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How to add Push notifications to a WordPress website?

add push notifications WordPress

Push notifications are one of the modern tools integrated into the toolkit of WordPress responsible for delivering specific information.

They can be personalized, customer centric, results driven and aimed at offering the target groups of audience your products, items, services and more.

It’s a widely popular technique that is successfully utilized by a variety of modern websites to keep the target audience informed all the time and result in repeated traffic coming to your posts and pages.

From blogs with daily articles and publications to news and magazine style websites with breaking news practice this technique to provide their audience with fresh and updated content on a daily basis.

Setting up push notifications has other privileges as well. It’s also a real time engagement method that can be a real game changer for you and your future success. Moreover, it’s not going to cost you extra efforts to add WordPress push notifications to your site.

Well, if you want to know how to add WordPress push notifications to your site and wield their power, follow our step by step guide based on one of the best push notification plugins at present.

One Signal Free Web Push Notifications:

one signal push notification WordPress


One Signal Free Web Push Notifications is one of the wisest and user optimized push notification systems for you to try on your website or blog. It’s a free solution to result in repeated visits and boosted web results. This system also enables you to use the automatic notifications and much more.

Now, let’s get more practical and see what it has to offer to you and your web visitors.
Start with its installation from the plugin repository of WordPress or upload plugin folder to
wp-content/plugins directory. Activate it through your WP dashboard.

Once the plugin is activated, you can find new menu item added under the Settings of your Dashboard.

It comes with two tabs: setup and configuration. In setup, you can find the detailed guidance of how to install and deal with One Signal plugin.

In order to add WordPress push notifications with the help of this plugin, first you need to create Google keys by visiting

Here you need to fill in your App name and Android package name, your country/region and continue to Choose and configure services.

Upon configuration, choose Enable Google Cloud Messaging. At this point, you will be provided with Server API key and Sender ID.

Copy those details. Now, go back to the Configuration tab mentioned above and paste Sender ID below Google Project Number.

The next step is setting up push notifications on Firefox and Chrome. First of all, go to the plugins page and create a free account Then proceed with creating a new app by clicking on Add a new app. Add the app name and click on Create button.

Further, you will be asked to select one platform to configure. Choose Website Push and go on. Next you will find Google and Firefox together and Safari on the other. Choose Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox and pass on to the next section. Here, you need to enter your site URL, Google Server API key (you already have it) and Default notification icon image URL.

If your site is not fully HTTPS, you need to tick in the relevant box My site is not fully HTTPS. In the next stage, you will need to choose the subdomain, as well as enter your Sender ID in Google Project Number. Click Save, then Yes when you are noticed that the process is not complete yet.

Next, you will require getting OneSignal keys. Go to Demo Website, Dashboard, App Settings, Keys & IDs, where you will find OneSignal App ID and REST API Key. Copy and paste these ID and API key in the plugin’s configuration tab.

One you are done with those steps, visit your website on Google or Firefox and you will find a relevant subscription icon. Press subscribe button and head over your One Signal account, your app name and app settings. Find Web Platforms, and click on the Configure button next to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Since we have already completed this configuration part, simply click Save and Continue.

Now you need to choose WordPress from the offered SDKs and click Next.

Since at present you have only one subscriber, your Subscriber ID will be automatically entered. Click Next to test push notification settings. Click on Send Test Notification button. Press Done and test notification will be sent to your desktop. Click on the received notification and a confirmation message will appear, proving that you have successfully managed to add WordPress push notifications system with OneSignal.

You can also set up push notifications on Safari. For this you again you are going to use your OneSignal account, App Settings, choose Apple Safari from Web Platforms and press Configure. You will be asked to enter your site’s name and URL and to tick in I’d like to upload my own notification icons. This will let you upload your icons. Choose relevant files, upload them and click save.

Now, let’s see how you are going to send push notifications to your web subscribers.
By default, this plugin is configured to send automatic notifications whenever a new post is added to your WordPress site. However, you are free to manually send push notifications as well.
For this you need to log in to your OneSignal account, App name and find New Message button. A new message screen will appear once you click on that button, where you add title of your notification, as well as its content.

Additionally, you can find more setting and configuration options under title and content to manage your notifications or schedule them to be sent later, send notification to the specific segment of web users, etc.

That’s it! As you can see, installing and configuring OneSignal in order to add WordPress push notifications to your site can take you some time, but it’s worth it. As a result, you will have a reliable push notification mechanism to keep your audience engaged with your web content all the time.

If you have just set up your website on WordPress and are worried that the traffic does not seem to be much despite the fact that your website comes with an attractive design and some great content, then perhaps it is time for you to think out of the box. This is why you may want to look into how to add push notifications to a WordPress website as that should clue you in as to the real process for tackling the same. Push notifications are one of the latest marketing tricks by which you can instantly let your audience base know about your latest posts, products/services update, and even develop a custom message for the same. The same would be instantly sent to their home computer and that should get their attention. Even some of the top social media platforms like Face book have started using push notifications as a way to communicate messages, important and critical updates with their customer base, in real time. Here are a few reasons as to why you should definitely take a hard look at how to add push notifications to a WordPress site.

  • Instant notification: With these push notification plugins installed in your website, you can send tailor made messages to your audience base in real time and instantaneously. Your customers do not have to go through the process of registering all over again, all they would have to do is to agree to receive the push notifications letting them know about the latest updates, product related news, updates to your website etc. Often, businesses do wonder about their falling traffic stats but thanks to push notifications, your traffic is bound to increase.
  • Marketing: One drawback to any online content is the short attention span that most online users have, which makes it all the more harder to market your products and services effectively. But with these plugins and push notifications, you should be able to reach out to your prospective customers and communicate your latest updates in real time. This should help you to streamline your marketing.
  • User engagement: as a result of push notifications, you are bound to engage more with your customer and this should even lead to better user experience. But remember, that a push notification does not come with any guarantee of sparking a user’s interest but it is rather an effective way of communicating your message with the end user in real time, without any lag. And with increased user engagement, you should be able to provide your users with better user experience which in turn should help increase your ratings as well.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should get these plugins installed in your website at the earliest. And with push notification pugins installed, you should be able to increase your traffic and even develop better rapport with your customer base. That’s why you got to install these plugins at the earliest.

Repair WordPress themes for computer repair phone repair auto and car repair and others

Repair WordPress themes

Repair WordPress themes for repairing computers, phones, auto, car and others have been discussed

Repair, handyman and craftsman businesses are widely popular and demanded in the current situation.

All of us make use of technological products, including computers, mobiles, tablets, kindles, cars, diverse equipment and so on.

And whenever we are faced with some defect or error in their performance, the first thing we do is to look for the trustworthy and professional repair specialist or service center.

And as the biggest market suggested at present, which borders are out of some local community is the online networking system, every self-respecting and precise repair or renovation company or individual master should, by all means, guarantee its presentable appearance on the online market.

Today we decided to make the selection of the best and unique handyman and repair WordPress themes and present them to the respective audience, the representatives of which will be able to acquire one of them and have a firsthand experience in their professionalism, compactness, accurateness, power package integration and premium quality.

Apart from the aforementioned dynamic and noteworthy characteristics shared, each and every single theme in the collection has been developed on very convenient and user –friendly structured layout, requesting no coding or other complex courses.

1. Auto Car:
car repair WordPress theme


The first entirely flexible and adaptable theme in the list is Auto Car, which is directed to the usage of any car – centric businesses and services, including car news, car dealership, car repair, car washing or anything else. The theme can easily be modified and edited to meet all the requirements and claims vocalized by the relevant website owner or car specialist by the application of its handpicked and ready to use features and controls. All in all, no matter what design and functionality standards are put forward in front of Auto Car, this WordPress related theme will for sure go beyond all the expectations.

2. High Tech:
computer repair WordPress theme


High Tech has been crafted and developed to cater to any computer technologies, computer and its parts repair, phone repair, service centers, shops and so on. This multipurpose and diversified template in accordance will all the modern standards specified by the latest version of WordPress community is capable of envisioning all the set assignments and bringing them into effect. Thus, if you have made a certain decision to run an online computer workshop manifestation, High Tech seems to be one of the highly recommended solutions for you. Built for simplicity and easiness in usage, you may find lots of shortcodes integration within the theme to exercise and contribute to the website functionality and performance in different ways.

3. Fix IT:
handyman WordPress theme


Cost – effective and practical, accurate and precise, conveniently structured and worked out, user – optimized and responsive, Fix IT comes ready for all the craftsmen and handymen to present their wide range of services provided, be it a renovation, plumbing, tubing or some other mechanical works. Offer them your notable experience, craftsmanship, skills and mastery in the most effective way, include all the primary and mostly searched information, including services, working hours, specialists and other peculiarities, state location, phone numbers and other contact details to be accessible to the most possible extent, etc.

4. SKT Build Pro:
construction WordPress theme


The developers have kept their focus on all the integral parts of SKT Build Pro during its processing and made them functional and fitting to the maximum. Hence this theme can be boasted both for its alluring and serious – looking external design and graphical touches on the one hand, as well as its reliable and entirely resourceful structure on the other hand. Being built primarily to cover construction and repair WordPress themes business, the theme comes integrated with all the core sections to highlight the company profile and rendered services in the most accessible manner. Social media optimization and mobile and device compatibility are indicated efficiently as well.

5. The App Pro:
app WordPress theme


The App Pro as a sleek and smoothly structured WordPress supported product combines simplicity in usage, adaptability to any proposed functionality by means of diverse shortcodes ready to be used, as well as modern, creative and dynamic design to get involved in the presentation of any app, product, repair or any other activity. The theme is full color changing, meaning that it’s you to stylize and create the most effective color solutions and shades of the website, is social media – friendly, meaning that your content will be socially accessible, as well as is responsive, meaning that your handyman and repair WordPress themes will be flawlessly available also for the mobile and device users.

6. SKT Architect Pro:
architect WordPress theme


Multifunctional and feature- rich SKT Architect Pro is specialized in handling any content catering to construction, renovation and repair businesses. This polished and refined, aesthetically and graphically versatile, deeply customizable and configurable, lightweight and fast loading WordPress supported repair WordPress theme maximizes your possibilities and client’s engagement into your relevant website by means of its homepage sections to be filled with the most relevant information, color changing options, practical package of diverse Google fonts and social icons, as well as full documentation and multilingual support. No additional skills or experience is required in order to make the best visualization of any repair service provision website, since this theme has been processed to be executable and implementable for anyone, irrespective of his IT, programming or designer skills, engagement into WordPress related prior processes or any other appliances.

