Presenting the Best free WordPress Themes

In this article our mission is to establish the presentable collection of the best free WordPress themes 2022 professionally authored and compiled by SKT Themes with the clear intention of meeting all the requirements and tastes prioritized by each and every single potential client and future website owner.

Digital technological outputs and the global networking system have radically transformed the ways we live, interact, trade and communicate in order to satisfy our physical, psychological, business and social needs.

And this is where websites and blogs take the leading role to act as a bridge between providers and consumers, between professionals and the individuals in the pursuit of finding credible assistance via the digital platform, thus balancing the regulations between supplies and demands.

Below you can find and profoundly benefit from best free WordPress themes 2022 to effectively define and validate an online initiative of any caliber with no costs at all, as, despite their functionally advanced and truly sophisticated nature, the suggested templates can be acquired without spending any single penny for them.

Best free WordPress Themes

Hence, no worries about the initial capital to be put into work and expecting for future beneficial returns. With them you can seamlessly cultivate a competitive and challenging edge within any kind of in – demand business or activity within the shortest time from now.

And since tiny details imperceptible to us from the first sight decide everything, let’s take a separate look on each of them.

Presenting the best free WordPress themes of 2023 for your website.



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summer camp

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SKT Lights

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GB Renovation

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SKT Videography:

SKT Videography

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Complete Lite:


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Based on do – it – yourself technique, Complete Lite is one of the most integrative and functionally saturated best free WordPress themes 2022 to cater to any kind of manifestation, right from the individual and hobby to experienced and significant businesses across the globe.

This truly complete and intelligent template seamlessly balances between surprisingly interactive and awe – inspiring design approaches and superb inner functionality and both are subject to any kind of modification by the website representative to accentuate the target brand or the vision of company.

This affordable, yet premium – quality multipurpose theme is based on modern Customizer to make it easy for use to delve into any kind of customization and edition controls.

Clean Lite:

From clean, yet modern design to superior smoothness and presentability with nicely – formatted theme sections and areas, Clean Lite will enable you to categorize and subcategorize your content and images in the most user – friendly and easy – to – find fashion.

The theme celebrates modern and trendy lookout to create stunning displays and customer perception through beautiful and engaging visualization.

Coded according to the latest standards of digital world and in compliance with the requirements of contemporary WordPress community, this theme features dynamic and cross mobile compatibility design, translation – readiness, as well as SMO and SEO – integration in order to get your services, products or whatever it is into hands of potential consumers through search engine rankings and social media platforms.

Naturo Lite:

Another clean and minimalistic, lightweight and simple, yet top – class and entirely versatile pattern in our list of the best free WordPress themes 2022 of SKT Themes production is Naturo Lite.

Not any visual guidance is needed with this free template to lead your customers to the most informative parts of your website with extra items and shades of overall physicality.

On the contrary, it eliminates anything excessive, thus leaving every website viewer enjoy its pure aesthetics and honesty.

Established on smart HTML5 and CSS3 coding, Naturo Lite has been made as SEO and SMO friendly, as any modern website will ever need to tweak your digital profile with the help of search engines and social media channels in response to your client searches and interests.

Gravida Lite:

Gravida Lite is imaginative and catchy, modernly – designed and intelligent free and WordPress – based template that has a distinct credit of being profoundly popular and checked by hundreds of active installs.

This template with out – of – the – box flexibility deliberately combines premium design with interesting color gamut and superior operational framework lying at its core that can even be extended by the support of optimal and compatible plugins, be it WooCommerce plugin for classifying your digital or other goods and selling them online, portfolio plugin for effectual portfolio and image display, etc.

Thus this one too falls under the best free WordPress themes 2022 category.

SKT White:

SKT White is another credible platform in the line with best free WordPress themes 2022 from SKT Themes to specializing in creating wonderful websites of any denomination and objectives.

Whether you are talented individual making your first steps in the relevant industry or long – established company manager to boost your company results, this free, yet award – winning website builder has it all.

Check out easy to control layout of the theme right from the backend area and stylize it as per your wishes or upon your clients’ requests.


Design the way of your high – resolution images into the eternity of digital world and all its opportunities via Panaroma. This highly resourceful and customer – centric template strikes the eye with its elegant look and feel letting you keep the customer’s eye on the best 5 examples of your images spanning the whole homepage simultaneously.

The theme also supports flawless dropdown levels, standard pages inclusion for more organized performance, responsive web design for having all your images look fantastic no matter what portable device is being used. This one has to fall under best free WordPress themes 2022 category due to its visual appeal.

SKT Black:

With SKT Black you don’t have to be a coding machine or know all the complex coding combinations by heart in order to master your website in its wholeness.

This wonderfully robust and pliable free template has been significantly worked – out, polished and updated to reach perfection in every way.

From changing the website outlook to expanding its functional limits and generating more traffic based on SEO, everything is at your full disposal.

Otherwise stated, you will have enough potential to control every single touch of the website behind – the – scenes and let them be accessible for your website viewers afterward.

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