Best Free WordPress Smooth Scroll Plugins 2020

Best Free WordPress Smooth Scroll Plugins 2019

If you have created a website but the content of the website is too long that is uneasy to understand at this situation you can make use of WordPress Smooth Scroll Plugins.

WordPress Smooth scroll plugins will help you all to scroll the website upside and downside very smoothly. It will not only improve your website user experience but will also get a major effect on conversion rate. Because your user will be engaged on your website for a longer time.

All Smooth scroll plugins of 2019 are very light weighted and fast.

WordPress Smooth Scroll Plugins will surely work much faster and effective on all other devices and browsers without any difficulty.

Also, it works awesome with other plugins like Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, NextGen Gallery, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, SKT page builders, Visual Composer and Elementor, and many more.

Large scale business or a small scale business websites like Blog, Portfolio website, consultancy website, Corporate Website, eCommerce related website, Creative Agency, Real Estate website, Personal CV, Retail Company website, etc. Can use WordPress Smooth Scroll Plugins to enhance the look and feel of the website.

Many free WordPress Scroll plugins are available but we have highlighted most Smooth scroll plugins that all your visitor will love it. Please check below.

1. Page scroll to id :
Page scroll to id

The Page scroll to id is open source software that is fully characterized and provided with well-developed features and functionality. It gives you a smooth scrolling animation effect.
Page scroll to id plugin is adjustable. With the help of id and offset mentioned this plugin will calculate the size of the page and set it automatically.

2. Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll :
sticky menu or anything on scroll

The sticky menu(or anything) on scroll plugin is available at free of cost. it helps you to make a menu or any element sticky. Once you click on a sticky element it will directly scroll you to the top of the page. You just required a few or basic knowledge of HTML/CSS to just take out the correct element that you want to make sticky.

3. WordPress Infinite Scroll – Ajax Load More :
ajax load more

Ajax Load more is specially created for a WordPress user so they can smoothly scroll the website. Ajax load more helps to load a lazy posts, single posts, pages, and comment. These plugins are most well known for eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce

4. Smooth Scroll Up :
Smooth Scroll Up

You can create a bottom to top feature on your own. because Smooth Scroll Up is a customizable and very light-weighted plugin.
You just need to choose any of the images to set scroll up elements. Also, you can adjust the element position to the left, center, right side. This plugin is also open-source software.

5. jQuery Smooth Scroll :
jquery smooth scroll

jQuery smooth scroll plugin is very smooth to scroll for all anchor links. It is usually placed at the right-hand side which will scroll the page from the bottom to the top.
Hence this plugin supports RTL and it does not create useless menu items in the WordPress dashboard.

6. Brozzme Scroll Top :
Brozzme Scroll Top

As brozzme scroll top plugin is light-weighted so one can easily customize scroll from top to bottom on every page. You don’t need to write even a single line of code.
One can adjust the animation speed, type, height, width, etc. as per their need. This plugin works better with Elementor page builder

7. Smooth Scroller :
One can add a smooth scroll effect to the anchor link but on the same page. This effects can be applied to the whole posts and page or to particular posts and pages. You can find this setting in the dashboard setting>>Smoothscroller.

– Pick to apply for all post and page
– Pick homepage only
– Pick the particular pages only
– Pick the particular posts only
– Decide the speed of the scroll

8. Submit | Smooth Scroll :
The Surbma has more active users. As this plugin is also a smooth scroll. You can get the effect to every anchor link on your website. A smooth scroll effect can be added to the menu or to any navigation part.

You even do not need to customize it because there is no option given for this plugin. If you have knowledge and experience about the JavaScript and WordPress programming you can make some changes as per your need. But if you don’t have I will suggest you do not touch it. as it will start working immediately after installing.

9. WPFront Scroll Top :
wpfront scroll top

You can easily scroll bottom to top using WPFront Scroll Top Plugin. It is fully customizable with different options to choose from. With some animation, it will get scrolled back to the up.
You can create text, images, and buttons on your own. also you can filter pages and posts.

10. Catch Infinite Scroll :
catch infinite scroll

Catch Infinite scroll will help you to increase user engagement on your website. The main reason behind it is a Jetpack infinite scroll. Once your plugins are installed and activated your customer and user will able to scroll the website page.

These all are the top Free WordPress Smooth Scroll Plugins 2019.

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