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    good morning,
    I purchased the theme skt befit, install and custom of local server (easyphp), completed the site locally I went to install it on the server online via the plugin “Duplicator” with whom I never had problems, but with the theme skt befit pro, perderde all settings, colors, logo, menus, etc .. and shows the default template, and also trying to customize it again new server online does not take the settings. How should I do? What’s the matter?
    I also tried to override the theme folder via FTP but nothing has changed.

    I would not redo the site again…

    Thank you

    Sonnal S SinhaSonnal S Sinha
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    All the theme options gets saved in wp-options table as options_framework_befit-pro

    You have to copy that table in order to copy the whole theme options settings.


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    I had a similar problem. I changed the domain name of the server; but I did not actually move the site to a new server, I just changed the domain name from a local host “myimac” to a dynamic DNS domain, “”. So that row options_framework_befit-pro in the wp_options table was still there. But my settings were lost regardless. So there is something else going on besides the wp-options table not being copied.

    Please explain how to change the domain name without losing all the many settings in this theme. Thank you.

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    Just to add to my comment above: We also lost all settings when switching from SKT BeFit Pro to a child theme of that Pro theme; and again when switching back from the child theme to the parent. As with the domain change, there was no change in the database during either of these switches.

    I looked in the wp_options table. I did not find any option_name like “options_framework_befit-pro”. Instead I found rows with “option_name” equal to “skt_befit_pro”, “theme_mods_skt-befit-pro”, “skt_befit_pro_child”, and “theme_mods_skt-befit-pro-child”. So that would explain why switching to a child theme, for the first time, would lose all my settings. (It does not however, explain why I also lost settings when switching back to the parent theme. Perhaps I had changed the domain name between switching to child theme and switching back to parent theme.)

    In the row with option_name = “theme_mods_skt-befit-pro”, there was a relatively short list of 7 settings, with no domain names:


    However, in the row with option_name = “skt_befit_pro”, there was a long list of options, in a similar format, that included the domain name several times. For example:

    a:208:{s:4:”logo”;s:85:””;s:10: …

    It appears that “s” stands for string and the number after the “s:” is the length of the following string.

    So it is not enough to simply copy that table.
    It is also not enough to simply update the table using the SQL function REPLACE(option_value, “old_domain”, “new_domain”).
    You also have to adjust the string length number (85 in this example) if the length of the domain name changes.

    We need an easier way to migrate a web site using this theme.

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    Would develop an export/import option next month for this.


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