Free WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins

To enhance the user accessibility of the website, WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins are created.

If any user visited the homepage then categories page then contact us page and again if the user wants to visit the homepage page then there should be the option to visit the previous page quickly. In simple breadcrumbs create a roadmap for the user to navigate through your website.

Example of breadcrumbs created that helps in SEO

Home > Categories > Contact us

3 Types of breadcrumbs are
– Location-based
– Path-based
– Attribute-based

The best WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins are given below

Best Free WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins

1. Breadcrumb NavXT :

Breadcrumb NavXT

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Breadcrumb NavXT plugin is the best WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins as it helps to improve SEO Performance. It portrays the chain going to the current page instead of the chain that shows the path taken to reach the current page.

Breadcrumb Plugin is created on WordPress Widget. That is especially suitable for WordPress 4.0. This plugin is cooperative with WPML, Polylang, bbPress, and BuddyPress. Breadcrumb NavXT plugin is available at free of cost and with a premium paid option.

2. Breadcrumb :


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With the help of shortcodes, you can show breadcrumb navigation anywhere on the website using this plugin. It consists of beautiful features that the visitors can track the location.

Breadcrumb is very easy to customize as you can easily change the color, Padding Margin, filter hook, font size, text, limit the word link text, etc. This plugin also supports multilingual functionality hence Breadcrumb is translation ready that you can provide your own translation.

3. Flexy Breadcrumb :

Flexy Breadcrumb

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Flexy Breadcrumb is an open-source software that is very flexible and easy to navigate thus this plugin is SEO friendly that helps the search engine to rank the website faster.

You have full permission to change the breadcrumb separator and set the home text and end text. This plugin can also be accessed via shortcodes. Also, different color options are provided via global settings for text, separator, link, and background.

4. Breadcrumb simple :

Breadcrumb simple

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Breadcrumb’s simple plugin is very simple and easy to use that can be installed easily. If you want to view breadcrumb you just need to copy and paste the shortcode i.e. [breadcrumb_simple]

This plugin can be used for the latest version of WordPress. Breadcrumb’s simple plugin is also an open source software that can be used by any type of user it doesn’t require any prior permission hence it is available at free of cost, the paid version is also available.

5. WooCommerce Breadcrumbs :

WooCommerce Breadcrumbs

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WooCommerce breadcrumb is specially used to enhance the WooCommerce website usability. This plugin is also very simple to use that permits you to rearrange the WooCommerce breadcrumb. You can also change the list to display into the unsorted list. It is the best WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins.

With the help of the customization features, you have full control to change the option by rearranging the breadcrumbs in a different style. You can make use of features like breadcrumb separator, wrap before, wrap after, before, after, home text, home URL.

6. Catch Breadcrumb :

Catch Breadcrumb

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With the help of catch breadcrumb plugin, you can easily add stable breadcrumbs navigation to your website. This plugin is very easy to use and customize. that provides different customization options. you can apply the changes as per your choice.

Catch Breadcrumb is compatible with shortcodes, breadcrumb selector, separator. Hence these plugins are very lightweight in nature.

7. Hot Breadcrumbs :

hot breadcrumbs

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Hot Breadcrumbs plugin are made available by HotThemes specially created for WordPress users. Hot Breadcrumbs widget creates a roadmap with the link chain of your website. It uses structured data to show the hierarchy link.

With the help of this theme, the user will able to navigate the website from start to end also can return back by using a chain. It really helps for an engine to crawl the website quickly. It works very efficiently on the WordPress website content that includes posts, pages, categories, tags, and author pages.

8. SEO Breadcrumbs :

SEO Breadcrumbs

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SEO Breadcrumbs plugin is easy to use and customize. Also, This plugin is responsive that helps the search engine to rank the website on the top. Hence it enhances SEO performance.

You have a 5 different navigation option to add on your website. you can easily show the breadcrumb on post, page, taxonomies, attachment, error 404, etc.

This plugin can be used for any type of WordPress website. Mobile touch device and goog;e rich snippets features are supported. Different shortcodes are also available that you can use any of them.

9. Schema Breadcrumbs Markup | WPSSO Add-on :

wpsso breadcrumbs

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To enhance the SEO performance for top ranking Schema Breadcrumbs Markup is used. No templates are available to customize. You just need to activate or deactivate the plugin for schema breadcrumbList markup.

You can add schema breadcrumbList markup to posts, pages, and custom posts. WPSSO Schema Breadcrumbs Markup is an addition of the WPSSO core plugin. This plugin is also an open-source software hence available at free of cost.

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