7. Exceptiona:
accounting WordPress theme


If you are looking for exceptional and unique, technologically saturated and cutting edge WordPress product delivering high performance, stability, simplicity, adaptability and providing sufficient user and client experience, Exceptiona comes ready as one of the most suitable toolkit at any handyman’s disposal to expand the scope of his operation and gain more and more clients accordingly. Established on highly dependable and smart framework, the theme guarantees easily managed homepage sections and areas, easily customizable theme options and settings, irreproachable mobile and tablet user practice, easy and handy website user and developer performance.

Given the fact that most of the population owns a car, a smart phone, a laptop or desktop and other electronic gadgets, it is easy to see why the demand in the repair industry continues to remain high. So if you are running a self service repair shop or an auto repair shop, you may as well want to get your presence established online at the earliest. For when it comes to calling in a repair man, most customers prefer to surf online to locate the top ranked repair service shop in their location. That’s exactly the reason why you would want to check out our collection of repair WordPress themes for computer repair, which should be perfect for building any repair oriented websites. The best part is that the repair WordPress themes for computer repair, come vetted – meaning that you would not have to spend countless hours checking each individual theme out to see if it a good fit or not. Here are a few additional reasons as to why you may want to check out these WordPress themes.

  • Layout: These themes have been specifically coded and built from scratch for this particular niche; as such they come with pre-built templates that you should be able to use ‘as they are’ on your website. What’s more, the layout is precise, clutter free and designed in a way so as to focus your customer’s attention to the main features of your website as well as the required call to action.
  • Information architecture: These themes come with a clear information architecture that should enable your customers to access pertinent information in the least amount of time possible. This should enable you to provide your customers with customer centric services along with improving the quality of your services as well.
  • Add-ons: Some of these themes are completely customizable; they allow you to edit and modify all page elements including header and footer. Now you can re-tweak the same and even include a call to action, and optimize your website. You do not need to do any coding and what’s more, these themes come with hundreds of shortcodes, so if you do need to carry out any advanced modifications, you can use these codes for the same.
  • Woo commerce ready: All these themes are woo commerce compatible and they are compatible with third party plugins as well. So essentially, you can use third party plugins to set up a checkout counter with a payment gateway set to accept most cards as well as digital wallet payments. As a result, your customers should be able to enjoy an enhanced user experience, on your website.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should opt for these themes and pick the right one. Just remember to use professional photographers to shoot a few high resolution images that’s related to the services you offer and upload the same to your website. And once you have used the WordPress CMS system to upload all your content to your site, you should be able to start marketing yourself online.

Migrating your WordPress Site into New Hosting


This fact cannot be negated that transferring the website to a new host can prove to be really stressful and tiring. However, if you follow a series of well defined and structured steps then it can be done very easily. In this scenario, it is suggested that you spend some time to prepare your own website. This will simplify everything and you won’t have to worry about the relevant issues.

Keeping in mind the utmost need of instructing people on this matter, we have written this article to provide assistance.

1. Back Up Your Website’s Files
The first and foremost step to migrate WordPress website into new hosting is to ensure that you back up all the aspects of your website. You should know that this step is not only a good practice but a crucial requirement when you are trying to migrate the WordPress website.
In this regard, there are a lot of plug-ins which can help you back up the website. But, you should know that you will be required to perform the procedure in a manual way. Use an FTP Program like FielZilla , connect to your web server and copy all the files to your local computer.
At this point, it is to be noted that you should copy all the files including the ones that are hidden. For example, .htcaccess file is hidden. Take help from the FTP program that you are using and retrieve it. This process can take some time. It totally depends on the media uploaded on your website.

2. Export the WordPress Database
This is a very simple process. Just follow the given instructions.

  • Open the cPanel
  • Login
  • Access the phpMyAdmin application
  • There will be a database that will contain your WordPress installation
  • Select that and click the “export” tab present on the navigation menu
    Now click the Go Button

Now, the export process will get initiated. It should be noted that once you are done with this step you should move on to the next one.

3. Create the WordPress Database on your New Host Server
Before the migration, it is important that proper environment is created for the installation of WordPress. For this purpose, it is recommended that you create a database that can store all your SQL data.
At first you are required to login to your cPanel. It is to be noted that this guide serves the purpose of performing database creation through MySQL Databases application. If the web host does not support this method then you should get in touch and ask for their procedure.
The steps are:

  • Open MySQL Database
  • Have a new database created
  • Choose an appropriate name
  • Have a new user created
  • Now, this user account is to be added to the new database with all the privileges

Ensure that you save the name of database, new MySQL username and its password. It will be needed soon.

4. Edit the wp-config.php File
Open the local folder which you downloaded on your computer. Locate teh wp-config.php file. This controls the access between the database and WordPress.
Copy this file and have it stored in another location on your computer. It will be used as a backup if something goes wrong during the process. Now, open the file in the original location with a text editor.
Make the changes given below:

A. Change the name of DatabaseYou have to locate

define('DB_NAME', 'db_name');

Change the db_name to the new name you just created

B. Change the Database UsernameBelow the above line, there will be.

define('DB_USER', 'db_user');

Change the db_user to new usernme.

C. Change the User PasswordHave the third line edited.

define('DB_PASSWORD', 'db_pass');

Change the db_user to new password that you created.

5. Import your Database
After having a new database, we can finally get started with the process of importing. Follow the given steps:

  • Access cPanel
  • Launch phpMyAdmin
  • Select new database (present on the left hands side bar)
  • After it opens, select the Import tab (navigtion menu)
  • There will be Choose File i the File to Impor section. Click that
  • Choose the SQL File that was exported
  • Uncheck the Partial Import
  • Set the format to SQL
  • Click Go button

The import will now initiate.

6. Upload the WordPress Files to New Host
After all the aforementioned steps, you can finally start to upload your website files.

  • Use the FTP program to connect to the server
  • Go to the folder that will contain the website files. It is usually the public_html folder
  • Now upload the files


7. Linking to New URL and Defining New Domain
The process of searching and replacing the old domain and having it replaced by the new one will come with other tasks as well. For example, the alternation in the values of site URL and home URL. This will ensure that you are not directed to the old domain while logging through the new one.

8. The Final Touches
There are two main components of this step and the span between them lasts for several days.

It is necessary that the domain’s DNS settings are reconfigured before the site can be used on the new host. The process is dependent on location where the domain is registered. It should be noted that the domain registrar should have all the necessary details in order to make this change.

At this point, it is important to note that the changes made in the DNS can take about 48 hours for the complete propagation. Moreover, it should be done when the traffic is less. During this span, no changes should be made to the website. Once, 48 hours have passed you would now access the new web host on connecting to your website.

Upon confirmation that it has been successfully, you can go to the old host and delete all the relevant files and database. However, there should be a backup in case anything goes wrong.

Although the steps given above are tedious they are probably the best way for any WordPress developer and probably the only way they are going to shift websites for their clients by creating dump of database and files and then moving from one host to another.

With CLI access in most and majority of the WordPress hosting companies many coders and WordPress developers now use CLI interface which makes copy and paste very simple and easy and effectively reduces the time duration as well. Thus this is another step as well by which one can shift WordPress based websites.

Most hosting companies nowadays provide easy and free migration for their users when they purchase a fresh account from them.

Thus most users rely on hosting to actually do the move of website from their previous hosting to current hosting for them.

Last method which is for users who aren’t really developers and do not want to go through the hassle of the above steps and don’t have much money either to hire a developer to move their website between hosts is by use of plugins.

Several plugins are there which does the job of moving and migrating WordPress websites from one place to another some of them to be named are All in one migration, Duplicator, WordPress Move and others.

These plugins make the life easier for a novice developer or for users who don’t want to use steps like the above and still want to migrate websites on their own without waiting for hosting either.

When it comes to migrating your WordPress site into new hosting, the process can seem long, nerve wracking and even tedious at times. That’s why we developed this short guide post to help you along with the process. Migrating your WordPress site into new hosting is not something simple that can be automated or achieved through third party plugins, rather there’s a fair amount of manual work that you would have to carry out. So let’s get started, shall we?

  • Back up all important files: The first thing that you need to do is to back up all the important files that relates to your website. Remember the ones you used for installing WordPress and creating your own database? You need to back it all up. Use FTP programs like Filezila and connect to your server and download all the important files including hidden ones and save it.
  • Export the WordPress database: You need to export your WordPress database; at this point, you must already be familiar with your phpMyAdmin application so use the same to export the database. And once the process has been initiated, you can then move on to the next step.
  • Create the database on the new host server: However, before you can migrate to a new host, you need to create a suitable environment for your WordPress database. So you need to create a database that can store all your SQL data safely. And when creating your database, name it accordingly and at the same time, create a new user id and password for yourself. You’ll need to retain this carefully, as you will need this information later on. You also need to edit the wp-config.php file, as this controls the access between your WordPress and your database. You need to open the file in its original location and change the name of the database, user id and password, the same ones that you had selected earlier on.
  • Import: You can now import your database and migrate your WordPress platform to the new host.
  • DNS settings: You also need to configure your DNS settings so that you are able to access the right website and not redirected to the old one. DNS registries can take a while to update their records but should have the same updated in 48 hrs or so. So essentially, it should take no more than two days for you to completely migrate your WordPress platform to the new host.

Granted the process may seem cumbersome but there’s no getting around the fact that this has to be done manually. If you find the process overwhelming, you can always ask a programmer to lend a hand and help you get it set up. It is pretty much straightforward and before you begin the process, you need to make sure that you keep backup copies of all the important files. And also in case of any further issues or clarifications, you can always contact WordPress support or check out their help files.

Arcade Games WordPress Themes for gaming websites & developers

arcade games WordPress themes

A complete collection of ready to run arcade games WordPress themes is compiled by us for classic and antique arcade games websites and blogs, other gaming and developing agencies and centers, as well as other game based and online entertainment profiles.

From the classic arcade games to the modern arcade graphics and animations, the arcade based games have been popular among thousands of people for a long time and for now have kept their interest and popularity.

Moreover, modern game developers and programmers create games and programs that combine arcade elements and other modern genres seeking to attract a wider audience and groups of enthusiast gamers.

