WordPress Online Booking System Plugins for any Hotels Booking Type of Websites

If you are engaged into a restaurant, hotel, consultant, hair salon or any other suchlike business, in which making reservation and appointments forms its integral part.

Hence the online presentation of those businesses in the face of websites will definitely be in need of the online booking WordPress plugins.

Thus, allowing their customer and potential clients clarify everything beforehand and make their booking without getting stuck into difficult procedures and time taking deals.

Exactly for this reason, the current article presents a handpicked set of online booking WordPress plugins, which are very easy to set up and install, yet provide perfect functionality when running on any kind of WordPress supported websites.

Those tools will contribute to the creation of any online reservation system into your website or blog and ensure its stunning performance.

booking plugins

WooCommerce Hotel Booking

hotel booking plugin

Checkfront Online Booking System

Checkfront Online Booking System

Let us start with one of the top rated and trusted products as Checkfront Online Booking System. This feature – rich and entirely smart technique is suitable for installing on any web page and have any business stay organized and scheduled.

This intuitive and simplified system comes integrated with all the applicable features and options to proceed with the online reservations in the most accurate way.

Some of them include secure online payment options, automatic sending of the required confirmations, give each customer a chance to have his private account where all his transactions will be available for review, responsive and cross mobile and device compatibility, multilingual design to be suitable for larger groups of customers, etc.

WP Hotel Booking

WP hotel booking

If your activity involves travel, accommodation or any availability checking service related business, WP Hotel Booking is ready – made to act as your best assistant.

This highly applicable and entirely dynamic product comes included with lots of opportunities for your website visitors to schedule and arrange appointments and reservations just in seconds and right from wherever they are and by the application of any mobile or tablet, since the online booking system is flawlessly accessible on smartphones and other devices.

This hotel booking WordPress plugin features pretty easy to use structure and interface, availability of Paypal worldwide online payment system, easy to practice and configure calendar inclusion, reminders for email reservations and meetings, as well as other applicable online plugin features.

MotoPress Hotel Booking

MotoPress Hotel Booking

Do you need to create a listing of your rental properties and enable online bookings? MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin is a perfect solution for this purpose. It’s an all-around WordPress booking system for hotel, B&B or vacation rental owners.

It lets you create a listing of unlimited properties with all amenities, sleeping arrangements, occupancy, services, photos, etc.

A real-time search availability booking form will manage your properties absolutely automatically (booked, cancelled, pending). The plugin allows to confirm your bookings either by a payment or manually (via email).

Hotel Booking plugin comes with a flexible system of taxes and fees that you can make mandatory for your lodging. This WordPress booking plugin fully supports discounts, seasonal pricing, rates, variety of custom booking rules and more.

It’s professionally localized into 14 languages. Hotel Booking is a standalone plugin and you can use it with any WordPress theme.

PinPoint Bookings + WooCommerce

PinPoint Bookings

If you are looking for extensively developed and very easily applicable booking system to be integrated into your hotel or apartment website in the smoothest way without having a negative influence on the overall design and functionality of your website, here is PinPoint Bookings + WooCommerce plugin at your disposal.

This product is loaded with all the essential controls any booking plugin must share, including highly responsive and mobile –friendly stylized design, letting the clients check the online calendar and choose the most convenient dates, rooms, etc, change the visual appearance of the calendar to display more or fewer months.

The website owner or admin may in his turn to adjust the calendar settings to display online the rooms or services availability, add some other content, etc.

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

With the help of Booking Calendar solution, you will have all the easily manageable and controllable options to integrate a booking or online reservation system into your relevant website or blog.

This online booking WordPress plugin perfectly matches the modern standards and requirement of the Wordpress community and incorporates ready to use, yet easily customizable calendar to display all the accessible items, properties, services or whatever it is.

The website administrators may configure the calendar visual style and functionality corresponding to their needs as well. Email notification system can be enabled for both clients and the relevant business employees to organize the work accordingly.

WP Booking System

WP Booking System

The next well- designed and well – supported instrument for making instant availability checkings and bookings for hotel rooms, apartments, travel tickets or reserving diverse appointments and consultations is WP Booking System.

This uniquely developed and very presentable system will contribute to automatization one of the most important and client – centric aspect of any business.

WP Booking System is available in both free and premium version, widgetized booking system and the relevant calendar with multilingual accessibility included in both versions, and a set of additional premium plugins, including as many booking calendar and forms as are required.

Customize the design of the calendar view for better visualization, set the minimum number of days which can be reserved and many other practical settings.

Booking Ultra Pro

Booking Ultra Pro

With Booking Ultra Pro everything is made accurate, simple and easy to apply. Use this outstanding online booking and reservation solution and receive bookings from your clients all around the worlds, configure your calendar look and feel to match your needs, exercise easy booking process consisting of 4 steps to let the customers organize their meetings and appointments, bookings or reservations in the easiest way and pay for them by means of modern online payment systems, among them Paypal as well, customize the available categories and services, set available hours and dates, all this coming along the free version of the plugin. Naturally, its pro versions are power packed with more functional possibilities and controls.

