Fundamental Tips for Landing Page Optimization

It is essential to know about the must-haves for high converting landing pages. Similarly, the components for the same to improve the conversion rate should also be known for creating a revenue-generating website. It is essential to be credible when on the internet space and most of the people fail in the same.

It is important to tell a tale relating to the service or product of your brand. This can be easily done through landing page optimization. Read for why landing page important for your website. In this short read, we will discuss 10+ essential tips for the same.

#1 Catchy Headline

A headline can be your best opportunity when you intend to do something out of the box for your users. Such things enable you to make them curious. A headline must communicate clearly to your potential customer and must be short.

Make sure that your headline should directly relate to your product or service in terms of usefulness and reliability respectively.

landing page optimization

You have just a limited number of seconds to convince the customers, hence be clear with the headline in the first step.

#2 Minimize Navigation

The roadmap for visitors is generally the navigation for your website. Detailed information regarding brand, products, and services can be obtained by clicking on various links. Navigation on the homepage must be avoided so that you do not lose the customer before he/she reads the headline.

In case you still need one make sure that you do not fail to add a call to action buttons. Adding links to various sections of the site on the homepage is also a great way to address the audience’s needs. This will help you in enabling the readers to conveniently reach the offer you have for them.

#3 Offers

Be clear and honest regarding the offers you have for your clients. Suppose it is a limited offer or there are certain conditions then mention them clearly.

In case you have a discounted pricing plan it should not be more than four. Highlighting the best plan or product according to the requirement should be the priority. It should be easily noticeable by your audience.

Landing Page Optimization must ensure that your brand does not receive any kind of negative image due to hidden T&C of the offer.

#4 Advantages

It is a good practice to outline the benefits when you are asking your visitors to trust you. It must be clearly mentioned why your product is service is the right one for them in an allotted section. It must be short and organized hierarchically so that the users can easily understand them.

#5 Appealing Content

The visual content of your site must also be appealing and trustworthy just like the offer. It is not recommended to fill the site with stock images as they project artificialness. Genuine and relevant visual content never fails to convince visitors.

If you can spare some budget for professional photographers to capture original images of your products it will be helpful. In case you can’t, then there are many websites that can help you in obtaining such images.

#6 A Call to Action button

Generic and conventional call to action buttons will not encourage users to act and hence Landing Page Optimization can fail. It will certainly pay off if you try to be creative for it. To engage visitors an apt and personalized text is your best chance.

#7 Engaging Forms

It is possible that your landing page will demand any sort of form. According to the type of site, different information is obtained from the users. But when you ask for more than an email address in the form, try to make it as short as possible.

Create engaging forms and avoid asking for unnecessary inputs. In case the form is longer, ensure that it is optimized. It is important to take care of the designing part so that the users do not end up in any confusion.

#8 Responsive

This is a very basic thing but is often ignored by many. By responsive we are not referring to using any foundation or bootstrap so that the content becomes mobile-friendly. Think beyond that, and imagine how you want your page to look on the smallest screen accessible.

Landing Page Optimization involves scrapping certain content from the desktop version compared to other versions. This helps in attaining an elegant and attractive impression for your site.

#9 Social Presences

Socialization is one of the keys to convincing visitors and instating a genuine belief. Social testimonials are one of the best tools to do that. Any kind of client review, opinion, Tweets, Posts from Facebook & Instagram must be featured on a special section.

It helps you attain the trust factor. You must include your social presence before they search for it.

#10 List out your Clients

Adding a section for client logos that you work with is a good practice for Landing Page Optimization. Do this by ensuring that you have the permission from your clients to use their logo on the homepage. This helps the visitors to know about your prominent associations and adds positively to the image of your brand.

#11 Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a must for any home page to avoid unnecessary suspicions. Although it is obvious that only a small percentage of the audience will read it but it should be there.

A dedicated page should be allocated which captures your policies and it can be linked to the footer of the site. As a service or product vendor, this makes your brand reliable.

#12 Counter

If you have already severed a good number of clients or sold a good number of products then you can instate a stats counter. This shows the reliability that your customers have shown upon you. For potential clients, it will increase the credibility of your service or product. This is also one of the best ways to advertise your brand.


To generate leads and attract audience a landing page is a proven and well-established medium. When you follow the above tips it positively impacts your revenue and contributes to branding.

If you can create more than a version of the landing page then it will help you in testing the page. It will help you to select the best out of the different designs and layouts you have in store.

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