And since arcade games and their attributes, 2D graphics and more are widely used across different modern games and multimedia applications, and even educational and learning programs, in this article we have put together the best of the arcade games WordPress themes for multipurpose usages and presentations online.

All of the arcade games WordPress themes discussed here are well formatted to bring your content in front of your target audience without any distortions or heavy loading.

They are well developed and stylized to generate stunning look and feel both in the default form of the theme and its customized variants.

For these arcade games WordPress themes, the success is judged by their ready made structures with a myriad of essential elements to boost your creativity and popularity online.

Whether you are going to use one of them as a primary source of income generating, a business profile to sell your products to other developers or operators, those templates will be ideal for you.

1. Game Developer:

game developer WordPress theme


Game Developer is one of the self secured and highly advisable arcade games WordPress themes ready to work smoothly across different game and game developing activities online.

With powerful functional base mixed with uniquely designed modern interface, Game Developer is the one to match the needs of every designer and developer, programmer and web service provider.

On the whole, this strong and durable website builder comes with totally configurable and customizable nature for you to tweak to the theme from the backend.

There are responsive and cross mobile compatible touches, ads friendly platform for additional earnings through ads placement on your web pages, blogging possibility, footer and header selections, SEO friendly coding and much more at your disposal to greatly benefit from.

2. SKT Hosting:

hosting WordPress theme


SKT Hosting is the next web and developing centric WordPress based template powered by a handy assemblage of preloaded features aimed at simplifying your workload when dealing with arcade games and their processing online.

As the name suggests, this template is also useful when dealing with diverse web services, hosting and domain services and registrations, packages, maintenance and more.

The theme’s neatly organized structure is convenient for making your site more informational and easy to scan with accurate content categorization and distribution via the theme pages and posts, sections and zones.

Blog section is also given for making your site more results driven when it comes to SEO rankings and web traffic.

Lightweight and intuitive, the theme is based on live customizer enabling even the novice to undertake multiple changes and customizations in no time.

3. Complete Pro:

complete WordPress theme


Complete Pro is one of the digital beasts among gaming and development, as well as arcade games WordPress themes, since it celebrates the most complete and ready to go form any WordPress template can wear.

Welcome to the online world of boundless opportunities and productive workload. Even with little or no knowledge of all the nuances of the modern web platforms, you can establish a website of any nature or complexity with Complete Pro.

Display your useful content in an effective manner through the homepage parts and slider, split the textual content into as many parts as you want with pagination, add the most eye catchy images to the homepage slider and greet your web users. The theme is also well managed for plugin compatibility and amazing performance with mobiles and other portable devices.

4. Black and White:

black and white WordPress theme


If you are looking for a classic template to cover your arcade games websites or personal blog, look no further than Black and White.

Visually elegant and inspiring, technologically stable with cutting edge performance, this template shares exclusively good mobile optimized design to serve your content to your mobile users.

With Black and White you can even make the most of your commercial capacity via the ecommerce platform your site shares when supported by WooCommerce or other relevant plugins. Other plugins such as page builder, shortcodes, SEO, gallery and other ones are also easy to interconnect with Black and White.


SEO WordPress theme


SKT SEO is the next top quality and visually clean, modernly stylized and designer made products one can find in the modern repository of arcade games WordPress themes.

From classic arcade games machines to the contemporary and graphically saturated video online games, digital solutions and web creation, SKT SEO is custom built to take your success to infinity.

This template also takes care of your site’s proper performance across search engines responsible for huge conversion and quantifiable web traffic since the coding of the theme is totally SEO based.

Multiple shortcodes are also added to the theme for quick content creation for posts and pages, as well as color and fonts combinations are possible based on the given packs of useful tools.

6. SKT Tube:

video WordPress theme


Video based and video optimized, SKT Tube can be the best online platform to share your current games and teasers of the upcoming plans, interact with your fans through small video materials explaining your games and their principles, share interviews and much more.

Ready to provide you with the most work friendly environment on the back part of the theme, SKT Tube comes packaged with homepage preloaded slider for displaying your video clips and materials, as well as video shortcodes for making your videos as functional and attractive as you want.

Page and site layout variables are also given along with the theme multilingual and commercial ready nature for multidimensional usages.

How split single post into multiple pages or have pagination within posts?

split single post into multiple pages

Various methods of how to split single post into multiple pages or pagination within posts is shared in this article.

To achieve your personal or business goals you need to keep your website viewers as long as possible and make sure it’s not the last time they visit your site.

We are sure you are trying to implement all the useful strategies to achieve this visitor loyalty resulting from the convenience and user friendliness of your site.

But have you ever thought of all the benefits you’ll have if your use the post pagination technique and know how to split WordPress single post into multiple pages?

Well, you don’t need to be a SEO or WordPress beast to generate high quality and attention grabbing content.

But the form you serve your content is also crucial when it comes to satisfying your website users and readers.

In order to be highly informative and easy to read, sometimes you need to have your content broken up into easy to perceive and legible pieces showcased with multiple pages.

Post pagination or the technique to be used to split WordPress single post into multiple pages is widely used by thousands of modern websites at present.

Rendering your post content with small portions is a useful trick you can do, since otherwise your web visitors and readers will get stuck into long and heavy posts to scroll up to the bottom.

If long posts and articles are among the frequently posted or published ones in your website or blog, you should certainly use this strategy which will bring you lots of advantages:

  • Your long posts will appear more streamlined and eye catchy on multiple pages.
  • Your site will not look cluttered or heavy and will be easier to navigate and scroll.
  • You will considerably add your site’s page views.
  • Will provide you with more virtual space to place your banners, advertisements and more.

In this article, we’ll do our best to show you how to deal with large posts and how to split WordPress single post into multiple pages.

We have good news for you! Separating your WP post and locating it into multiple pages is quite simple.

In most cases, all you need is a piece of code:

<! —nextpage —>

Copy this code and paste it wherever you want to split your WP post.

Another good news is that you can use this code as many times as you want and at any place you think fit.

Just place your cursor in the place you want your page break to appear and insert

<! —nextpage —>


As you can see, it’s possible to make your content splitted into different parts and appearing with 2, 3 or even more pages.

However, while doing this, you should make sure that you are using Text mode instead of Visual mode in the post editor.

Once you are done with splitting your single post into different pages, publish it. Your WP post will showcase links under your text to go to the relevant pages for the continuation of the post.

As for the basic look of the page links, it is like Page 1, 2, 3, 4, where the page which is open, is not highlighted, but is a plain number.

If you want to style or change the look of your page links, you need to go through WordPress Codex and make use of the given tags

In specific cases, you may find that this method is not properly working and you cannot find the pagination, However, don’t worry.

Just copy and keep the following tag, which will do all the trick if you are faced with this situation:


Copy and paste it in your single.php.

In all probability, the pagination will begin showing up.

Now you have done everything needed to split WordPress single post into multiple pages for easier reading and boosted site results.

In order to divide up a really long post into a smaller and easy to digest chunks, you can also rely on corresponding plugins to walk you through all the required procedures and management options.

1. WP Page Navi:

wp pagenavi


WP Page Navi is one of the useful practices for pagination and content division in your site. This plugin comes preloaded with extensive features to help you split WordPress single post into multiple pages easily.

Install and activate this plugin and go to its settings from your WP menu. Here you can find multiple page navigation text settings, like text for number of pages, text for current page, text for first page, text for last page, text for previous page, text for next page and more.

As for other options, you may set page navigation style, choose to always show page navigation even if there is only one page, define number of pages to show, etc. After making all the relevant changes, don’t forget to save them.

2. Alphabetic Pagination:

alphabetic paginate


If you are running an online store or shop and managing it with the help of WooCommerce plugin, Alphabetic Pagination is what you are looking for to easily paginate your product pages. Even if you have entered tons of products and product categories into your site, this plugin will smoothly filter your posts, pages, as well as products in an alphabetical order.

By default, Alphabetic Pagination uses pagination functionality on the posts page. But on the settings part, you will find a variety of useful options and controls to manage. It’s up to you to enable auto or custom implementation, display on all lists or certain taxonomies, hide or show pagination if only one post is available, choose the styles, the visibility of # sign in pagination, etc.

3. WP Paginate:

wp paginate


Another highly versatile and easy to understand plugin ready to integrate a stunning pagination for your WordPress website is called WP Paginate. As for the peculiarities of this plugin, it comes with pagination both for posts and comments. With this plugin, you will be capable of adding custom CSS for the pagination links as well.

If you are planning to develop a website, then you would do better to build one using the WordPress platforms for its ease of use, functionality and built in flexibility. The great thing about WordPress is that it comes with thousands of niche centric themes with built-in templates that you can use on your website to make it stand out for all the right reasons. You can decide whether you want to use a free WordPress theme or go in for a premium one. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to your niche and your competition. In simple terms, the more saturated your niche, the more you may have to invest in your website to make it stand out from the rest. That’s why you can try out a few tricks to optimizing your website, such as using pagination tools to split single post into multiple pages. Using these tools to split single post into multiple pages, you can help enhance user experience and as a result, give a boost to your SERPS.

  • Uncluttered: One of the best things about using pagination tools on your website is that you can customize it in such a way so as to split up a post into multiple pages and even decide on how you would like these pages to be displayed. As a result, your website should look a lot less cluttered and online users can skim through the other posts and then select the one that they want to read or follow up on. Keep in mind that a pagination tool is not a “preview” tool but actually allows you to split up your post into multiple pages. By doing so, your website should have a clean, uncluttered and professional look to it.
  • More page views: As a result of using pagination tools, you can now get more page views per page than you had done initially. Of course, it all depends on how good your content is and assuming that you have posted some great content and utilized pagination tools, you can now get users to click on the “read more” and get more page views which should help improve rankings.
  • Customize it: With the right pagination tool, you can customize all of your posts or just a select few and split it up into multiple pages. Similarly you can customize them further to include a call to action for each page. This should also help you engage better with your audience and even help transform viable leads into actual customers more effectively than before.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should consider using pagination as an effective SEO tool; it should help your website rank better as your visitors can enjoy enhanced user experience. While there are any number of ways that you can go about to increasing your site’s visibility, and rankings, pagination is one of the most effective ways to accomplishing the same.

Weebly vs WordPress which one is best for your website and which one to use?

Weebly vs WordPress

Weebly vs WordPress is a frequently discussed topic and sometimes leads to heated debates. But if we try to make a comparison and highlight pros and cons of each, we’ll have a general picture qualifyin each in a comprehensible manner.

