18+ Best Free Auto Blogging Plugins for 2023

WordPress might be a basic CMS, yet it’s absolutely not a simple one to ace. It has huge amounts of functionalities which one requires time and loads of training to develop.

A content aggregator site can be an incredible business on the off chance that you do it the right way. An aggregator site is the one that gathers content from various sources and shows it on the site.

In the content aggregator locales, the framework does not rely upon any client but rather the best frameworks will create the content from the best sources and show it in the plan that you have set.

In the event that you are blogging for quite a while, you most likely comprehend that making crisp content each and every day isn’t a simple assignment; it needs a ton of research, exertion and time.

Free Auto blogging Plugins

In this way, why not make an auto blogging webpage that will pull content from the best sources and show it on your website. It will rely upon the sort of promoting you accomplish for your site, the plan of action has a great deal of potential.

Here is a rundown of best free auto blogging plugins that will assist you with generating content on autopilot.

Top free Auto blogging Plugins for WordPress

1. Revive Old Posts – Social Media Auto Post and Scheduling Plugin

free Auto blogging Plugins

Revive Old Posts is an one of the free auto blogging WordPress plugins that will help you by sharing the old and new articles automatically on social media accounts. You just have to set this plugin while installing it at first-time rest work will perform this plugin on its own.

This plugin gives you so many features and benefits by permitting you to share a particular blog or an article at particular time intervals. You have access to customize the plugin as you want.

You can customize the post’s age, the formats of pages, the interval between shares, the total number of times the post should share, the number of daily post shares, and more.

Plus you can keep a watch on your website traffic generated by Google Analytics plugin. This plugin will work for Tumblr, Twitter, Xing, and LinkedIn.

2. WP Auto Republish

WP Auto Republish

WP Auto Republish is a free WordPress automatic plugins this tool resets the publish date to the current date to restore the old posts. This plugin will help you by taking all old posts to the first page, back to RSS feeds, or by taking it to the top of the archive pages.

This plugin is most useful for a large website having a wide variety of content. More than 4000 active installations have been made.

The customers who have been never visited your old content will be able to see it. The old content will come up with this plugin by showing them fresh again.

People can share the post plus they can like it. We recommend you to use this plugin to improve your blog traffic, visibility, and SEO. Because Google will love your content as it would show up old posts with fresh posts.

3. Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler

free Auto blogging Plugins

Blog2Social is a WordPress blogging plugin that helps you to schedule social media posts for your WordPress website and blogs.

It is useful for scheduling, auto posting, cross-promoting and automatically sharing the blog posts on your social media profiles for example Instagram, Google My Businesses, Facebook, Imgur, Tumblr, Diigo, Reddit, VK.com, Bloglovin and more.

It is one of the most popular plugins having more than 50,000 active installations till now. It saves your lots of time and helps you to promote your website and a blog very easily on social media. This plugin comes with free and premium features.

The free version gives you access to customize your posts on social media with emojis, personal comments, hashtags, images, and more.

You can easily reshare the posts in the free version. This plugin supports three different languages such as Russian, Fresh, and Spanish.

4. CoSchedule

free Auto blogging Plugins

CoSchedule is the best alternative for bringing your marketing in a single place. This plugin is downloaded more than 7000+ clients all over the world.

This plugin is the top priority of most of the customers as it helps you to stay focused, maintain your business relationship by keeping the marketing team happy, and delivering the projects at the desired time.

With the help of this plugin, you can synchronize social media messages with the blog posts. With the help of the calendar, you can select the proper time and date.

You can share posts with CoSchedule to Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+, LinkedIn, buffer, and Tumblr. Plus you can full control over analytics reports

5. NextScripts

free Auto blogging Plugins

This is a free plugin that has integrated with so many social media icons. You can easily share old and new posts by setting up it to automatically republishing mode. From social media profiles, it will auto-import all comments as WordPress comments.

You have full control to choose which blog you want to post or which not to post plus you can select the date and timing to publish that particular post. These all features you can get a single click. You can also schedule the posts with the specific hours and days.

The main features of NextScript are supported by more than 23 social media platforms. It supports WordPress version 3.4 and higher.

Each and every message is customizable and fully supportive of the Guttenberg editor. Access to import and export plugin settings.

6. Nelio Content

Nelio Content

To work with the Nelio Content plugin you need to install WordPress version 4.7 or above. It comes up with the most important features for blogging i.e. auto-posting, scheduling content, permit you to check scheduled posts at your fingertips. One of the best features of this plugin is that it comes with “content assistant”.

This feature will help you out by telling some content marketing strategies automatically such as linking in between your blog and articles, tagging posts properly, and more.

This plugin is supportive of all social media profiles including LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and more.

Through buffer, it also provides support for Instagram. By saving your lot of time you can run your blog successfully on the search engines.

The free plugin is best to start with, if you feel you need a more advanced feature then you can install the premium version. It also helps you to track your SEO analysis.

7. Social Web Suite

Social Web Suite

Now you can schedule and publish the content with the WooCommerce support and Gutenberg. The Social Web Suite is a WordPress blogger plugin that supports 5 different languages such as English (Australia), English (Canada), English (New Zealand), English (UK), and English (US). With this plugin, you can auto-posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Without taking extra efforts you can share optimized messages on these social media platforms to look great and overwhelming.

An online tutorial is given for social media calendar, content categories, and how to use RSS Feeds for content creation. Plus it provides support to add the YouTube channels.

