WordPress Google Plugins like Analytics Maps and Sitemaps

The best WordPress Google Plugins are reviewed and listed below for your website Google integration with analytics, maps and sitemaps for your web enhancement and extensible performance, security and verified protection, etc.

WordPress Google Plugins

a. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin:

Enhanced ecommerce google plugin

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Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin Badge is a perfect way of showcasing the profile pictures of your thousand followers in a nicely – formatted way with the widget dimensions of height and width variable between 150 and 800.

It’s up to you to choose the most presentable sizes, leave or remove the available +1 button from the widget, remove border line, etc in order to make your outlook balanced or in a competent contrast with your site content.

The next highly – applicable and thoroughly checked WordPress Google plugin is Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin to your site and effectively embed widget into your website.

The widget is subject to easy and dynamic management and configuration to meet your styling tastes. Hence you can prefer to show or hide cover photo, place the favorite layout variation or widget color.

b. WP Google Maps

WP Google maps

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Next in our list is Huge-IT WP Google Maps plugin for displaying neatly arranged and stylized maps into your web pages for letting all your visitors easily find your precise location and get in touch with you physically. This plugin is truly flexible and adaptive so that you can use markers on the map for more informativity or embed your preferred image into the map for better visualization.

With this map solution plugin you can use as many maps in your posts and pages as you may thing reasonable, may name your map as you wish, choose among the available map types and map icons and much more.

product is loaded as WP Google Maps with its responsive and easy to manage character to quickly submit your location.

Other valuable options are smart and practical design, location and language support, possibility to preview the undertaken changes and configurations, no restriction for the map quantity, diverse map styles available, including road, traffic, satellite, etc, easy to use markers, polygon and polyline layers for adding certain marks and overlays on the map.

As well as store locator so that all the map users can instantly get informed about the stores in the near environment. Free and pro versions are accessible.

Woopra Analytics Plugin

Woopra analytics plugin

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Simple and intuitive, Woopra Analytics Plugin is another WordPress Google plugin as a finely – tuned map insertion technique for your website posts and pages.

The plugin’s free edition comes with the simplest installation and activation processes, while premium version does not restrict the number of available maps. Both versions are packed with the easiest to use interfaces without coding hassle at all.

Google Maps CP


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Another practical way of showcasing your location and its details to your customers is Google Maps CP to embed the desired maps into your posts and templates. This will let any web admin add Google map in a matter of seconds or associate geolocation data to the post without map. It is possible to display Google maps in diverse languages as well.

Being highly customizable, the free plugin can be arranged and get the look and feel desirable by changing the map type, height, margins, map language and yet much more coming with its premium version.

c. Google Authenticator:


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Test your WordPress – based website superpowers with Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication for advanced security and protection of your digital product from hacking and other dangerous undertakings.

In this case you will be provided with 2 login versions, namely by using username, password and two – factor or username and two – factor, as well as will get support for any kind of mobile and smart phone logins, email logins and those via security questions.

Another step by step verification service for your WordPress – powered digital platform is Google Authenticator that is a WordPress Google Plugin installed and checked for more than 20,000 times.

Add 2 factor enforced security to your site or blog and control the necessity of this security means across your several accounts. In addition, in case you are accessing and managing your site via your mobile app, you can activate the app password feature.

ci. Google Sitemaps


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Please, welcome a sitemap generator tool for your WordPress – authored site in the form of Google XML Sitemaps. Build XML sitemap without any difficulty and let search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com receive your sitemap files regularly.

Being ranked as one of the most popular and top – rated plugins, this amazing product provides support for all types of WordPress content, among them also custom post types, taxonomies, archives, etc. and will no way hamper the functionality of your performance or reduce your speed rate.

Google XML Sitemap Generator


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Google XML Sitemaps plugin is one more great way of sitemap provision for search engines about your pages and website that are accessible for crawling.

This intuitive and dependable WordPress Google plugin appears bundles as complex approach for sitemap index to collect numerous sitemaps inside it, multisite sitemap possibilities for each of your disposed websites to have its private sitemap index and sitemaps, Google News Sitemap for pinging search engines, and finally, Image Sitemap, for adding image to a post sitemap in case the post shares the “Featured image” option.

Site Kit by Google

Site kit by google

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Site Kit by Google is another optimal way of creating sitemap of your WordPress presence of any kind.

This WordPress Google plugin perfectly generates sitemap –image.xml file in an automatic way and without your intervention at all, thus you don’t have to write a single code of line on your own or constantly follow how the mechanism of this plugin actually cooperates with Google platform altogether.

The plugin also makes it possible to use its potential for multisite support and exploitation and regularly sends the data about your posts and publications to Google.

If you are just in the process of setting up your website, then you may want to go with a WordPress platform as it offers you more flexibility than any other platform and more importantly, its open resource.

Just remember to optimize your content for SEO but you would still need a raft of WordPress Google plugins like analytics to get an idea of how well your website is doing and whether you need to give it a makeover.

These plugins play a critical role as they can assess your incoming traffic, let you know which keywords were targeted and how to target specific long and short tail keywords. That’s why you need to make sure that you have WordPress Google plugins like analytics

installed on your website at the earliest. If you are still wondering as to how to optimize your website, then you may want to check out the following tips.

  • Use white space: As inane as it may sound, the fact is that by utilizing white space strategically, you should be able to focus your user’s attention to relevant parts of the page effectively. This should enable you to provide your users with an uncluttered landing page and at the same time, get them to focus attention on relevant parts of your website. This should lead to better conversion results over time.
  • Responsive website: Whatever theme you pick out for your website, you need to make sure that you check it out before you install the same on your website. Make sure that the theme in question comes with a responsive design, one that can be viewed on any device without any loss of functionality. Once you have confirmed them same, you can then go ahead and install it on your website.
  • Page speed: A recent study highlighted the fact that most online users hardly spend a few seconds on most websites. Given this limited attention span, you may want to make sure that the theme you choose comes with cache plugins that can help boost the speed of your website and all its pages. The faster your page loads, the better the chances of a user saying put until its time to check out.
  • Call to action: Yet another recent study discovered that visual cues did a better job at converting prospective leads but that visual cues that were color oriented did one better well by a factor of four. So when using calls to action on your website, make sure that you use attractively colored buttons and make sure that the message in the button is action oriented such as “buy now” or “get started”.
  • Content: When it comes to optimization, content is king and good quality content can make all the difference between good SERPS standing and a lousy one. So make sure that the content on your website is relevant, to the point, and has been prepped by a good writer.

With these tips, you should be able to optimize your website easily.

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