Coaching WordPress Themes For Life Coaching And Business Coach Sites

An inspiring collection of the best coaching WordPress themes for speakers and life, health and business coaches and public consultants, trainers and mentors, therapists and advisors to offer their services and seminars, therapies and programs to the large masses.

In a nutshell, coaching is a professional partnership with a customer focused on the creation and implementation of specific, life changing changes in his life or his professional sphere.

Hiring a sophisticated and seasoned life coach is a common practice at present directed at finding the solution to many problems and issues, discovering the best ways to move forward and receiving motivation you lack.

While coaching incorporates thousands of aspects and professional skills to help and direct people in different situations, those specialists and coachers need an online space to express themselves and get connected to their audience.

Coaching Wordpress Themes

In this article, we are excited to bring you the best collection of coaching WordPress themes designed and cultivated for coaching and training activities online.

Whether you want to share your skills and knowledge with your groups of trainees or help your clients to design their lives to the ultimate fulfillment, those coaching WordPress themes can be the best for your undertakings.

Each of those coaching WordPress themes put the flexibility and precision on the top so that your future website will work stunningly when customized by you and will perform in the most accurate way when viewed by the help of different browsers and devices.

1. Online Coach Pro

online coach new

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Online Couch Pro can be defined as one of the top rated coaching WordPress themes that stimulates the creativity of the webmaster working on it.

Crafted and developed specifically for online coaching and training activities, programs, events and seminars, this template is responsive and cross mobile checked at a maximum level. It means that your clients and customers can follow your online broadcastings, highlights and more even while on the move.

The theme is totally manageable with fonts and icons, colors and images to essentially influence your target audience and prove them you are worth trusting.

Fully widgetized footer, header and sidebar areas can be freely used by the website admin for inserting logo and contact details, social media links and recent posts links, as well as any other important content.

2. SKT Pathway PRO

skt pathway

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Commercial ready and shortcodes based, SKT Pathway PRO is well thought out and updated to cater to absolutely any topic and niche, be it a personal or business, corporate or leisure.

Hence, this custom built and ultimately smart website builder can turn your efforts into revenue generating results and help you in getting your coaching profile always fresh and motivational.

Raging speeds and continual changes in the virtual arena force people and organizations to adopt non standard approaches and methods of marketing their products and services in order to stand in the focus of attention. In this relation, SKT Pathway PRO has been created to be stunningly adaptive and customization ready so that you can play with the look and feel of your site any time you want.

3. vCard


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vCard is one of the serious looking and results driven coaching WordPress themes that unities simple layout with advanced technical solutions and management options.

The popularity of this intriguing and thriving template is not accidental since this system can assist you in increasing your level of income at the same time giving you freedom in your time management.

The thing is that the time you are going to spend on the activation and further customization of your professional profile is reduced to the minimum. Moreover, you are not going to shell out your money on hiring experts to take care of it.

Checked for its consistency with a wealth of plugins and extensions, vCard is thoroughly SEO friendly, multilingual ready with xTranslate X support, as well as ready to be a totally commercial based platform.

4. SKT Education

SKT Education

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Promising and pro quality, SKT Education is a well formatted educational ecosystem to revolve around any kind of learning and education, coaching and training websites and blogs.

Grow your coaching business in the right direction and without much investment with SKT Education. This cost effective template is ready to host all your valuable information, from free sessions to paid seminars, from workshops to FAQ and contact details.

Homepage slider is added to the default template to act as the best presenter of your visual imagery, scripts, images from successful training and more.

Packed with 5 level dropdown navigation that is smooth and sleek, the theme offers you color picker options to decorate and tint your website’s look, as well as preloaded shortcodes to act as an emergency when something needs to be added to your profile.

5. SKT Dual

marketing WordPress theme

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SKT Dual is another mindful and prospective, serious looking and pliable website building solution for a wide variety of websites. From marketing agencies and digital specialists to private life coaches or training center owners, anyone can effortlessly deal with SKT Dual.

Serve your website content, including services and consultation, sessions and groups, contact information and more in a neatly arranged theme sections and parts, or customize them to fit your industry’s specific needs.

Dozens of gallery and portfolio choices are possible with SKT Dual to make the attraction of visual images work for the benefit of your profile. There is also an availability of running your preferred contact form on your website and receive your client’s inquiries and questions.

6. Military


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Military is another powerful and enthusiastic, inspiring and viral WordPress powered template ready to serve the needs of your coaching website.

All the ingredients of the theme in the form of colors, fonts and font based icons, images and background shades are all subject to changes to provide the aesthetics and functionality you strive for your online project.

Responsiveness and mobile friendliness of Military are accompanied by social medial optimization, as well as 100% SEO friendly coding so that your website will be offered to prospective clients through search engine results.

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