Before passing to the discussion of Weebly vs WordPress and delving into their similarities and differences, let’s cast a quick glance at each of them separately.


WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and open source blogging platforms at present. It is proudly positioned to be the digital spectrum of choice of many website owners: both beginners and experienced.

Released in 2003 and based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress offers both free and premium products and currently supports more than sixty million websites. Well, this number tells a lot about the reliability and perfect usability of WordPress as a blog or website management platform.

The expression open source, in this relation, means that this platform is open for anyone in every corner of the world. It means that you are free as in freedom when dealing with WordPress and its products. You can use, manage, alter and customize it the way you want and at any time you prefer.


Weebly is another top solution for personal and business website builders, as well as e commerce online traders and shop owners. It’s a popular web hosting service founded in 2006 and based on easy drag and drop functionality.

This ecosystem also offers free and premium working plans, which means that anyone is able to create his website based on Weebly without spending a dime.

As for the speed and security of Weebly based sites, they are unbeatable and well defended against hacks and spams.

Finally, it comes bundled with all the necessary features and controls, so that you can take a thorough control over each piece of your website without any hassle.

Of course, this quick overview can never be enough for you to get your head around what is there and which one is more reasonable to choose. And if you find yourself bewildered when it comes deciding between WordPress vs Weebly, follow our article that wades through their rational comparison to dig out their catches and cons.

Weebly vs WordPress

Open source vs not open source

Let’s start our comparison with one of the most important technical points that defines your domination over your future platform.

As already mentioned above, WordPress is an open source platform and is ready to give you ultimate freedom to work with the given framework, its tools and codes (if you are profy in coding or development).

On the other hand, Weebly provides you with HTML and CSS code controls and not more. It means that not all the tools and elements are under your dominion.

Further, with WordPress you get access to thousands of additional tools in the form of plugins and extensions. However, with Weebly you don’t have right to rely on supplementary non Weebly tools since its core functions are unachievable for you.

Hosted vs self hosted

Another WordPress vs Weebly debate that ends with the triumph of WordPress is about their hosted and self hosted nature. To put it short, Weebly is a hosted platform and WordPress is self hosted.

Otherwise stated, if your website is supported by Weebly, it is located on their servers and functions in compliance with their terms and requirements.

If you ever need to migrate to another platform, it is going to be a daunting task for you.

With self hosted WordPress you can install your site on your web hosting account and have everything under your dominion. If you want to migrate to another platform, it’s much easier to do with WordPress than with Weebly.

Easy in usage

Although both platforms are optimized for the beginners or non techy website users, Weebly is simpler and does not require any learning curve.

It’s based on easy to use drag and drop functionality so that its users can manage everything quickly and without complex processes.

However, it doesn’t mean that WordPress expects you to be a seasoned developer or designer to go live with your business website or personal blog.

As for the drag and drop functionality, in particular, there are also tons of WordPress templates offering this drag and drop page building strategy for you.

Thus its pretty balanced between Weebly vs WordPress in this case.

Prebuilt features vs additional tools and plugins

Weebly is a feature rich platform enabling you to make the most out of your site. But if you feel the necessity of some element that the default Weebly platform lacks, you won’t be able to rely on additional features or add them for further usage.

On the contrary, WordPress community has taken care of inserting basic elements into its templates and offers you thousands of additional tools and plugins to make your digital life easier.

Search engine optimization

Needless to say, that SEO is a major factor in defining your site’s place and visibility online. And when comparing WordPress and Weebly, we cannot overlook the importance of SEO.

Basically, both platforms are SEO friendly: Weebly with basic SEO options already preloaded and WordPress with SEO friendly nature, but plugins making it totally SEO optimized.

Anyway, this third party plugins can take your site’s ranking to the maximum and you will never feel anything missing from your SEO campaign.

In Weebly vs WordPress WordPress is definitely the top one to consider for SEO. SEO wise it is the best CMS and better than any other website builder in the world.

When it comes to choosing which platform to build your website on, the choices cannot get any starker than this, with Weebly vs WordPress, hogging the limelight. It should be pointed out that both are equally good, and that makes it all the more harder to choose which one is better and which one to build your website on. For example, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms and CMS systems in the world and today, it powers over 60 million websites all over the world. That’s why it is important that you take a closer look at these two platforms, and answer the question of Weebly vs WordPress and see which one sounds better to you. So let’s take a closer look at both these platforms, shall we?

Platform: WordPress is an open source platform which entails absolute freedom and that you can customize all the page elements, utilize third party plugins on your website for added functionality and much more. Open resource essentially means that you have a lot of freedom in determining how your tools work whereas with weebly, you do not have any say in how the tools are supposed to work on your website which is a disadvantage. The fact that WordPress has many programmers actively coding and improving the platform essentially means that you can look forward to regular updates, better security and features in the long run. On the other hand, weebly is more of a closed system where a select team of professionals develop the platform and all its tools and you have little or no freedom in customizing the website or in having a say on designing the tool or on how it is supposed to function.

Control: When it comes to management, WordPress enables you to manage your platform and provides you with all the tools you need for the same. Weebly on the other hand, micromanages everything and that includes your website. With weebly, you have little say in how you would want your website to look or on how to improve its functionality. Moreover, weebly does not allow you to run third party plugins unless it has been vetted by them. This is why WordPress is the better option of the two as it provides you with all the flexibility and freedom you need to develop a fully customized and 100% responsive website.

Cost: As far as cost goes, both average the same when you take into account the hosting charges which are minimal at best. And after you include the cost of premium themes, add-ons, your cost should work to about a hundred or two hundred dollars for a premium website. Or you can opt for free designs with WordPress and whittle the cost further down.

This is why, all things considered, it makes more sense to go ahead with WordPress when setting up your website. As it stands you are bound to get access to more tools, functionality and freedom to customize with WordPress than you ever would with Weebly.


We don’t want to announce a winner. It’s up to you to decide which platform better suits your needs and objectives.

In either case, you will be able to get maximum with 0 coding knowledge.

However, if you are planning to build a small and cozy website for your own needs and with limited performance, Weebly can satisfy your requirements.

If you want to receive more with less stress and confusion, have a wide variety of tools and freedom to manage them, WordPress is the platform to give preference to.

Pet Adoption WordPress themes for pet adoption and shelter websites

pet adoption WordPress themes

The designer made and professionally worked out pet adoption WordPress themes are showcased in this article for pet and animal shelters and rescue organizations, pet training and keeping, walking and grooming, adoption and veterinary services and not only.

There are hundreds of heartfelt animal and pet adoption stories we have heard where the adopted pets have managed to change human lives and bring more happiness to their homes and houses.

While the advantages of adopting a pet are many for both sides, there are certain procedures to follow and actions to perform, starting from finding the relevant pets for adoption to further financial obligations you might have.

Well, what’s the richest source of information if not the modern Internet with its countless sites and blogs catering to this specific topic.

From animal related specialized websites to personal blogs sharing the blogger’s experience with the fuzzy members of his family, useful information can be found everywhere.

Our assemblage of the best pet adoption WordPress themes is aimed at simplifying the bewildering process of finding durable frameworks for such presentations online, specifically for pet rescue and shelter, as well as pet adoption websites and profiles online.

Train your creative side with these pet adoption WordPress themes and try different outfits for your profile to understand the most effective one.

Enhance your online presence with any of them and create a stunning digital performance with your foster programs, pet adoption processes, donations, events and more.

1. Pet Care:

animal wordpress theme


Nurtured by the best digital strategies and coding controls, Pet Care is one of the popular animal and pet adoption WordPress themes anyone can have access to.

With lighter performance and easy to use structure, this admin friendly template is stunningly flexible when you try to modify and customize the theme from the backend.

With Pet Care you are capable of displaying your site’s content in the most convenient form rolled up with the best color touches and combinations since you are the one to set the color gamut of your site.

Additionally, it’s up to you to decide which typography should prevail over your profile and make your textual content legible across different platforms and when accessed by different mobiles and devices.

2. Perfect Charity:

perfect charity WordPress theme


Perfect Charity is an inspiring and thriving charity and donation, religious and adoption related template to perform amazingly with little efforts and time invested on it.

Adopting a pet is a responsible commitment with certain things to bear in mind. This template is containable enough to host all the needed information, processes and procedures, actions to be taken, donation and sponsorship programs, volunteers and animal advocates, etc.

This responsive and mobile friendly template comes equipped with the most saturated toolbox including shortcodes to quickly add content or functionality to the theme, color and font packs, HD and retina readiness for the pixel perfect visualization of large scaled images and photos and much more.

It has also been checked for its sophisticated cooperation with a wide range of useful plugins and extensions to get more with less investment.

3. SKT Perfect:

perfect commercial WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is truly perfect and unbeatable, visually accurate and functionally strong tool among pet adoption WordPress themes to showcase from the journey of our four legged friends from neglect into being adopted by the hearty people to the details description of the whole adoption process and its requirements.

Since the theme is highly resourceful and elastic to wear different appearances and enlarge its functional capacity, you can use the given platform to run any kind of pet or animal based business and not only.

The theme’s commercial ready structure is ideal for running your online store and selling animal related products, clothes and accessories.

Other premium features of the theme are ready made homepage parts and sections, page builder compatibility for creating eye catchy and highly functional pages, multilingual ready platform for multilingual content dissemination, SEO friendly coding with pre enabled post and page templates, etc.

4. SKT Dual:

marketing WordPress theme


SKT Dual is the next serous looking and visually clean, immensely smart and intelligent template ready to meet the needs of multiple business undertakings, including also pet adoption and rescue ones.

This shortcodes based and smoothly navigable website builder is well optimized for speed as well as search engine optimization to make your content identifiable for search engines.

Whether people want to make a thorough research before adopting a pet or delve into the details of the process, find the pets needing a new family, get in touch with your organization or make donation, your site based on SKT Dual well be ideal for the user with such intentions.

Otherwise stated, with SKT Dual you can take care of displaying all the information in easy to find content blocks and sections and keep them easy to look for and read.

5. Gravida:

corporate WordPress theme


If you are looking for the modern and exceptionally good looking sample among pet adoption WordPress themes of WordPress origin, Gravida is what you have been searching for so far.

