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    Same issue as the last two times. I see the great new themes you have launched, yet I’m not allowed to download them even though I already pay for your yearly subscription which states I get access to these new themes. I’m quite tired of having to request permission each time you bring out new themes.

    Why am I not receiving what I’ve paid for? Your themes and support have been excellent. I’m kind of sad that this keeps being a big issue. Not a single one of the new themes are accessible, and when I try to download them while I am logged in with my paid account, it asks me to pay again! Could this please get fixed? It will have a direct bearing on whether or not I renew my subscription to SKT Themes.

    This time I am missing at least 5, but probably even more that I just missed (I noticed I don’t have a bunch of other random themes that I keep having to ask for, it’s annoying that I have to pick through every theme to find out which ones I don’t have access to):
    Black and White,
    Music Producer,
    Car Rental

    Thank you, and please find a way to correct this. Our company thoroughly enjoys your themes, this is just a very frustrating recurring issue.

    Brian MillsBrian Mills
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    I am also having the same issue as Brandon.

    Please let me know how I obtain access to new themes available via download with my subscription.

    Thank you,

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