Steps to Start a Company Blog and How to Maintain in Future

Most of the people attempted all the possible ways of getting connected to the customer through different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Another best way of connecting with customers and getting quality leads is to start a company blog.

Creating a blog is a center to being identified as an authority in your company. This is the main reason to create a successful blog for your business.

Are you searching for how to start a company blog? Then you have found the right place to get answered!
To start a company blog quality blog content helps you to gain more trust and loyalty for your product, with the help of the right quality content, you can target any customers form the world wide area which helps you to build a relationship with your targeted customer.

If you know that the content marketing gets twice the result that you get from paid searching for advertising. Whereas 70% of people learned about your company through blog articles rather than the paid ads.

Steps to Start a Company Blog

The ratio given below shows the importance of content writing.
– 20% of internet users spent more time on content.
– 57% of internet users read the title of content marketing at least once a month.
– 80% of users appreciate training through custom content about a company.
– 68% of internet users spent time to read about brands that attract them to brands.

If you want to convey a brief message to your customer you will have to start a company blog.
Here are some steps that will help you to start a company blog.

1. Select the best blogging platform, domain name, and hosting provider :

Select a blogging platform :

The best platform for starting a blog is a WordPress platform. but some businesses have used Wix, Blogger, Joomla, and Squarespace successfully.

But if you already have a website but the website is not created in WordPress then you will need to follow step by step procedure for starting your own blog which you will need the help of web designer and developer.

That’s why you have to decide the proper blogging platform for starting a new blog.

I suggest that you should start creating a blog using WordPress. WordPress allows you to create your own hosted blog. You can create your own hosted blog in just a few minutes because WordPress is very simple to use and very easy to setup.

WordPress also provides one most important feature I.e. SEO Friendly which allows you to rank the website quickly on Google.

Choose a WordPress theme :

The most important feature of WordPress is that it permits you to customize the site easily according to your look and feel you want using different themes.
Different types of themes are available that you can choose any one of them. But while choosing any theme checks the listed feature are included or not.

– The theme is responsive or not: The theme should adjust its size according to the device we are using like mobile phones, tabs, desktop, etc.
– Customer Support or Support forum is available or not: You should easily connect with customer support if you need help or have some queries.
– The theme should allow a level of customization: You should able to change color, navigations menu, buttons, widgets, etc. as per your choice.

Register a domain name :

After choosing your best platform to start a company blog you need to register a domain name. This blog URL will help users to access your site.

For example, you registered a domain name and your site URL is

Keep in mind that your company name and your site name should be the same. So that the users can recognize your site and your business name easily. The business name should be simple and easy to read and remember.

Purchase web hosting :

The last step is web hosting which helps individuals or organizations to make their website accessible all over the world.

There are different companies that provide web hosting. Most of the web hosting service providers guarantees for security and reliability.

2. Make branding a first priority :

Branding helps you to target a product and differentiate it from other products and services.

Actually branding itself is a marketing strategy by which the company creates a name, symbol or design that is unique which relates to the company.

Branding helps you to gain more attention to your product or services which will increase your online presence. You should choose your brand according to your business. The color, fonts, the design should be simple but trendy.

Most important the content you choose for branding should be meaning full which should say about your business should not go outside the topic.

Branding helps you to get recognized all over the world.

  • It helps to increase your business value.
  • Branding helps to generate more new customers.
  • Branding improves employee joy and satisfaction
  • Also it helps to create trust within the market
  • And branding plays a major role in support advertising.

3. Integrate Social Media buttons on every blog page :

Marketing and advertisement are all about getting your product and messages for your potential clients and customers. Millions of people use social media networks to stay online, to get connected with the new people to generate more sells.

Integrating social media buttons to blog will help to increase brand submission. It encourages a good user experience and helps to get more traffic.

The biggest benefit if adding social media buttons is that it helps to get more traffic to your website. If you provide this option to get connected many online users will get to know more about your business.

It also helps to share your content with other sites which will bring new users to your website.

4. Create a content calendar and measure your success :

The content calendar is the most helpful tool that helps you to plan and schedule all your social content in advance. A content calendar helps you organized. A content calendar gives access to view the content you have written in the calendar by your whole team.

Content calendars help you to stay consistence. It helps to create a content marketing plan that helps you to identify your target audience.

It doesn’t matter what your blogs are about. The setup of the content calendar will be the same for all. These are the Steps that you need to Start a company blog.

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