Inspired by the latest trends in web design and development, Gravida will sweep your web visitors off their feet and will encourage them to communicate with you. The homepage slider armed with heart warming images of the pets and animals under your shelter can greatly assist you in making an impact on your web visitors.

The theme is also well practiced for cross mobile and device compatibility and works on the prebuilt customizer to make customization easier and quicker for you.

6. Local Business Pro:

local business WordPress theme


Local Business Pro is the one that incorporates a whole package of practical features and essential controls to showcase your local organization dealing with care and adoption of animals, veterinary services, recovery, keeping and training practices and more.

The developers of the theme have focused on creating a simple yet premium quality platform that will be easy to control by the application of backend settings, color and font mix and match, calls to actions, social media icons, plugin support and full documentation.

Meat Shop WordPress themes for butchers and meat selling websites

meat shop WordPress themes

Below is a comprehensive walkthrough to the best meat shop WordPress themes for butchers and meat shop owners, farm shops and charcuteries, restaurant and eateries, as well as other meat and eat related websites and blogs.

As any type of business, butchering also takes patience, time, efforts and investment in order to become prosperous and revenue generating while targeting the right audience and groups of meat consumers.

However, in the online battlefront, things are easier with the best meat shop WordPress themes projected and crafted by WordPress authors to facilitate your work in the journey of getting connected with your target base and consuming your products.

Take any of the well formatted and nicely thought out butcher and meat shop WordPress themes discussed here and make your selection based on your own opinion and business vision.

Anyway, with any of those meat shop WordPress themes you will be able to grow your meat and poultry profile as a reliable revenue stream with less investment and efforts.

With the simplest admin area at your fingertips, each of them will let you configure and customize, drag and scale, resize and redesign the environment around you with simple clicks.

1. Perfect Food:

food WordPress theme


Perfect Food is one of the drool inducing and appetizing eatery and meat shop WordPress themes to run on the basis of any restaurant and eatery, butcher or meat shop websites and presentations online.

With Perfect Food, you will never worry about the web users and visitors leaving your profile due to the distorted images or illegible content. Thanks to the responsive and pixel perfect coding and styling, the theme is well optimized for any kind of desktop, mobile or tablet usage with presentable content and imagery across all of them.

From shortcodes to fonts and color management options, from HD readiness to customizable areas and widget friendly parts, all these features and elements are wrapped up together in an affordable, plugin compliant and well executed template.

2. SKT Food:

food WordPress theme


Responsive and SEO optimized, user and admin centric, SKT Food is the next butcher, food and drink related online platform to be the best online companion of you and your business.

Make the nearest success and income generation of your butchery business a reality by the application of SKT Food and make your services and products easy to view and order from any corner of the world.

Whether you want to establish your virtual meat shop and sell your fresh products online, organize delivery or accept guests in your tiny eatery, SKT Food knows the best way to do it.

Take one of the best commercial plugins and you will be granted with a whole e commerce ready platform with all the necessary controls to make your store accurately categorized and open in 24/7 format.

3. Coffee Shop:

cafe WordPress theme


With amazing in built parts and gallery section, elements and configurable areas, Coffee Shop is one of the meat shop WordPress themes to take your popularity to infinity.

Designed for the most demanding client and inspired by the latest trends applied in the modern digital arena, Coffee Shop is presented with totally adjustable layout, easy to use admin dashboard, menu area for showcasing your menu items or types of meat products, price listings availability and more.

More than 100 shortcodes are enabled within the theme for you to achieve the desired functionality and setup the needed content within the shortest timeframe.

Well processed coding runs at the core of the theme with responsive character and cross mobile compatibility, as well as plugin support for ecommerce activities, manageable galleries and portfolio, menu plugins for better categorized menus and much more.

4. Perfect Pizza:

pizza WordPress theme


Give Perfect Pizza a try and you will discover boundless of its advantages over many other pizzeria and restaurant, eatery and brewery, coffee or bakery, butcher or meat shop WordPress themes as for now.

What is more enjoyable with Perfect Pizza is that this template requires minimum WordPress preparedness and no coding knowledge at all. You are powered to achieve the preferred look and feel of your site without sweating hard on stressful coding or complex design.

All the essential features and controls are rolled up in Perfect Pizza that is also responsive and mobile optimized, smoothly navigable and plugin friendly to match the expectations of your busy and mobile armed clients.

All in all, there are widget friendly areas with useful information to encourage your first time visitors to explore your site and your business, gallery area for displaying your tasty products, multilingual ready layout, etc.

5. Restro:

restaurant WordPress theme


Add a bit of unique scent and flame to your online marketing strategy with Restro and start your meat shop, cooking or restaurant adventure with minimum financial means.

This highly versatile and amazingly intuitive web building platform comes with pre enabled pages and homepage sections, as well as default content which should be replaced by your own content and images.

This template will help you get the most of the given opportunities and provide your potential and future clients with an enjoyable online atmosphere showcasing your culinary talents, tasty dishes, unique menu items, fresh meat products and more.

Shortcodes based and always updated to keep pace with the novelties of the digital spectrum, Restro is custom built to provide both you with stress free online experience, viewing and customization controls.

6. We Bake:

bakery WordPress theme


Airy fairy design of We Bake together with well arranged content zones will make your bakery or meat shop website visually pleasing and accurate for the end user to scroll and enjoy.

The theme is already minutely worked out and preloaded with the main features so that it will require you only a bit of customization to go live with your own profile.

This elegant and mobile optimized website builder is quick and comfortable when viewed on different hand held devices or browsed by any modern browser.

All in all, your client’s good experience can begin online especially when your site is supported by the needed plugins, extensions, add ons and shortcodes.

How to Redirect 404 page to the Home Page in WordPress

redirect 404 page WordPress

This article discusses why and how to redirect 404 page to Homepage of WordPress websites.

The HTTP 404 error is basically page not found error.

It can either be client side error or server side server.

In client side error, a user types an URL that is not valid or wrong.

In such a scenario, the response from the server side will be null and hence, the user will see a 404 page not found error.

On the other hand, when a client types an URL or goes to an URL from social media pages or search engine to your website but somehow that page is missing from your server, he will see page not found 404 error for no fault of the person.

In such a scenario, it is important to redirect 404 page to the home page in WordPress so that the person can browse other things.

Why Does 404 Error Happen?

There are various reasons why 404 error can happen.

It could be due to the typing mistake of the user when he manually types an URL.

It is important to note that the user must type the domain name and extension correctly else you will not be able to redirect 404 page to the home page in WordPress.

The most likely occurrence of 404 error from server side is when you migrate a website from one domain name to another or when you migrate it from one web server to another.

The chances are more in the second case due to different permalinks structure and other factors.

There are likely to be many broken links that you have to find out and fix, but in the meantime, you can redirect 404 page to the home page in WordPress so that users do not leave disappointed.

This is a better approach than showing the users a customized redirect page which does not serve your purpose, and the users are likely to leave your site and check the same topic on your competitor’s site.

How To Redirect 404 page To The Home Page in WordPress Using Redirection Plugin

The first thing you need to do is install Redirection plugin.

Redirection Plugin


You have to go to the Dashboard and from the left menu, select Plugins and then click on Add New option. Search the plugin by its name and install and activate it.

Then go to Tools from the Dashboard and click on Redirection to set it up perfectly.

redirect 404

In the screen shown above, you have to enter the 404 error pages’ URLs one by one in Source URL and add the corresponding new URLs to target URL which could be the home page.

Apart from that, it comes with various options to redirect people according to the source by changing the Match option to URL only, URL and user agents (only for registered users and subscribers) and URL and referrer (only for referring sites).

The last two options will help subscribers, site members or referring sites to go to target URL which may not be the home page and can be something similar to the old page that has got deleted or broken.

Once everything is done, you can check yourself by going to the broken URLs and see the expected result.

The drawback of this method is the fact that you have to know the broken URLs so that you can redirect to home page or any other page for that matter.

404 redirect WordPress

There is a solution for that too. Redirection provides a tab to check the URLs which people are typing wrong and the pages where people are getting 404 error. Accordingly, you can copy those URLs and set the target URLs. As a matter of fact, you can also detect bots that are trying to access each and every page to get a loophole to access your website from this list of 404 URLs. You can block such bots by IP address and take necessary security actions.

One of the best features of this plugin is that fact that if you happen to modify the URL of an existing and published post, the plugin automatically sets a redirection for the old URL which might have been crawled by the search engine.

Another plugin which redirect 404 pages to directly homepage is

All 404 Redirect to homepage plugin

All redirect 404 to homepage WordPress


How To Redirect 404 page To The Home Page in WordPress Using Code

If you do not want to take the headache of knowing the URLs of the broken links and then fixing it and just want to redirect your 404 page to home page in WordPress, you have to write the following code.

But before that, you need to connect your FTP to your web server and in the theme’s folder, you will find a file named 404.php. In case you do not find it, you can create one with the same name. Open the file and paste the following.

header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
header("Location: ".get_bloginfo('url'));

Save the file and disconnect FTP with the web server. Now, whenever a user types a wrong URL, or he lands in a 404 error web page on your website, he will be redirected to the home page.

Why Should You Fix 404 Error At Earliest?

If your website has 404 error or broken links, Google crawlers will downgrade your website because it is directly impacting user experience.

For example, the search engine result page is showing a post link to the users from your website. When the user clicks on it and reaches your website, he finds out that the page does not exist.

This is what leads to bad user experience. If you could redirect the user to a similar article URL on your website through Redirection plugin or at least send him to your homepage, it would have been better.

Even having a 404 redirect page that will appear for every broken link will do instead of showing an error.

404 redirect WordPress

Furthermore, it creates a bad impression to your subscribers, and they are likely to unsubscribe you if they get too many 404 errors after you have moved your site from one domain to another or from one web host to another.

Therefore, redirect your 404 page to the home page in WordPress at earliest.

Dog Grooming WordPress Themes for dog care and pet care websites

dog grooming WordPress themes

This time we will leave you with the best pet and dog grooming WordPress themes for pet and animal care, pet rescue and shelter, grooming and walking, sitting and training, veterinary, as well as pets clothing and accessories websites, blogs and online stores.

Taking care of your pets and puppies while keeping them in a presentable and show worthy state is of utmost importance for lots of reasons.

It is more than just an ordinary process to keep them pretty. It has much to do with the healthy environment you and your four legged friend share, as well as prevention of diverse allergies and reactions.