ReDi Restaurant Reservation

ReDi Restaurant Reservation

The last one under our review and description as a practical and neatly crafted online reservation WordPress template with all the essential plugin settings, controls and options is ReDi Restaurant Reservation.

This highly versatile plugin is perfectly convenient for any restaurant and cafe websites to accept online reservations from the clients and visitors, see the reservation details, set the available seat for reserving during the day, set the time, out of which the reservation will not be confirmed, et.

Being totally customizable and manageable, the plugins can be easily modified and presented in the most compact and precise way.

All in all, ReDi Restaurant Reservation is simple enough to be practiced by any restaurant visitor to see the availability of the possible reservations beforehand and reserve the table at his convenience.

The WordPress platform is a popular platform that is aimed at providing support to all users. The main idea of WordPress is to be accessible to everyone.

The users of the platform most often are making huge demands and WordPress has never made any stone unturned to cater to these demands. This has made WordPress a popular choice amongst the website owners and designers.

There are many free and premium options to choose from which guarantees that the users will get what they are looking for.

WordPress has made all possible efforts to bring about changes that were demanded in time to respond to the market. It is because of this ability that it has been able to stand strong when all other platforms are struggling.

What is advantageous while using WordPress is the website support that it provides? The functionalities that the platform is not able to provide along with the themes are presented to the users with the help of plug-ins.

The WordPress hotel booking plugin is a great option for the websites which are in the hospitality industry and which is looking for support.

The owners of restaurants, hotels, salons and any such business form where there is a need to make reservations and appointments then these plug-ins come in handy.

What they do is make the whole process simple and the functionality can be added to an existing website.

The WordPress hotel booking plugin, when added to the site, allows the customers or the clients to get all the information that they need beforehand. The use of these plug-ins makes any online website add the reservation system to it.

This is highly supportive platforms when it comes to great websites which requires the customers to be able to access the services provided and make bookings then and there.

This also ensures that there is an increase in the number of customers; if the website is effective and the platform is responsive then they will make a quick appointment.

The appointments made in advance are more likely to be turned to reality as compared to the physical visit and available the service.

The plug-ins available online are many and the users are advised to check each one of them and to find out which will be best suited to them.

The business with the use of these added plug-ins are able to add to the client list and able to advertise the service better.

The reservations which are made online allow ease management and great service. As the appointments are then designed in advance and the time is also managed accordingly.

This also rewards the customers who can now skip the waiting time. The use of the safe payments methods has just added to the increase in the number of users.

The customers also want to be planned for the appointments or reservations and do not hesitate for a minute to make these online payments.

The use of the WordPress hotel booking plugin is no doubt increasing. The users have a huge collection to choose from and they are advised to chose wisely.

If you are in the restaurant business or operate a small bed and breakfast, then it is important that you set up a website at the earliest since this can enable you to market your services better and even give a boost to your outreach program.

The days when you could count on newspaper adverts or even fliers are long gone; this is not to mean that the old traditional forms of marketing do not work but just that you need to step up the game and bring more to the mix, and by setting up a website using the WordPress platform you would be doing just that.

And once you have selected the theme for your website, you can then check out some of our WordPress online booking system plugins for any hotel booking type of websites, as this can help increase the functionality and user experience of your website.

With quality content, attractive layout, fast loading pages, WordPress online booking system plugins for any hotel booking type of websites enhanced user experience, you should be able to get your website to rank better on SERPS and even gain more customers as a result.

  • Online booking: With this plugin, your customers should be able to book their rooms in advance and even specify if they require any add-on’s such as turn down service or laundry. The point being that your customers should be able to schedule their trip and book the rooms in advance and even specify the kind of food they prefer served. This plugin should help you to do that and much more which is why it is essential that you install the same at the earliest as it can help you to streamline online booking services and thereby, help your users to enjoy better customer service and user experience.
  • Payments: You can also set up a payment gateway so that customers can also opt to pay in advance when booking their tickets/ rooms in advance. They would be immediately taken to the billing page, where they can opt to pay for the services to be rendered ahead of time. You can even provide them with a small discount for advance payments and set up your billing station so that customers can also use digital wallets as well as cards to pay for the same.
  • Security: These plugins all come with SSL encryption so your customers can be rest assured that all their details would remain secure at all times.

These are some of the reasons as to why it makes sense for you to set up a booking website at the earliest as it would allow you to cater to a larger number of people than earlier on.

More users translate to heavy traffic and should help give a boost to your rankings as well as your conversion rate.

With this plugin installed on your website, you should be able to provide your customers with better user experience.

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