Plugging Out the Crucial Plugins Can Be Harmful for Your WP Site

Though WordPress is an easy to use platform this does not mean that the developers can be ignorant about the fact that there are certain thing which you need be aware of. Those who do not pay attention tend to discover some bottleneck while development.

We are very much aware of the fact that WordPress is a decade old CMS platform who has now grown to be a vast plat from meeting the modern needs is just because of all the plugins developed by this vast community of developers.

Plugins of this platform are one of the great assets that help the web developers who posses different kind of web development skills.

These help the developers to extended the capabilities and functionalities of this website as per their wishes and requirements without having to carry the unnecessary burden of extra functionaries which are required as you can now download and install only those plugins that are required.

They further let you have a complete control of your website.


On contrary to the statement I made in the above paragraph there are times when crucial plugins increase the unnecessary weight of a website if the one which are not required are installed on your website which hampers the performance of the server.

There are numerous plugins installed in your WP website which are not even required on it wherefore this makes it quite burdensome for the developers making the speed quite slow.

Thus, web developers must keep in mind to remove all the unnecessary plugins which is a step to optimize the speed of your website.

Therefore, to do this you need to make sure that you have uninstalled one those unnecessary plugins which which increase the load time of your website.

Sometimes it happens that people randomly install plugins to merely check what they offer and off chance they forget to uninstall them. These plugins which can be fruitful for us turn into a speed retarder.

Moreover, if you are a rookie web developer the biggest problem arises as they do not pay heed to such things and they uninstall a plugin which are vital for their WP website’s performance.

These crucial plugins have a very deeper impact on them that uninstalling them could directly affect the performance of the website directly hampering the speed and stability of the website so much that you need to end up hiring a expert developer to sort this issue for you.

Four major background checks you need to do before installing a plugin:

  • A good plugging must load just the required number of styles, scripts, or others to deliver highly functional website all the time.
  • Those who add extra number database queries (which directly affects the performance) must not be included.
  • Plugins working on complex operations must be work off server.
  • Check for the plugins which render a lot of remote requests

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Some of the important plugins which you need to have on your website are:

Google XML Sitemaps Generator
google xml sitemap generator

A XML sitemap file is a must for every website irrespective of its platform, as it helps the bot’s or the crawler of all the search engines to index your website easily.

For this task we have Google XML Sitemap plugin which not only creates but also updates your Sitemap XML file.

Apart from this it also informs the search crawlers about the fresh content uploaded on a website which is still not indexed on web server.

This plugin is of greater use for those websites which are regularly updated as it becomes quite hectic for the web developers to send request to the search engine each time the website is updated.

WP Super Cache
wp super cache

This is an incredible plugin which works as a speed accelerator for your WP pages and posts as it creates a static HTML version your website and updating it at a regular interval.

Wherefore, the need to process the server each tome a visitor requests a page. It was noted that this plugin improved the unprimed caches at a whooping rate of 259.1 %, as a result this lowered the average page loading time by 9.56s to 3.69s even for content heavy pages.

WP-SpamFree, All in One SEO Pack, WP-PageNavi, Shareaholic are the crucial plugins which you need to incorporated in order to increasing the speed of your website .

While designing a platform the developers must be well aware of the fact that they are designing for end users.

I like to play safe and this is why I think that hiding the important plugins among all the installed ones is one of the safest way. For this you can take reference from the code snippet mentioned below:

add_filter( ‘all_plugins’, ‘hide_plugins’);
function hide_plugins($plugins)
// Hide review plugin
if(is_plugin_active(‘review.php’)) {
unset( $plugins[‘review.php’] );
// Hide imgwidget plugin
if(is_plugin_active(‘imgwidget/imgwidget.php’)) {
unset( $plugins[‘imgwidget/imgwidget.php’] );
return $plugins;

The above mentioned code snippet hides the plugin which can be the best of all the development
Super Cache and Google XML Sitemaps Generator which completely removes the possibility that they can ever be removed from the list.

Likewise you can also save your important crucial plugins from getting uninstalled.

add_filter( ‘all_plugins’, ‘hide_plugins’);
function hide_plugins($plugins)
// Hide sociallinks Plugin
if(is_plugin_active(‘sociallinks/sociallinks.php’)) {
unset( $plugins[‘sociallinks/sociallinks.php’] );
// Hide TeamBox Plugin
if(is_plugin_active(‘TeamBox/TeamBox.php’)) {
unset( $plugins[‘TeamBox/TeamBox.php’] );
return $plugins;

I believe that hiding the important plugins is the best way to avoid any unnecessary chaos.
Incorporating this code snippet is the best way to avoid them uninstalling those plugins which play a vital role in improving the performance of a website by mistake.

How to decide the number of plugins?
There is no formula which calculates and provides you the number of plugins one should have on a website. However, this is misconception that they should be minimal which states that having as many plugins will hamper the speed of your website.

There are plugins that have the capacity to single handedly transform the landscape of your website, it can be positively as well as negatively.

Any which way, you need to be cautious!

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