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    Danny WilDanny Wil
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    Hello i want to change the pictures on the home page so they match the services im offering.

    carousel_content is the short code 

    How can i do this

    Regards Danny

    Sonal S SinhaSonal S Sinha
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    Hi Danny,

    You need to change the shortcode to something like this: [carousel]
    [carousel_content title=”Title Here” image=”images URL here” link=”Link Here”]
    Your content goes here…….

    Where its mentioned images url here. Upload a image from media library of the same size as the default one and change the url in the shortcode. If this is difficult just send us WordPress admin details via email: [email protected]

    We will do one for you to show how its working. Then you can do the rest.


    Apple BakerApple Baker
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    Hi, I can’t find where to change the carousel content? The previous template was in Section 1. This one it only say “[featured-projects]”. I searched everywhere but can’t find where to make those changes. Please help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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