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Social media login plugins of WordPress presented here in this article.

The phenomenon of social media takes a crucial role in modern life and lifestyle.

The degree of average individual’s involvement and his manifestation via internet-based platforms and applications such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and other suchlike layouts has risen demonstratively across the world.

As diverse statistics and analysis show, at present social media platforms do not function merely on a personal social networking level, but exceedingly utilize also business and corporate integration.

Within the frame of such conditions it becomes inevitably strategic step for each business or undertaking to guarantee its engagement into this integrated system in order to have an influential online operational environment for effective contact with millions of people

And potential clients, provide them with manifold convenient user rights and opportunities to get involved in their relevant websites and blogs and reap the best results in sum.

Under such circumstances our attention should be directed to the proposed self-hosted tools and options for enhancing the abovestated procedures and turning the website into a social media user-friendly environment, where each single visitor and user will free comfortable to comment or login with certain social networks, thus identifying himself and being recognizable for the website admins.


Social media login plugins, presented in WordPress are among such valuable tools. Let’s consider 5 of them and form a notion about each one and its functional advantages.

1. Social Login

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Social login plugin is well-crafted and professionally-developed social media login plugins to enable your website visitors to register, login to your website and make comments with one of their favourite social networks.

The list of available social platforms incorporates more than 30 of them, including the most popular and frequently used networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, PayPal, Linkedin, LiveJournal and many others. This plugin is also fully compatible with BuddyPress, so that it will be available for you to have social login feature on your website.

It’s also under your choice to decide where to add the Social login plugin-whether on the login or registration page or somewhere else. Having this plugin, which is available in for free, installed and activated, your website will gain more popularity and social involvement, as millions of people worldwide will face no difficulty dealing with your site content and reacting to it.

2. MiniOrange social login

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MiniOrange social login WordPress plugin comes with lots of web-directed tools and elements to formulate and optimize the website connection with manifold social media login plugins platforms, reaching to people’s involvement into the website to the largest possible extent.

Having this awesome plugin installed and activated, your website will become smart enough in its responses on diverse popular social areas. It brings in all the most popular and largely famous social websites- Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, Amazon WindowsLive and Salesforce among them and let the active users of those social areas express themselves accordingly by means of registering and logging, as well as sharing and commenting.

MiniOrange also includes stunning customization options and it’s you to decide Social Login and Social Sharing icons style, shape and size, choose the location of those icons on the pages, select between horizontal and vertical social sharing widgets for share icons, pick the most expressive theme for sharing and login icons and preview the changes done before making them parent for the website visitors.

3. Social Share, Social Login and Social Comments Plugin – Super Socializer
Super socializer

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Super Socializer is another one of the social media login plugins loaded with simple, yet adaptable and smart structure in conjunction with certain customization features and super functionality.

Increasing number of business companies and organizations use this plugin to appear to be engaging and investing in social media platforms, as WordPress social login lets you exercise social login performance on your website of any type.

It effectively links social media networks to the company’s marketing strategy and has a potential to expand any business distribution to drive any target aim or objective.

The functional possibilities of this dependable, resourceful and polished plugin are counted by dozens and among the most remarkable ones are registration with the help of already existing profile or ID on social platforms, contact list import from several services, easy to change and redesign structure to make your website appear in the most influential way and much more else.

4. Login widget with shortcode

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The next comprehensive WordPress plugin in our list is Login widget with shortcode.

It comes with an awesome set of practical and accessible features and options to assist you in setting up login options to your target website. It is based on responsive login form layout and comes to the fore to insert a login widget into the sidebar area in order to provide the users with log in access right from the website interface.

The free version of this WordPress social media login plugins product is preloaded with a package of admin-friendly elements and admin panel for a quick and easy change of certain settings, show profile page, register or forgotten password link, choice of the redirect page after login or logout, available CAPTCHA form and other options and features.

However, you can upgrade to its Pro version and have at your disposal more applicable and versatile functional specialties.

5. Social Login & Register for WordPress – 40+ Social Networks / OneAll INC
Oneall social login

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The concepts and ideas of electronic commerce, any online business manifestation and other related undertakings can be best realized and shared by the great support of Social connect plugin.

It can greatly facilitate the process of embedding social media applications and networks into the company’s business policy and culture, as this smart and secure product has been developed to support several social media services, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and WordPress amongst them.

Add this useful plugin to your target website and let your visitors register, log in and share your processed posts and other content without extra procedures or identification processes. Just add social login buttons to your website and let your potential visitors always stay up to date with your online presence via their favourite social media areas.

If you are planning on establishing your presence online, then you may want opt for the WordPress platform? Of all the platforms that you can use to set up your website, WordPress ranks as one of the popular ones and with good reason, it comes with a great CMS and offers you the flexibility to tweak and customize your website, as you see fit.

Once you have selected the theme to use on your website from the many thousands readily available, you need to optimize your site to enhance user experience. That’s why you should check out our social media login plugins in Social media platforms enable users to post comments and interact in real time, from platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Snap chat and the list is endless.

Given this and the large membership statistics that most of these social media platforms boast about, it makes sense to go for social media login plugins in If you need additional reasons, you may want to check below.

  • Reach: By installing these plugins, you make it possible for your users to react to your product/services and react on it, real time on the social media platform itself. That’s just free advertising and you should see some inbound traffic as a result of the same.
  • Customer engagement: By installing these plugins on your website, you can look forward to increased customer engagement and interactivity; as a result, your conversion rates are bound to shoot up.
  • Leverage: Most of the top companies have started to leverage their presence on these social media platforms and have installed various social media plugins on their website. As a result, users are able to post reviews about their product and services on these social media platforms thereby providing them with better traction than before.
  • User experience: By installing these plugins on your website, your visitors can login to your website using their social media credentials and post comments; interact with you and other users. As a result, their user experience becomes enhanced which should lead to increased traffic as well as higher SERP rankings.
  • Choosing the right plugin: Your site must be compatible with third party plugins; you need to check out each plugin and decide which one works best for you. And naturally, you can do a small beta test to see if there’s any improvement vis-à-vis customer engagement as well as inbound traffic.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should use these plugins on your website at the earliest. It can help increase your rankings and even help you streamline your marketing as you leverage the content on various social media platforms. It should result in more page views and eventually, lead to better conversion rate.

That’s why it makes sense to use these plugins especially if you are a new startup and just starting out. So checkout these plugins and see which one is a good fit and install the same at the earliest, on your WordPress website.

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