This time we’ll look through the best dog grooming WordPress themes for animal and pet related websites and blogs, service providers and shelters and generally for any kind of online undertaking aimed at making your life with animals much easier and comfortable.

When it comes to the website creation and design, you never have a second chance to impress your website guests.

Therefore, our dog grooming WordPress themes have been developed to be ultimately flexible and customizable so that you will be able to bring the needed look and feel to your audience.

They are also cost effective so that you are going to pay almost next to nothing in order to have access to a profoundly rich website building toolkit.

1. Pet Care:

animal wordpress theme


Pet Care is one of the caring and designer made dog grooming WordPress themes to be a true gift for any relevant business owner or manager with an intention of expanding his company’s footprints online.

Showcase your website viewers that you are the one to provide them with the best animal care and health, grooming and walking, keeping or training services.

The homepage slider is the most effective tool to grasp their attention while demonstrating the best of your visual images and materials. This will let your potential clients make snap judgments about your business and its quality.

This animal and pet website building ecosystem is never hesitant to make your content totally SEO friendly with the help of SEO plugins added to the theme. It means that your website will become more noticeable in search engines and will direct new flows of clients to your profile.

2. Bony:

chiropractor WordPress theme


Among the top notch dog grooming WordPress themes showcased in this article, Bony is one of multipurpose and multifunctional ones.

Custom built to work across thousands of topics and niches, this responsive and mobile checked template is suitable for displaying any kind of animal centric website, from veterinary clinics and health centers to dog grooming and pet caring services, animal accessories stores and shops and more.

As one of the most resilient and versatile web development and management platforms, Bony comes with clear interface and nicely formatted theme sections enabling you to organize the pixel perfect exhibition of your best images, textual content, contact details and more.

Thoroughly widgetized footer and header variables are also at your fingertips for any kind of useful content including recent posts, address and phone number, social media links, etc.

3. SKT Trust:

non profit WordPress theme


SKT Trust is the next motivational and inspiring, powerful and advanced template which has been worked out for a non techy website owner.

The theme is packed with a solid admin dashboard with tons of controls and customization options for you to change and alter the form and function of your profile, breathe new life into the old website or keeping the current one always fresh looking.

Thanks to the unique layout and dozens of controllable parts to be displayed accordingly, this template can be used for a pet centric website of any kind or nature, from donation activities for animal rescue and care to pet and dog grooming and stylists, bath and brush, nail trimming and grinding, teeth brushing and other specific services.

4. Local Business Pro:

local business WordPress theme


Ready to sustain the exam of time, Local Business Pro is one of the perspective and future oriented animal shelter and rescue, pet walking and dog grooming WordPress themes to concentrate your marketing efforts on attracting the local segment of audience and not only.

Its multilingual nature enables you to take your website to an international level and engage more and more foreign customers. All you need to do is to add one of the relevant translation plugins to the theme and translate your content into as many languages as you may find relevant for your business.

New to the WordPress world? Don’t worry. The theme is pretty simple and affordable in usage with an intuitive framework and lots of color, font, image and page/post controls.

5. Gravida:

corporate WordPress theme


A more affordable, easier to use and practice modern looking website template for your dog walking and grooming business than many other WordPress templates available for now is called Gravida.

Ready to demonstrate elegance and artistry across multiple platforms and browsers, Gravida comes with clear and stable coding that follows all the requirements of responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility.

Design and style your high converting pages with the help of the preloaded elements and features among them many shortcodes, header and footer variables to select from, manageable gallery and carousels for better exposure of your imagery, etc.

Every business owners know the effectiveness of positive reviews and clients’ feedbacks via the testimonials area of the website. Gravida provides its end users with this special testimonials area to humanize your business with positive reviews and recommendations.

6. SKT White Pro:

white WordPress theme


SKT White Pro is the next dynamic and visually appealing template to keep your animal centric website or store’s creation easy even if you are not well versed in it.

This template is well developed and designed to be a possible scenario for every single niche specific website and not only. Hence, whether you want to market your dog grooming or any other relevant service, your animal related center or shopping center, SKT White Pro will do the job effortlessly with its responsive and HTML5 based coding, plugin support and smooth navigation levels.

Dog and pet lovers spend ridiculous amounts of money acquiring their favorite pets. They also do not spare any expenses when it comes to taking care of them. It is one of the luxurious ways they spend money on.

Commonly referred to as man’s best friend, dogs, and pets in general, also deserve some good grooming. Just like humans, they too need to feel loved and cared for and the only way to do so is by ensuring that your pet is regularly cleaned and taken to the veterinary for the checkup.

Grooming your pet not only ensures that your pet is clean and healthy but is also a way of ensuring that diverse allergies and reactions are prevented. It can be a lot of work which also requires patience. For instance, pets, and particularly dogs, have a different coating or fur. These coats are taken care of differently and as a pet owner, it is paramount that you ascertain your pet’s coat in order to know how to clean it and the frequency.

In addition, you have to study your pet’s behavior and moods in order to know when the right time for grooming should be as well as find a good pet groomer. Since this can be time-consuming, most pet owners prefer to take their furry friends to a pet groomer.

Pet grooming is a good business that one can live off of if strategically planned and thought through. Whether you want to venture into it as a side hustle or a main hustle, how you sell yourself to your potential clients is of utmost importance. Your presentation and design of your website and brand will give you an edge over your competitors and help you gain clients.

At SKT, we bring you a variety of Dog Grooming WordPress themes that will ensure that your pet grooming business is above the rest in terms of design and usability. Your work will be to ensure the content is right, the images are of good quality and the enquiries are responded to on time.

Our collection of Dog Grooming WordPress themes have been elegantly designed for you, are user-friendly and give you a chance to impress your website guests with the best visuals and customer testimonials.

These themes are suitable for dog trainers, veterinaries, pet adoption services, pet grooming businesses, pet rescue centers, pet sitters, pet clothing and accessories type of business and any online undertaking aimed at making your life with animals much easier and comfortable.

These WordPress themes are very flexible and customizable to suit your needed look and feel to your audience. They offer you the only chance you need to impress your website guests.
Additionally, they are cost-effective and give you access to a profoundly rich website building toolkit.

You do not have to break the bank to acquire one. We urge you to reach out to pet lovers with any of the Dog Grooming WordPress themes discussed below and showcase to your website viewers that you are the one to provide them with the best animal care and health, grooming and walking, keeping or training services.

Dog and pet lovers spend ridiculous amounts of money acquiring their favorite pets. They also do not spare any expenses when it comes to taking care of them. It is one of the luxurious ways they spend money on.

Commonly referred to as man’s best friend, dogs, and pets in general, also deserve some good grooming. Just like humans, they too need to feel loved and cared for and the only way to do so is by ensuring that your pet is regularly cleaned and taken to the veterinary for the checkup.

Grooming your pet not only ensures that your pet is clean and healthy but is also a way of ensuring that diverse allergies and reactions are prevented. It can be a lot of work which also requires patience. For instance, pets, and particularly dogs, have a different coating or fur. These coats are taken care of differently and as a pet owner, it is paramount that you ascertain your pet’s coat in order to know how to clean it and the frequency.

In addition, you have to study your pet’s behavior and moods in order to know when the right time for grooming should be as well as find a good pet groomer. Since this can be time-consuming, most pet owners prefer to take their furry friends to a pet groomer.

Pet grooming is a good business that one can live off of if strategically planned and thought through. Whether you want to venture into it as a side hustle or a main hustle, how you sell yourself to your potential clients is of utmost importance. Your presentation and design of your website and brand will give you an edge over your competitors and help you gain clients.

At SKT, we bring you a variety of Dog Grooming WordPress themes that will ensure that your pet grooming business is above the rest in terms of design and usability. Your work will be to ensure the content is right, the images are of good quality and the enquiries are responded to on time.

Our collection of Dog Grooming WordPress themes have been elegantly designed for you, are user-friendly and give you a chance to impress your website guests with the best visuals and customer testimonials.

These themes are suitable for dog trainers, veterinaries, pet adoption services, pet grooming businesses, pet rescue centers, pet sitters, pet clothing and accessories type of business and any online undertaking aimed at making your life with animals much easier and comfortable. These WordPress themes are very flexible and customizable to suit your needed look and feel to your audience. They offer you the only chance you need to impress your website guests.

Additionally, they are cost-effective and give you access to a profoundly rich website building toolkit. You do not have to break the bank to acquire one. We urge you to reach out to pet lovers with any of the Dog Grooming WordPress themes discussed below and showcase to your website viewers that you are the one to provide them with the best animal care and health, grooming and walking, keeping or training services.

How to add icons to WordPress custom menus without plugins

Icons WordPress Custom Menus

In this article, we are going to illustrate how you can add icons to WordPress custom menus without plugins for any theme.

You must have come across websites that use icons to represent categories and sub-categories in the menu section.

It is a fact that icons beside the menu options look visually more appealing.

It also makes the website looks premium and increases the trust factor massively.

If you are using any free themes, it is certain that there are no options to add icons to WordPress custom menus without plugins.

There are only a few premium themes that provide the option, but you have to be an advanced user to avail it.

add icons WordPress menus

The reason for not using a plugin for it is that it is a very small work and there is no need of using a plugin and waste memory space and processing power when you can use the same on something important.

It does not matter what type of website you have, it is always a good idea to make your website more visual than textual, and hence, you should add icons to WordPress custom menus without plugins using the following mentioned steps.

Steps To Add Icons To WordPress Custom Menus Without Plugins

By custom menus, we mean to say that you can add icons on any menu you have on your website start from the navigation menu to double menu on the top where social media icons and contact icons are placed with call to action options.

The first thing you need to do is upload all the icon images in your media section.

Step 1. Go to Admin Dashboard and move to Media option on the left menu and click on Add New. Select all the icon images and upload them.

After uploading, open a notepad file and paste the URLs of each icon and you can name them so that you can remember which URL is for which icon.

Step 2. Go back to Admin Dashboard and got o Appearance from the left menu and click on Menus.

In the new screen, click on Screen option on the top right corner and then check the checkbox ‘Display CSS Classes in Menu Items’ for the menus where you want to add icons to WordPress custom menus without plugins.

add icons WordPress

Step 3. Now, you need to scroll down and click on any item on the current menu where you want to add icon. It will let you write CSS class name.

The CSS class you mention here should correspond to the CSS class you write in the CSS program later on.

