WordPress Comments Plugins for setting up commenting in your blogsite

If you are looking for a superior WordPress comments plugins for your WordPress website then this article will prove that you have found the best solution.

If you want to build a very powerful relation to drive more traffic to your WordPress website/blog then you need to create an active comment section.

A comment section is the most essential aspect to active conversation between you and your users so that they will like to visit your blog over and over.

But to create a worthwhile comments on your blog is a difficult task. we are here to resolve the problem of commenting blog.

Some supreme WordPress comments plugins are listed below

WordPress comments plugins

These will enable you to create maximum comments, will control the comments and will help to expand your blog.

1. Disqus Comment System

disqus comments plugin

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The most robust and mighty WordPress comments plugins is a Disqus Comment System.

This plugin help to enhance the blog engagement trustworthy for millions of blog publishers.

This plugin also helps us to expand the number of audience and user traffic. Plus it monetizes the content.

The website owner or a website developer can easily integrate Disqus Comment system plugin to their website.

Plus they can replace the comment system that is set by default with the Disqus system.

Some feature of Disqus comment system

  • Automatically it syncs the comments for a backup
  • With caching it loads asynchronously
  • Much responsive to mobile phones.
  • Available with the analytics dashboard.
  • Offers text formatting option
  • Login option is so flexible

2. Comments – wpDiscuz


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To increase the user traffic and engagement for a Comment section, Comments – wpDiscuz is created.

With the help of this WordPress comments plugins, users can easily post their twitter link to comment section or commenters widget.

This plugin provides the most effective and useful feature that it disables spam comments.

Also, any type of reader will be able to fill a registration form to get some advanced features such as dofollow link.

Premium version of Comments – wpDiscuz is also available to get all extended feature you need to purchase the premium plugin.

3. WpDevArt Facebook comments

comments from Facebook

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The WpDevArt Facebook comments plugin is available at free of cost.

You will able to integrate Facebook within your post page smoothly.

In the same instance, this plugin will assist you to get more traffic from Facebook.

If you looking to have some advanced options like the color scheme, background color, different animation effects, etc then you will need to purchase the theme.

After installing a plugin try to create Fb App ID so that you will be able to use this plugin on your website immediately.

The features in the free version are

  • Very simple to use
  • Approved by different plugins
  • You can easily set a box title
  • Full access to text color, font size, font family and position.
  • You can select a position to show the comments and more.

4. Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Protect From Spam

disable comments

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This WordPress comments plugins is tiny with fewer features.

This plugin enables you to customize the comment notification according to your expectations.

Customized notification will be sent out to the user who has commented recently.

Notification will be sent only when the comments are approved by the website owner.

This plugin is tested upto 5.7.2 version of WordPress.

5. Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

subscribe to comments reloaded

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Subscribe to comments reloaded is a very strong WordPress comments plugins that will allow comments witter to sign-up the form if they want to get email notification of recent entries.

This plugin is known as a full-featured plugin because it has the feature that enables comment writers to unsubscribe the email notification. For specific posts or all notifications.

Some basic requirements to use this plugin are

  • WordPress version 4.0 or higher suitable
  • PHP version 5.6 suitable or higher
  • MYSQL 5.x or higher suitable.

6. Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast Comments Hacks

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There are many SEO plugins that offer user traffic and engagement just like Yoast SEO. All knows that Yoast SEO is also a user’s first choice WordPress plugin to get your content crawl easily. Another best plugin over Yoast plugin is a Yoast comment hacker.

To the WordPress comments section, Yoast Comment hacks offer some tips and tricks to manage the comments very easily. For example, easy to enable comment notifications, and easy to add button.

Some advanced features of Yoast comment hacks are Disable subscriptions with One-Click Unsubscribe link, messages & notifications are customizable, plus it is easy to manage.

7. Simple Comment Editing

simple comment editing

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Simple Comment Editing plugin is a straight forward as it allows your users to write a comment and edit that comment or delete within 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes the user will not be able to edit or delete the comment they posted.

User will be able to take their own time to write a comment with thoughtful content.

This plugin is also very easy to use because you just need to install the Simple Comment editing plugin and the whole process will be done automatically.

8. Voice Comments & Reviews – Heyoya

heyoya voice comments

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With the help of Heyoya now users can share their thoughts and reviews in a funny, rapid, and simpler way.

This plugin will enable your users to raise their voices in the comment section.

This strategy will build trust among your users and will improve the conversion rate and blog user traffic.

Your user can comment on the comment section by posting audio videos, instead of text.

Features are listed below

  • This plugin will not affect the loading time and speed.
  • You can display unlimited voice comments.
  • Different tools are available for customized process.
  • 24/7 Support will be provided.

9. WordPress Social Comments Plugin for Vkontakte Comments and Disqus Comments

social comments

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This plugin is invented to strengthen SEO performance, conversation rates, and to manage the comments in an easy way.

Some advantages of WordPress Social Comments Plugin for Vkontakte Comments and Disqus Comment plugins are

  • Some comments are meaningful, co-related and worthwhile.
  • Hence this plugin will help your comment subscriber to comment without any problem. No limit mentioned replying on a comment
  • You will be able to reply those comments through an email ID.
  • All commenters will not get emails, the emails will be sent to those commenters who have been already subscribed.
  • This process will work with the internet or without the internet from any location.
  • To keep and eye on every comment, the email moderator will help you to monitor those comments via some simple email commands.

10. GraphComment Comment system

graph comment

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GraphComment is one of the best popular platform created for an active group of audience from your WordPress website.

This plugin provides various tools and features that result in more user traffic and conversion rate.

GraphComment has a good looking user interface to have an easy interaction.

Also it allows us to create a live discussion in real-time with the message updates.

Different color options are provided that you can choose any of them to create an attractive comment section.

The short profiles will be shown on comments for a quick review of the user and his commenting activities

11. Decent Comments

decent comments

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Now voting the comments with up and down symbol is possible with this plugin. The name states that this plugin is most popular among all comment plugins.

Once you activated this plugin you will be able to see some arrows i.e. Up and Down arrow on each comment and the total number of comments already done.

Upvote to the comment will be a positive response whereas downvote to the comment will be a negative response. But this plugin fully supports only if your PHP version is 5.3.2 or any latest version.

12. Antispam Bee


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If you are getting spam comments on your WordPress website or a blog then its time to say goodbye to unwanted comments. Now the user will not be able to post comments without Captchas. This plugin is available for free of charge with 100% compliant.

Some features and overviews are listed

  • All the comments are firstly approved by the owner of the website.
  • The comment time is taken into consideration.
  • Some comments will be displayed with certain languages.
  • You can block or allow other countries people to comment on your post.
  • The IP address of commenters are validated first.
  • If there are any spam comments, the owner will get notified.

13. Lazy Load for Comments

lazy load comments

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Without any difficult configuration setting, you can install a lazy load for comment plugin. HTTP request and the page loading speed will be improved. It supports WordPress version 4.0 and higher. And tested upto 5.2.3 WordPress newly version.

This plugin will load all comments only when its a demand

  • Enhance the loading time
  • No number of HTTP request will encounter
  • Awesome support will be given
  • DIVI support is also given
  • This plugin is multilingual friendly and supports the translation
  • No extra setting
  • Easy to configure

14. Disable Comments By rbPlugins

diable comments by rbplugins

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This plugin is made available at free charge with customized fields, and forms.

Dozens of features are provided to get your comments super fast and fully responsive.

If you are looking to maintain your comments in your database, then it is possible by using this plugin.

This plugin is also the best alternative for Facebook comments. plus some demo, support, and Addons are available that you can access at any time.

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