than leaving your site blank with nothing definite or informative.


SKT BlendIt

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Blendit is the next colorful and lively looking, modernly touched and designer though out template ready to serve the needs of demanding individuals and freelancers, portfolio owners and corporate managers, enthusiastic leaders and energetic communities.

Irrespective of the future construction or business nature of your website, Blendit shares a flexible platform to make all your ideas real, be it a coming soon message, under construction page, countdown timer to announce the exact date of your site publication or something more.

Creating the desired maintenance page or the activation or under construction mode will take you only minutes with Blendit and will grant you with more features to customize the way it is going to be displayed with title, description, overall design and even Google tracking.

All you are supposed to do in this case is to look for the most relevant free or paid plugin for such purposes and follow its instructions.

Black Pro

skt black pro

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Ready to play with your imagination and creativity, Black Pro is the next lovely and user optimized, yet modern and highly potential template anyone can find in the current library of under construction and coming soon WordPress themes.

Start your online journey with taking as many opportunities as possible with an effective under construction or coming soon page. It is for sure a worthwhile investment you can do for the further recognition and client engagement for your site.

Visually stable yet captivating, HD and retina ready, Black Pro is compatible with the majority of valuable plugins to bring the needed functionality to your profile.

Among the compatible tools are Under Construction plugin by Web factory Ltd. , under Construction authored by Noah Kagan and many others you can find in the repository of under construction and coming soon WordPress themes and plugins.

SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme

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Fully customization ready and e commerce optimized, SKT Perfect comprises all the credentials to make the creation and management of your corporate, business or personal website, profile or blog smooth and hassle free.

An impactful and reasonably customized coming soon message or under construction announcement directed to your future website guests can be the spotlight of your site’s future success and satisfying results.

Therefore, with that in the theme developer’s mind, SKT Perfect has been properly coded and configured to easily adopt this working philosophy with different plugins and present your website with a perfect under construction or landing page.

The App Pro

The App Pro

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Ideal for product and app launching, ebook writing and selling activities online, The APP Pro is the next convenient tool for many entrepreneurs and developers, authors and designers to publish, market and advertise whatever is needed.

Whether you spend months on drafting the overall form and function of your website and develop it or have a precise picture to be displayed in a matter of minutes, gaining momentum, reaching up enough followers and website guests, becoming quantifiable for search engines takes time.

Therefore, using the App Pro paired with coming soon plugins and tools to grow your digital potential like a snowball even before your site is up and running is more than relevant.

SKT Parallax Me Pro

Parallax Me

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Finally, here is SKT Parallax Me Pro armed with a beautiful parallax effect and CSS3 animations for showcasing your content in the most fashionable manner.

Leaving an empty space in your website when it’s in coming soon or under maintenance mode can be replaced with a uniquely designed message with your logo, favorite image, comment and more.

It means that your website visitors will get informed about your website launching and its overall nature at the time you are working from the backend, tweaking and checking diverse design and coding solutions.

At last, you don’t need to be a coding expert to get your website under maintenance or construction mode. There are plenty of plugins to do the hard work for you and work with your website based on SKT Parallax Me Pro.

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