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    Iain AitkenIain Aitken
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    Annoyingly I purchased the adventure theme as it looked the most suited to what I wanted to gain for my new venture. However have since found numerous bugs with the theme/page builder which threaten to derail the project, or at least result in requesting a refund and starting from scratch with a new theme.

    ISSUE 1)
    The block on the homepage (cycling/family/hiking etc on demo) with class “skt-builder-facility-wrapper skt-builder-home-section1-facility skt-builder-home-section1-facility-31”. This does not work in boxed version of website at it overlaps the box on mobile. Has to be used on the full width template.

    ISSUE 2)
    Padding between blocks.
    This I have no idea, I presume because some of the blocks I do not use title/description. However when padding top/bottom are both set at 0, you still get large gaps and despite top and bottom being “0” they are different.

    For example, I am using the Icon boc block titled Feature Horizontal BG. I do not want a title. This is fine as I just do not enter one. I have removed the background image and set background colour to White. However when selecting the description font colour, it refuses to let me select black – any colour but black.

    So i moved to creating a text box above it using the shortcode block and description section (again not entering a title). This lets me type my description with the black text. However the padding makes it impossible to set the same gap top and bottom and also the padding cannot be completly removed so I would have to have large gaps.

    ISSUE 3)
    I tried using the text block. However the options are title, description, custom class and custom id. Thankfully this has equal padding top and bottom. However, again this cannot be adjusted so we are stuck with large gaps.

    So far these issue have been over the course of one day / 2 pages. I dread what is to come.

    Sonnal S SinhaSonnal S Sinha
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    Kindly show us your website URL? Also send us the screenshot of your issues? Upload your screenshot on and paste the share url here.


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