5 Powerful WordPress Plugins for Creating a Powerful WP Based Website

Do you want your WordPress based website to record higher results and win a competitive edge on the global market? Then using 5 powerful WordPress plugins we are going to discuss in this article will help you do that.

WordPress content management system has already been long around helping thousands of companies and businesses, individuals and organizations to power their top rated websites.

With every single detail minutely considered and treated by the professional developers and designers, today WordPress comes as one of the best solutions to absolutely any kind of website or blog.

And while the themes authored by WordPress developers and offered in WP directory are feature rich and highly configurable to reach out the final result you or your business needs, you might still need something additional to stand out among the others and come closer to a perfect level of online performance.

The 5 powerful WordPress plugins you will find analyzed below are ideal add ons for your website to become more search engine friendly and customer oriented, faster and lighter with proper caching, secured, backed up and well protected against hacks and spams, etc.

Powerful WordPress Plugins

All of these 5 powerful WordPress plugins are hand tested by thousands of active users which is the best evidence of their reliability and hassle free operation.

This being said, let’s see which those plugins are and how you can benefit from them.

1. The SEO Framework:

In the rapidly evolving digital environment, taking care of proper SEO optimization of your site is what you need to ensure first of all to make your website more noticeable and easy to scrawl for sophisticated search engines.

The SEO Framework is one of 5 powerful WordPress plugins you can use to power your website with the easiest SEO solution, if you are a startup in WordPress.

However, this plugin can be a solid framework for more complex and in depth SEO tool for advanced users.

This plugin already comes with default settings to give you a jumpstart in search rankings, however, you are free to change them the way you feel necessary for achieving better results.

Moreover, with The SEO Framework, you can SEO each and every page and post, taxonomy and term, automatically generates anti spam technique based descriptions, titles, pre enabled sitemap functionality, better social media support with eye catchy posts, etc.

2. Comet Cache:

When it comes to optimizing your WordPress websites performance in terms of speed and better client experience, caching plugins are what come in handy.

Comet Cache is one of such useful tools among 5 powerful WordPress plugins to be added to your site’s arsenal with easy to follow installation and configuration documentation.

This plugin is preconfigured which means that it is well prepared and packed with the most essential options to boost your site’s loading time and maximize its traffic.

Other valuable features Comet Cache can offer you are as follows:

  • Automatic caching of the entire WordPress website
  • URI and User agent exclusion patterns
  • Caching for 404 requests and URLS containing GET requests
  • Possibility to choose the parts and areas of your website to be cached
  • Gzip compression and yet much more in free version of the plugin

Upgrading to the premium version of Comet Cache will give you access to additional pro features like a new “Clear Cash” button in the admin bar with the ability to enable and disable it, automatic cash clearing of pages and posts, custom post types, tags, categories, users and more.

3. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin:
updraft plus WordPress backup

UpdraftPlus is one of the most complete and comprehensive backup and restoration plugins absolutely any type of WordPress website will need.

Making sure you have the reserved copy of your WP site and installation, files and database is of utmost importance whenever you are making core changes from the backend, testing new web solutions, tweaking the database or server hosting your site, etc. In this relation, UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin is what will do this job effortlessly.

It supports the most popular third party cloud services and storages like Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, Updaft Vault, Amazon S3 and many others. Alternatively, you may choose to have the scheduled backups of your site to be sent to your email address.

As for the premium version of Updraftplus, it adds some cool features like multisite and multinetwork compatibility, professional technical support, website migration and duplication tools, etc.

4. Contact Form by WP Forms:

Our list of 5 powerful WordPress plugins would be incomplete without one of the top rated form builder and contact form plugins called Contact Form by WP Forms.

This award winning and client trusted plugin makes it super easy to make a contact form and integrate it with WP powered website by the application of simple drag and drop working mechanism.

Not only pleasing contact forms are to be created with this plugin, but also subscription forms, payment forms as well as other necessary forms without hiring developers to do that.

The responsive and SEO optimized nature of Contact Form by WP Forms will also contribute to the fast and error free performance of your site for all its desktop and mobile users.

5. Smush Image Compression and Optimization:

Smush Image Compression and Optimization is a great toolkit for compressing and optimizing images on your website.

Making your WordPress site more picturesque with high quality imagery is always a good idea. However, large images and photos are known to make your site much heavier than ever before.

What Smush actually does in such cases is to remove all the unnecessary data and compresses images without harming their quality.

In particular, Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin deals with JPEG, GIF and PNG image file formats, compresses and optimize them with the contemporary technique and thus saves up a larger space.

The plugin can automatically smush all the image while uploaded or let you smush the attachments manually from the media library.

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