Step 4. Go to Admin Dashboard and go to Appearance again.

This time, click on Editor. Once the Editor opens, locate the stylesheet which is the theme’s CSS file where all the design components are mentioned.

There you have to paste the following code.

.homepage {
background-image: url('');
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: left;
padding-left: 5px;

This is just for adding one particular icon to one particular menu option. Here, ‘homepage’ is the CSS class name that you mentioned in Step 3 and URL here is the corresponding URL you copied from the Notepad file where you pasted the URL.

For example, your menu has seven categories on your menu. So, you have to paste the above-mentioned code seven times with corresponding CSS classes for different options names you set in Step 3 and then replaced the URL of the images accordingly.

Alternative Way To Add Icons To WordPress Custom Menus Without Plugins

In case you do not want to upload the icons and want to use some professional and stunning icons that will increase the branding of your website, you have to take a different route to add icons to WordPress custom menus without plugins.

There is a library available named Font Awesome where all the different types of icons are available. All you need to do is add the CSS classes after activating this Font Awesome library, and the appropriate icons will be placed beside the menu options.

add icons WordPress custom menus

Step 1. Go to Dashboard>Appearance>Editor. Open functions.php and add the following.

function wmpudev_enqueue_icon_stylesheet() {
    wp_register_style( 'fontawesome', 'http:////' );
    wp_enqueue_style( 'fontawesome');
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'wmpudev_enqueue_icon_stylesheet' );

What this code does is that it registers Font Awesome stylesheet from the external link mentioned. You could have placed inside header.php but that is not a good practice.

Step 2. This step is similar to what you have already done before which is going to Dashboard>Appearance> Menus. Then click on Screen Options in the top right corner and check the checkbox next to CSS Classes.

Step 3.
It is important to use the correct class name so that appropriate icons are placed beside menu options. The following is a list of class names that comes with Font Awesome and you should use them accordingly.

add icons WordPress menus

For Home: fa fa-lg fa-home
For News: fa fa-lg fa-newspaper-o
For Gallery: fa fa-lg fa-camera-retro
For About: fa fa-lg fa-info-circle
For Contact: fa fa-lg fa-envelope-o

Where fa stands for the main class, fa-lg stands for large icons and then the rest part according to requirements. For example, you go to Dashboard> Appearance> Menus and select Primary menu.

The home option will be the very first option, and for that, you should use fa fa-lg fa-home as the class name so that when you save it and refresh your homepage, you could see the change.

If you have knowledge of CSS, you can easily change the Font Awesome CSS and make necessary changes as per your requirement.

What Is The Best Plugin Available To Add Icons To WordPress Custom Menus?

This is just for knowledge and for new users who do not want to use code and stylesheet due to lack of knowledge and prefer a plugin for everything. The most popular plugin to add icons is

Menu Icons

add icons WordPress


After installing and activating the plugin, you have to go to Dashboard> Appearance> Menus.

For every menu option, you will find a field named Icon where you can select the icons for the library provided and make your website more visual.

Ways to increase speed of slow WordPress Blog using these tactics

increase speed slow WordPress

This article discusses all the possibilities and ways to increase speed of slow WordPress blog.

WordPress is a great platform and speed is one of the keys to making sure that your site can grow and remain healthy. This will keep your visitors active. Fast loading pages improve user experience, increase your page views, and help with your WordPress SEO.

Without taking the right precautions, you could end up with a sluggish site.

The fastest WordPress hosting will not only help you organize but also to develop your content in an easy way.

There are multiple ways to increase the speed of slow WordPress blog.

Here we have listed few ways to increase the speed of slow WordPress blog.

1. Optimize WordPress database

It’s very important to clean up the WordPress database time to time, to keep its size to a minimum. Deleting unwanted data will help in reducing the size of your backup.  It can be done manually or else you can use the WP-Optimize plugin.

WP Optimize


This plugin will delete spam comments, old drafts, and post revisions of your content and even unwanted tables as well as drafts.  One can also use the WP-DB Manager plugin. It comes with the additional feature. With WP-DB Manager plugin one can schedule dates for database optimization.

If you are instantly looking for Ways to Increase Speed of Slow WordPress Blog, then it’s the best way.

2. Lightweight WordPress theme

lightweight WordPress themes

WordPress offers dynamic themes, however; they will definitely cause your web server toss take a thumping because of multiple elements. Hence the best option here is to use lightweight themes, like WordPress’ default themes.

It surpasses the basic WordPress themes by being far easier to customize. It’s an incredibly way to increase the speed of WordPress blog, that won’t slow you down with excess Plugins or custom edits.

By choosing the right theme you can avoid bloat. For a feature-rich website, you can also opt for a theme that uses a good framework like Bootstrap or Foundation. It’s one of the best Ways to Increase Speed of Slow WordPress Blog.

3. Choose a better web hosting provider

best hosting

Choosing a better web hosting provider is the major concern as it influences the speed of a website. Incredibly slow site speed and frequent downtime during high traffic periods can make your visitors lose interest.

WordPress site is on shared hosting and shared hosting tends to deliver a poorer performance because you are sharing the same server space with countless other websites. Hence you can buy dedicated cloud servers from Site Ground, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, and even Google Compute Engine at a nominal price.

This is definitely a nice way to increase the speed of WordPress blog and avoiding trouble.

4. Optimize your homepage to load quickly

It’s one of the easiest ways to increase speed of slow WordPress blog. By optimizing your homepage you can ensure that your homepage loads quickly, which probably is the most important part of your site because people will be landing there the most often. These are few ways to increase the speed of your slow WordPress blog using these tactics.

  • Only keep the main content on the homepage
  • Reduce the number of posts for fast loading
  • Remove unnecessary widgets that are not require
  • Remove inactive Plugins and widgets that are not needed

By simply following these you can make your homepage look good as well as it’s one of the amazing and easiest ways to increase the speed of slow WordPress blog.

5. Reduce image sizes

Image optimizer will drastically reduce the file size of an image, while not reducing quality.  Images are the major contributors in taking a lot of space which makes the web page loading slow.

Image optimizer helps in reducing the size of the images without compromising on the quality. To get rid of the slow speed, there are many Plugins available for WordPress. You can go for WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer.

Using any of the Plugins on your WordPress site will drastically reduce image size and wonderfully it will increase the speed of your slow WordPress blog. There is no reason not to install these.

6. Disable pingbacks and trackbacks

It comes in one of the best ways to increase speed of slow WordPress blog. Pingbacks and trackbacks are two core WordPress components that alert you whenever your blog or page receives a link.

However, you can disable this and can use Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools is useful to check the links of your website. Not turning this off will leave an undesirable amount of strain on your server resources. You can turn it all off by simply following these steps “WP-Admin -> Settings -> Discussion.”

It’s a perfect way to increase speed of WordPress blog.

7. Uninstall Plugins

WordPress Plugins are very useful and a great way to increase speed of slow WordPress blog. But some of them drastically improve page loads time hence; keeping unwanted Plugins on WordPress websites will add a large amount of junk to your web files.

It’s always good to get rid of unwanted Plugins as it also put the load on your server resources while backing up files. You can also look for alternate methods to use third-party services for automating or scheduling tasks.

Best Ways to increase the speed of your slow WordPress blog is by using IFTTT or Zapier. These are two web services that help in automating such tasks and reduce the burden on your website and server resources.

8. Replace PHP with static HTML

It’s one of the advanced technologies that one can use as per the requirement. Those wonderful themes that we all choose are often loaded with PHP bloat. This generic PHP code can be replaced with some static HTML in order to save CPU processing time and database queries, and under load, this can make a big performance difference. To eliminate the trouble one can simply replace the PHP executions with plain HTML which is about 20 times faster. It’s the tremendous ways to increase speed of WordPress blog.

There are multiple ways to increase speed of slow WordPress blog.

A slow website means users will potentially leave your website before it even loads.

These are some most useful WordPress speed optimization tips to boost WordPress performance and speed up your website.

It will also improve your rankings in the SERPs.

Be sure to test your site’s speed before and after.

Hope these Ways to increase speed of slow WordPress blog will help you to get the best results.

One of the issues that most online uses often face is that the website in question often takes a long time to load and as a result, they are bound to lose interest and would move on elsewhere. A recent study highlighted the fact that most online users do not linger around for more than a few seconds per web page, and given this, it is essential that you look up ways to increase speed of slow WordPress blog. There is any number of reasons for your blog to slow down; it can be anything from using too many plugins on your website to errors in database. So make sure you check out the various ways to increase speed of slow WordPress blog.

  • Optimize WordPress database: The first thing that you need to do is to clean up and optimize your WordPress database. You can use plugins such as WP-Optimize plugin; this pugin is quite effective in deleting spam comments, cleaning up your blog, old drafts and even post revisions. This particular plugin comes with one additional feature which is quite handy; you can set up a schedule for optimizing your blog.
  • Avoid bloated themes: It is preferable that you go for light weight themes when selecting one for your WordPress site. It is essential that you avoid bloated themes for the simple reason that these come with various features and tools that can actually cause your website to slow down. This is why you may want to opt for light weight themes when selecting one for setting up your website.
  • Better hosting: One of the reasons for websites to slow down is on account of a shared hosting. Given this you may want to look for better hosting solutions; for example, WordPress is on shared hosting and this may well affect the performance of your website. So you need to start looking for better hosting solutions to address this issue and once you do, it should help improve the performance of your website.
  • Minimalism translates to ‘fast’: As strange as it may sound, you need to optimize your front page and even co-opt a minimalistic look. If your home page is less cluttered, the faster it would load so make a point of optimizing not just your front page, but all the pages of your website. You can use third party plugins for the same, and with it, you should be able to improve the performance of your website.

These are some of the ways by which you can optimize your blog and even improve its performance. You can also reduce image sizes, as this should help speed up your website as well. Most online user suffer from attention deficiency and that’s why it is important for you to ensure that all your pages load fast with no lag time otherwise it can result in a higher bounce rate and prospective leads walking away from your website.

Acupuncture WordPress Themes for acupuncturists and other doctor websites

acupuncture WordPress themes

Acupuncture WordPress themes discussed here for reference and listed out.

It’s an obvious fact, that mankind has considerably progressed in thousands of fields and areas, including both intellectual and technological advancements. It resulted in unlimited possibilities to exercise while dealing with any specific spectrum, be it education, technology, construction, art, medicine or whatever it may be.

