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Politik Consulting

Looking forward to developing a policy tracker website which looks and functions same as – http://columbiaclimatelaw.com/resources/climate-deregulation-tracker/

(please check out the links below the red ‘Climate Deregulation Tracker’ banner: home, all updates, database, resources, and about). Suggestions are open until it achieves the same functioning and performance as above mentioned website in link.

One can also suggest relevant theme as it may be the possibility that above website is designed using some theme.

A blog is not needed, in the future projects our company would request to add features like this.

1st July would be the estimated date to soft-launch this non-profit website so, people get a brief idea behind this, presently.

Our company would prefer to design the website with a black and white sleek design. But, suggestions are welcome again.

Mandatory feature:

A policy tracker database has been incorporated into the website so that it will be updated manually by our company and others as well. This is the prominent feature that would be focused centrally.

Other tracker examples:

(Cons: Not finely integrated, Difficult to go back to the tracker and more. But you can get a clear notion. It is advisable to centralize your website design on the first given example.)

To apply for this job email your details to ekincgenc@gmail.com

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