Video Gallery WordPress Plugins for setting up videos in websites

The best video gallery WordPress plugins are sorted out for WordPress users

To make the web content more zealous and interesting, as well as generate more leads and prospects, irrespective of the nature of their online activities videos are required.

Integration of video content into your website is a plus for you for lots of reasons – starting from better visualization to increased SEO results.

The reason why embedded video materials can be more informative and interactive is the evidence that tons of people are keen to click to play and watch videos rather than read long write ups and posts or any other static content.

As far as search engine optimization of your digital profile is concerned, keeping your website interactive and entertaining will “persuade” your website visitors to stay in your arena longer and come back over and over.

In this relation, we at SKT Themes have put some of the video gallery WordPress plugins through the wringer to test them and reveal the best ones.

Video Gallery WordPress Plugins

Show instead of telling your story, tell about your company or agency, showcase your songs and albums, highlight whatever is important to your profile and keep it energetic and lively in around the clock with any of the below – discussed plugins.

1. Huge IT Video Gallery:

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Huge IT Video Gallery is one of the top – rated, safe and secure, widely popular and trusted video gallery WordPress plugins so far with as many as 40.000 active installs and thousands of satisfied users.

Well – dressed and full – featured, this wonderful plugin will be an ultimate solution of making videos an integral part of your website and showcasing video links in convenient and practical video galleries.

Powered to support Vimeo and YouTube video channels, this plugin celebrates 7 amazing views for you to review and choose whatever suits your website overall style and identity. Use the specific shortcode to add videos on any page or post, write a title, add description and organize everything in the blink of an eye.

2. Contus Video Gallery:

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Create and display your video trainings and tutorials, boost your sales and purchase rates with the help of explanatory videos when supported by Contus Video Gallery.

It is an unbeatable product at your leisure to create and showcase beautiful and results – driven videos and keep your web audience informed and entertained.

Easy installation and activation of this plugin are waiting along the way and will not take long. The plugin is flexible and affordable enough for an average website admin to exercise the given framework without additional help of developers.

It comes armed with a bulk of useful elements and features to keep your video galleries accurate and precise in usage. All in all, you are entitled to add video materials from YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Viddler, create playlists and subscribe user channel.

Ffmpeg support, easy customization options, watch history availability for users, option to pause the videos for storing in history and many other valuable features are also accessible with this plugin.

3. Cool Video Gallery:

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Meet Cool Video Gallery as another creative and well – dressed, admin – optimized and intelligent video gallery WordPress plugins on can have added to his WordPress –based profile and create attention – grabbing video galleries.

It comes with possibility to upload videos, add videos from YouTube portal and deploy them in numerous galleries. Highly customizable and integrative, smart and secure.

This simple yet effective video gallery building ecosystem feels like fish in water when it comes to uploading or adding videos to boost your website’s engagement and usability.

The top formats, including H.264, FLV and MP3, multiple video upload feature, gallery title and description adding options are also suggested by this exceptional plugin. Share option for the videos can be easily enabled or disable via admin – panel as well.

4. Video Gallery by Huzzaz:

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Make your website rich with videos as one of the most powerful forms of communication with a great support of Video Gallery by Huzzaz. Create beautiful and precise video galleries for your target market – base with a few simple clicks and without complex coding.

Equipped with a wide array of features and elements to play with, this plugin knows how to seize and deliver the amazingness of each video material and gallery in your website. Multifunctional and

5. YouTube Channel Gallery:

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YouTube Channel Gallery is also included in our list of video gallery WordPress plugins since this plugin knows the perfect way to connect your web audience with the best videos from YouTube. Find the right spot for video materials and contribute to the visual storytelling of your personal or business profile.

Specialized in working with YouTube as one of the largest music destinations for now, YouTube Channel Gallery lets you showcase latest thumbnail videos for YouTube user channel playlist.

Click on the thumbnail and the playing of video will follow it. This plugin also takes care of your website mobile users, as it uses YouTube IFrame player IPA to generate HTML5 player. It is also up to use to decide whether you want to use this premium – quality yet simple plugin as a widget or as a shortcode.

6. Workbox Video from Vimeo and YouTube:

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In case you are looking for a robust and dependable video gallery solution for your WordPress – generated website, look no further than Workbox Video from Vimeo and YouTube.

However, this plugin is more convenient for advanced users with some background knowledge about the field. In that case this stable and smart plugin is ready to do all the hard work for you so that nothing catering to this product will make you feel confused.

It suggests one of the practical ways to add and manage video pieces on your WordPress – based website or blog. It has been checked for its consistent compatibility with Vimeo, Wistia and YouTube as the main sources of video materials.

Download and activate this plugin in a matter of minutes and add videos by merely pasting the URL of the target video.

Online is all about creating interesting content that people will have the enthusiasm to go through. Be it creating photo galleries, or video galleries, or something else.

The modern world of today loves to watch more content through their eyes than just read a whole bunch of page long articles. That’s why YouTube has become so famous not only for content creation but also for making people take in all that created content.

From various DIY (Do It Yourself) on recipes and other important things that we may face in our daily lives. So, in order to make a potential user play and watch your videos, and even come back for more, you need something special.

A good website will just not make the cut. You need a great website along with various tweaks in the SEO or Search Engine Optimization results, to get ahead of your competitors. A great website will always make your viewers happy and more interested in what they see.

From showcasing your songs, albums or anything, you need a special tool, like Video Gallery WordPress Plugins, and let it do its trick.

From plugins that will specifically suit your own website, from just customizing it to your own liking. Can support various video channels like Vimeo or YouTube, etc. and you can even add titles, descriptions, make a post and thereby help the website to organize everything.

And if you’re worried about time, then this whole process would be done in just the blink of an eye. From creating various kinds of video training or tutorials, that will help your users, concerned with what type of audience you are targeting.

Thus, it will help you boost your current sales and purchase patterns, and thereby bring more profit and returns, to the content you’ve just created. From easy installation and being flexible, plugins will just be installed in the blink of an eye.

Not only that, the plugin will also be affordable for the average user so that the overall costs can be kept low as well. There will be easy options for customization for the average users, and these will be rightly available with these WordPress plugins. Goes to show, how much it will boost your own productivity.

Not only just being customizable will do the trick. There is also support for various kinds of file systems, like H.264, FLV, MP3, etc. so uploading in any popular format won’t be any such problems.

There are also included various kinds f extra features, that will make your video galleries look more beautiful and sophisticated. There are also plugins, that will support HTML5 too if you want. From creating eye-catching thumbnails, and hype-creating tiles, it will all be a child’s play for the normal user.

Also, there should be no problems with your mobile users as well. They will also be taken care of, via this Video Gallery WordPress Plugins. There will be no compatibility issues, and every part of your website filled videos will be taken care of. Just exactly how a video related website should be made.

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