CloudFlare vs Sucuri – Which is Better?

Security concern and cleanliness is really important these days as everyone in this era is addicted to the internet.

However, these users prefer to browse secured and clean websites. We see two big names for this purpose in the competition which are Cloudflare and Sucuri.

However, Cloudflare vs Sucuri is one of the most demanded face-offs that users request often. As you might know that they both provide CDN, on-site firewall systems, and DDoS protection.

While they both somehow offer different features with different plans, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that there’s no perfect security service.

Further, it’s your website’s requirements and situations that make it the best choice for your website. And, if you are also confused between the choices of these two then we are here to help you out with the best decision for your website.

CloudFlare vs Sucuri

A summarized face-off between Cloudflare and Sucuri

An important and distinct difference between Cloudflare and Sucuri is that Cloudflare is known best for deploying a CDN system as compared to its security service whereas, Sucuri offers premium quality security service which protects your website from entire internet threats.

Apart from that, one thing is for sure there is no free service that can beat Sucuri for overall security. Not only is this but Cloudflare is limited to providing a bunch of services with a free account.

The service of website security offers Web Request Firewall (WAF). In simple terms, WAF means that the traffic that comes to your website goes directly through a scan where a firewall acts to protect the website from malicious requests if it detects any before entering your website.

As we know that Sucuri and Cloudflare seem similar but, they have different features, pricing, and malware removal services. Now let’s come to discuss their features point to point.

CloudFlare and Sucuri point-to-point face-off

1. Pricing

Firstly we are going to talk about money i.e. charges. Your priority is your budget if you are stepping into a startup or a small business. However, make sure to avoid free services as they are not promising and secure as well.

Cloudflare offers a free CDN service to all platforms. As you are not going to be charged for the traffic that comes to your website for using the CDN services.

Sucuri doesn’t have any free plan. Sucuri offers their security pack starting from $199.99/year which is much less as compared to Cloudflare Pro Plan.

However, Sucuri offers website monitoring, DDoS protection, a free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate, malware removal, and WAF. Additionally, they offer 24×7 customer service which is added to all of their plans, live chat includes as well.

For small businesses, it is going to be an affordable point to go with Sucuri. As the base plan of Sucuri charges $ 199 / year whereas CloudFlare offers its pro plan at $ 240 a year. However, Sucuri also comes with many more added features than of CloudFlare.

2. Features

CloudFlare and Sucuri have different sets of plans and they all come with different features. However, you need to choose as per your requirements for the website.

CloudFlare features
Almost all of the website owners use the free CDN service of Cloudflare.

  • 1. They are best known for depleting DDoS attacks through their web application firewall services.
  • 2. As CloudFlare is a top-notch CDN, it protects your website from spam messages and spam registers.
  • 3. You can use a firewall to protect your website from any suspicious traffic before it gets into your site.
  • 4. CloudFlare comes with a free SSL certificate. However, for a customized SSL certificate, you will need to purchase their enterprise or business plans.

Sucuri features

  • 1. Sucuri is a reliable and trusted website monitoring and security service provider.
  • 2. Sucuri plan includes DDoS protection, website monitoring, malware analysis and malware removal services.
  • 3. It scans your website regularly to remove any malware, code injection, and file changes.
  • 4. Sucuri helps with fixing up hacked websites that are made with Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc

As a result, we get to know that Sucuri has a lot to offer because it includes useful and professional tools such as Hack repair, load balancing, WAF and many mrore.

3. Malware removal services

Coming to the next point is malware removal services. As next to DDoS attacks, website owners come across a lot of Malware and malicious attacks. Let’s get to know which is best for you.

CloudFlare Malware removal services
If you wish to move with CloudFlare, then it offers a free CDN network which is best to make your website fast. However, for the service of the firewall, you will need to purchase their paid plans.

It offers customizable tools for users so that they can create web pages by using JavaScript and XSS tools.

Whereas, the services of file modification detection, malware scanning and blacklisting are not a part of CloudFlare’s plan.

Sucuri malware removal services
Sucuri is there to offer you protection from spam messages and contact form XSS, DDoS, SQL injection, spams, and more as it has WAF.

Not only this, but if it detects any threat to the website then the maintenance for the same is free. Also, it provides remote malware monitoring for clients.

So, if you are confused about what to choose for malware removal services then we are here with a conclusion. The obvious winner is Sucuri as it is providing a whole bunch of premium services that help to protect your website from any malware, threats, and other harmful activities.

In this battle of CloudFlare vs Sucuri, we have seen details about both sides and they both are best in their way.

If Sucuri is the best option from a security point of view then CloudFlare is the best option for CDN service. So, you need to check up on the requirements and needs of your business and then opt for anyone.

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