8. Post to Google My Business

Post to Google

Post to Google My Business is the auto-post plugin. This plugin is the best alternative that helps you to enhance your website or a blog presence on search engine i.e. Google. With this plugin, you can save a lot of time by building posts on Google my business from the dashboard.

You can instantly publish the WordPress posts with Auto post features. This plugin is also compatible with the COVID-19 update to show useful information and the latest accouchements related to coronavirus pandemic.

9. Content Egg:

wp robot

Content Egg is a notable and amazing free auto blogging plugin that will assist you with aggregating content from 30 top sources.

This plugin will ensure that new content is made on your site routinely while you are dozing. It will maintain your business on autopilot, you should simply to advance your site via web-based networking media and different sources.
This plugin was propelled in 2009 and it is utilized by over a million WordPress clients to date.

Content Egg import content from channels like Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, etc., this WordPress plugins supports multilingual languages and is fully responsive. Also, provides post templates, content curation, monetization, and a lot of features.

10. WP RSS Aggregator :

RSS Aggregator

With over 50k dynamic establishment, the WP RSS Aggregator is a standout amongst the most prevalent content curation WordPress plugins accessible in the market.

This is a free plugin that you can use to curate content from the best sources. It offers you various premium additional items that are amazingly helpful in the event that you wish to make a quality content aggregator site.

This plugin totals content through the RSS and Atom channel and you can include the same number of RSS channels you have to make an exhaustive site.

You can totally tweak the blend of feed to ensure that your general yield is marvelous. You have the alternative to import content with extraordinary titles, you can connect the tile to the first source to stay away from any copyright issue.

Key features
WP RSS Aggregator supports multi-language
It is a responsive plugin
It supports spinning software

11. RSS Aggregator by Feedzy:

RSS Aggregator by Feedzy

This is another free auto blogging plugins that helps in creating a news curation site and niche aggregator site easily.

The plugin offers all of you the alternatives to set up the framework according to your need. You can set it for auto endorsement and influence the post to go live as it is imported or you can place it in the line for control.

The framework can get the picture from the post with the goal that you have the total asset to make your posts look extraordinary on your site.

You have the choice to connect to the first source with the goal that you can offer credit to the first distributor which is the right approach for any content curation site.

12. WPeMatico :

WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher

WPeMatico is an exceptionally simple to utilize auto blogging WordPress plugin that will import content from RSS channel to arrange them as indicated by classes on your website. It will do it on autopilot and continue distributing content while you are dozing.

The feed disclosure highlight will assist you with getting astounding content even without knowing a definitive source URL. You will have a pleasant WordPress type interface to alter each post as you like it.

The plugin accompanies ground-breaking settings choices board here you can set your inclinations to bring a predetermined number of posts each time, you have the alternative to set the remarks on or off and various different choices to deal with your auto posts.

13. FeedWordPress :

FeedWordPress is another comparable plugin like WP RSS Aggregator that totals content with RSS channel. It is an astonishing auto blogging plugin that will import the content set it as a progression of post on your WordPress database.

Once the plugin is set legitimately, you can tap on the import alternative to import new content to your site. The plugin has more than 40 dynamic establishments.

14. WP Content Pilot:

wp content pilot

WP Content Pilot comes in two variations: free and premium. The free form gives you a chance to insert RSS channels as a shortcode, however in the event that you need genuine auto-blogging where you import channel things as real posts, you’ll need the top-notch adaptation.

Subtleties like highlighted pictures, post status, and type, passages, content length, amount, or format are absolutely up to you. On the off chance that you need to import just HTTPS pictures, Feedzy will distinguish them for you.

If you picked RSS channel just offers portions, WP Content Pilot incorporates a component that gives you a chance to at present concentrate the full content.

15. WordPress RSS Feed Retriever:

wordpress RSS feed retriver

WordPress RSS Feed Retriever is an amazing and extensive free auto blogging plugins that will import content through the RSS and Atom channels and show on your webpage.

This plugin accompanies complete settings that will offer you stunning power over the content imported to your site.
This plugin can bring the total RSS content of the article and show on your site an independent article. The plugin will ensure that your site is dynamic with new content constantly.

It offers you the corn work choice that will continue getting new articles at customary interims. You can import the total content of the article and you additionally have the choice to indicate just the title of the post.

16. Youtubomatic :


In the event that you are a video blogger, this plugin can be extremely useful for you. This plugin will auto blog from YouTube on your WordPress website.

It can likewise do the turn around a procedure that is bringing in posts from your WordPress blog to your YouTube channel.

You will have full oversight over the content on your site, you can pursuit and import recordings relying upon various distinctive parameters.

This plugin will naturally produce and bring a YouTube video from your article with a substantial video document.

17. CyberSyn :

Cyber SEO

CyberSyn is like an alternate RSS content curation plugin referenced in this article. This plugin can import content from any RSS and Atom channel to your site.

This plugin can be exceptionally viable for the video blogging destinations too, it can import recordings from a large portion of the famous video locales, for example, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, IGN, Ustream.tv, and DailyMotion.

Along these lines, for the content blogger as well as it is similarly valuable for the video bloggers.

18. WP Pipes :

WP Pipes

This plugin alludes to encourages as feeds. One of the widely used free auto blogging plugins in WordPress. With it, you get a straightforward visual interface where you can get the full content rather than portions, cut the introduction, channel by watchwords, get the pictures, or demonstrate the first source.

In the goal input, you can pick how to show the feeds on your site. You can alter parameters like title, slug, selection, content, date, pictures, classification, and meta key.

These 18 mentioned free auto blogging plugins for WordPress are the most powerful and helpful plugins that help you to create a good site. Have this blog, hope it will help you.

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