What Are Pros & Cons of Buying a WordPress Themes bundle?

The premium WordPress themes club can be considered as a huge collection of themes that are available at a specific cost. Thus this package includes a huge variety of themes that can be used for creating different web projects.

There are so many reputed companies all over the world that offers premium themes as an individual, as well as some, are offered with the package.

But the question is if the premium theme club is the right choice for you or not? Should you buy a theme pack instead of single premium themes? In this blog, we will discuss the importance and pros, and cons of buying individual or premium themes.

Advantages of purchasing a pack of WordPress themes

There are so many advantages that come when you are buying a WordPress themes bundle. Let us see some of the top advantages of choosing a premium pack.

Get access to the huge variety of premium themes

Every theme that you purchase is available for $50+ each. Purchasing a theme every time and spending $50+ on every premium theme will be more expensive, specially when there are so many offers or discounts.

Therefore if you have an online business or multiple websites then you must choose a premium pack as it will help you to save so much of your money.

Ensure that you are purchasing a premium pack from a reputed company. One of the best premium theme club sellers is SKT Themes. The all theme package consists of more than 265+ premium themes that can be used to create a number of websites.

These themes can be used to create blogging websites, eCommerce stores, agency websites, portfolio websites, one-page websites, directory websites, and much more.

These themes are supported with the drop and drag interface so that you can start customizing your website’s look and feel without wasting your time.

Buying a WordPress Themes bundle

Latest and new themes

The reputed companies always have something to offer their customers. That ensures to provide newer themes and upgrades for old themes which will offer some more functionalities and features to their customers.

But for users, it is not possible to purchase the newest theme every time to get a newer appearance to their online business. This is the situation where buying a WordPress themes bundle. can be a better solution to all your business requirements.

While choosing a premium themes club instead of a single premium theme you will have access to a wide range of themes and options that the company releases. Thus you don’t need to pay something extra for new releases because you have already paid for the theme club.

But actually, it also depends on the company you choose. Because most of the companies like SKT Themes offer free access to a new theme release if you are already a premium member.

Best for website developers and agencies

Buying a WordPress themes bundle is just a perfect option for a person who is associated with a different online business.

For example, if you are the one who helps another business person to get their business online then you must choose an ideal option i.e. premium themes club. While having access to this package you have needed to buy a new business theme every time

All themes package from SKT Themes will give you access to 265+ premium themes club along with this they will give access to more than 10+ premium plugins.

The best thing about the All Theme package is that it comes with .PSD files and GPL-ready licensed that allow you to customize the look and feel of a theme and sell it to your users.

Don’t need to use free themes

The free themes can be used to create an unimportant website or small company projects and portfolio websites. However, a person should never choose a free theme if they are looking to start a blog for making money or setting an online presence for long-term business purposes.

Every free theme you choose will limit you while customizing the website to make it look more professional. Along with the customization options you will also be restricted to get support, future updates, and documentations.

The disadvantage of purchasing a premium WordPress theme club

A premium theme club is not a good choice for everyone. If you are working only on small projects then you don’t need different premium themes, purchasing a single premium theme is just perfect for your business needs.

Let us see some of the disadvantages of buying a WordPress themes bundle.


A single premium theme costs you from $30 to $50. Whereas all theme packages cost you $99. The price of premium themes will vary from one company to another company.

So if you don’t need so many themes to work with then we refer you to choose a single premium theme. So do not choose a premium theme club unless you are not working on a long-term project.

And if you are working on long-term projects and will be working for more than one website then we recommend you choose a premium theme club.

Costs for Renewal

Most of the premium theme club members will be charged annually or monthly. This will dishearten most of the users to not buy a theme club because they will have to spend money for themes on monthly basis.

Will have to bond to a premium theme club

A user having different websites or a number of online projects, might not feel happy while choosing a premium theme club because it will be important for you to bond on that particular theme pack for different WordPress themes needs.

From the above discussion, WordPress themes bundle has more advantages than single theme, we can say that the premium themes are best if you have more than 1 theme requirement. All SEO Plugins are compatible.

Buying a WordPress themes bundle is a good option to enhance your online business by improving the look and feel of websites.

If you are looking for an option that gives you a huge variety of functional, high quality, and SEO optimized templates then it would be the better option of buying a WordPress themes bundle from SKT Themes.

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