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    Hi again!

    Ok…..this time its after following the youtube video to add team members….I followed it to the tee ….however this theme does not have the theme options so i figured that i would use the documentation page that had short codes…however, the video though detailed did not bring me to the success that I was expecting…

    I even tried using your skt builder and played with that for about 2.5 hours attempting several different ways to make this work…
    What was interesting was the event planners demo of what was in the theme came up with pictures of what you said…but it did not give me what i expected or saw in the youtube video.

    What should have taken perhaps 20 minutes tops….is not running over 2.5 hours to figure out what the video instructs and what your short codes say that they will or will not do…

    I’m at the point now wondering if the zip drive that i downloaded was full of errors….because truly this is way harder than I’m thinking that it ought to be…..So since you now have my money….you gotta fix this….

    most of nothing that i have from your documentation is working
    homepage is a joke….i can’t even access that
    menus are extremely hard to find and let alone update if and when necessage
    our team function doesnt work from your own youtube video and short code [ourteam col=”4″ show=”4″ excerptlength=”10″ readmore=”READ MORE”] instead your demo people show up….And if i could just edit them that would be really grand….but thats a joke and I don’t know how to remove them so that they don’t show up

    adding pages from the menus is extremely difficult not sure what will display…

    Today was my dedicated day for 4 hours of work that was wasted as i continue to seek and follow your instructions to make my website with my information look like your…..

    Also, i still cant not find where to get the event planner demo page off of my website….though i’m not ready to publish to the world….i can’t even get a preview of my own saved work to review ….instead the event planners page appears as if i did nothing…it is only when i go to customization that i can see what i’m doing….

    Why is this so complicated and frustrating as i am trying to simply follow your instructions…..to build my own website….

    i’m asking for help or a refund at this point….this is bordering false advertisement…..

    please make it work…..

    I can’t continue to spend time on building one feature from your youtube video to only find that it doesnt work and/or displayss a demo page that i can’t even access to make changes ….

    Somehing is wrong

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    show us your website URL?


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    Kindly check the email that i send to your support email


    Sonnal S SinhaSonnal S Sinha
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    Has been resolved from our end.


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