As for the latter, digital online network nourishes us with a steady and powerful flow of medical and medicine – related information of any kind, so that every single individual on earth dealing with some health problem, needing any doctor consulting or wishing to follow his health state and keep it strong is granted with lots of easily accessible and manageable chances to take a review of the online health and healthcare information and find some relevant doctor, dentist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, neurologist, cardiologist or any other medical expert or clinic with just few clicks.

This being so, every prominent and remarkable medical hospital, clinic and centre should make efforts to provide its noteworthy place in the digital world and present his profile in the most professional and precise way, so that its high – quality and reliable online presence in conjunction with valuable medical content will for sure attract the patients and guide them to find the required specialists and services. In this connection, we offer you to consider some acupuncture WordPress themes for acupuncturists and other doctor websites, in case you have a clear intention to proceed with your health – centric web page manifestation in the global system of computer networks.

Round up of acupuncture WordPress themes for acupunturists

1. Handy:
doctor WordPress theme


Handy as one of the best medical website creation and management solution is crafted to ensure the accurateness and intuitiveness of any doctor or acupuncturist related content to be a flexible and easy to use structure at the patient’s hand. With this serious – looking and clean WordPress powered template you will avoid any technical or functional difficulty or discrepancy and will be able to arrange your information, images and other content accordingly. Your website may be freely used by any previous or current patient practicing mobile or tablet and may include his testimonials about his experience and health state, which will considerably promote your website

2. Bony:
chiropractor WordPress theme


The next doctor, health and healthcare WordPress theme featuring a powerful package of theme sections, areas, features and options to customize and present any relevant web content in the preferred way is Bony. This smart and stable, intuitive and resourceful tool, which is in total conformity with all the major standards set and strongly required by the WordPress community, Bony comes with well – developed layout, which is also user and developer – friendly, totally responsive and cross mobile and device compatible template for the perfect and flawless mobile usage, as well as perfect functionality with lots of modern, adaptable and dynamic plugins for commercial, SEO or other purposes.

3. Healing Touch:
medicine WordPress theme


Healing Touch is another highly recommended and premium quality acupuncture and chiropractor WordPress theme ready to cover any medical content under question. By having this sophisticated and entirely adaptable template running on the basis of your website, you can be sure to make your online display pretty awesome and exceptional, standing out among many other competitive medical structures. It will be easy for you to edit and modify every single item in your medical website and make it look and feel as you wish. Moreover, Healing Touch comes well – optimized for mobile and device usage by adapting every post and page of your website to fit the proposed screen dimensions.

4. Diet and Nutrition:
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


If you are a nutritionist or dietitian, the fact that you have found an ideal WordPress theme for your future diet – related website is obvious. Here is Diet and Nutrition with its deeply intuitive and smart structure and fresh and dynamic external appearance to motivate the website visitors and patients to change the quality of their lifestyles and live a healthy life. Lots of fonts, icons and shortcodes are integrated within the theme to be practiced by you in the case of need, ready to use homepage sections are ready to display the most relevant services, products, diet programs or anything else.

5. Yogi Pro:
yoga WordPress theme


Yogi Pro is entirely cutting edge and technologically saturated, feature – rich and totally responsive WordPress related and medical – oriented product at your disposal to feature any yoga, fitness, gym, weight loss, diet or any health and healthcare activities and continually promote your business not only in real life, but also in virtual one. The theme has been minutely and professionally planned and developed to release its future users from any kind of complicated processes and compulsory codings in order to alter the theme to match the essential needs and purposes of the website owner. Hence every doctor or health and yoga specialist and trainer will have the potential to manipulate his web information accordingly.

6. SKT Gardening:


Multipurpose and general –purpose, aesthetically designed and strongly coded, extremely convenient and comfortable, SKT Gardening is loaded with boundless possibilities to belong to almost any phenomenon or undertaking, be it gardening, landscaping and other nature – centric activities to medicine and medical – centric issues. Hence, this dynamic and practical WordPress supported product integrates a very precise and neatly organized multiconcept structure personalize any doctor or medical representative’s online profile. The theme is SEO and SMO optimized and ensures flawless compatibility with any mobile and device usage.

7. Fitt:
weight loss WordPress theme


Fitt may be unmatched and incomparable for any health or fitness centre, clinic, hospital or doctor website, as this wonderfully tech – savvy and functional product balances between strong and motivational appearance and deeply customizable and controllable structure to implement any planned or unforeseen changes and modifications for the website better functionality and user – friendliness. Just like all the previously – mentioned products, this theme looks and functions great on any mobile, tablet or any device, providing the website exceptional appearance in all cases. Based on strong and stable HTML5 and CSS3 coding, Fitt corresponds to all the standards and calls every theme must have in order to be compatible with the WordPress latest version.

Why consider these Acupuncture WordPress theme?

Acupuncturists require acupuncture WordPress theme to create nicer websites which they can use to showcase their skills and services.

They require it to showcase all the information about their website and themselves.

Years of experience might be shown along with the resume and profile details of the service provider.

Also these themes and templates are all local business related and hence they satisfy the needs and requirements of local businesses like call to actions which can get you calls and sales as well as leads.

Services overview and services are properly explained and some even have unlimited services addition areas.

All the templates allow translation as well as color changing hence one can have an unique acupuncture WordPress theme based website.

Sidebar consists of call to action contact form and is widget friendly as well.

Testimonials and reviews are very important in such kind of websites as they give a sense of trust among users and also showcase the previous case studies and happiness and satisfaction.

Hence all the requisite and required elements and features as well as functionality have been added in these themes and templates to satisfy the requirements of a acupuncturists website.

SEO friendly website with focus on social media gives an option for the users to be internet savvy and social media savvy.

Also custom color schemes, logo and page templates give the added juice on features to the customer.

Also website owner can avail several page builders for inner pages to make whatever kind of page layouts they need for inner pages with added functionality and display.

No coding skills as such are needed to manage these acupuncture WordPress themes from your end and full documentation and manual are provided with each of them.

Photo gallery is included in each of these templates and several other shortcodes 100+ in number are included to add great features.

Stylish WordPress themes for creative lovers and freelancers

stylish WordPress themes

Stylish WordPress themes bring with themselves lot of style and oomph to cover the most stylish websites needs and requirements. They contain a great area for people to have an awesome website without sacrificing the features and functionality.

The most popular and resourceful content management and blogging platform for personal, corporate and business usages in the form of modern WordPress community has evolved from simple tool to feature – rich ecosystem offering its themes arranged in diverse categories to cater to specific topics.

They combine simplicity and convenience for users and publishers with serious and laborious work of theme developers and designers to reach out a perfect final product. This makes it smart and intuitive while still being easy and user – friendly.

All in all, this kind of theme system and overall structure are the reason why it makes sense to choose WordPress – powered templates for running a website or a blog of any nature and direction.

In this article are going to highlight some of the stylish WordPress themes for all the creative individuals and creative lovers, as well as freelancers to utilize their boundless imagination and explore new digital platforms for showcasing the output of their unique creativity.

No matter what web development experience and knowledge you master, you will be capable of getting the maximum effect of your website by delivering your original content to millions of people across the globe.

1. PicArt:
portfolio WordPress theme


PicArt is a perfect solution for every creative individual, artist, photographer, painter, designer or any other multimedia artist to use their time and efforts wisely, since this powerful and general – purpose, bright and lively, elegant and modernly – crafted template with strong and serious, flexible and adaptive working potential comes with theme structure and options, developed specifically to cover all the needs and requirements any creative lover or freelancer may have. This theme has also been checked for its total compatibility with mobiles and tablets, as well as a wide range of useful plugins.

2. SKT Architect Pro:
architect WordPress theme


SKT Architect Pro is truly amazing and purposeful, nicely and uniquely stylized, well supported and extendible, user and publisher – optimized, pliable and sophisticated creative content management and customization tool available at present to produce high – quality and visually expressive content and fascinate all the website visitors not only by your creative suggestions, but also by the stunning look and performance of your web pages. Functional and customization potential of this theme is endless, responsiveness, multilingual support and other important nuances are also taken care of.

3. The Art:
art WordPress theme


The Art is the next amongst the stylish WordPress themes featuring dozens of creative and beautiful layouts, lots of configuration options and overall theme controls well suited for all the companies and individuals engaged in diverse creative processes. Build upon customizer for making changes to the theme and preview them, incorporating dozens of shortcodes for the best display of the website content, The Art comes integrated with e – commerce functionality as well, so that you can establish and online store and thus get access to a larger market all around the world.

4. Wine Pro: 
wine brewery WordPress theme


Multipurpose and multiconcept in nature, Wine Pro keeps the perfect proportion between simplicity and lightweight framework to be easily manageable by any single individual, be it am experienced artist or newfangled author, as well as feature – richness and functional saturation to generate flexibility and smartness in every single part of the theme and upon any changes made. This top – rated and premium – quality template is well – optimized for SEO results, WooCommerce compatibility and multilingual support as well.

5. Condimentum:
multipurpose WordPress theme


Creative and elegant appearance, modern and dynamic design solutions, interactive style and serious and professional approach towards its operational possibilities and performance framework are what make Condimentum be considered as one of the best variants among hundreds of stylish WordPress themes. All the publishing tools and user management controls coming along this theme will not let any difficulty to get in your way when trying to keep your creatively rich website up for providing perfect user experience.

6. BeFit Pro:
personal trainer WordPress theme


BeFit Pro is comprehensive and extensively developed, highly customizable and pliable, polished and sleek framework, which has every potential to create a strong basis for any website or blog with heavy and original content. Irrespective of the business, topic or service highlighted on the website, it will be truly competitive and sophisticated in all its manifestations, since BeFit Pro complies with all the modern standards specified by WordPress community and as such features readily responsiveness and cross – mobile compatibility, SEO and SMO optimization, as well as flawless functionality with a set of practical plugins and extensions for better performance.

7. CutsNStyle Pro:
responsive hair salon WordPress theme


With CutsNStyle Pro, you can create any creative and stylish WordPress themes based website of your own by the application of the out – of – the box features, elements and controls preloaded with this super plugin. Use its awe – inspiring and responsively designed homepage slider for showcasing the most original creations, products, services or any other content, arrange the homepage sections and areas to fill with the most attractive information and images and get the feedback and love of the website visitors you are waiting for impatiently.

8. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


If you are looking for a creative and powerful, elegant and modern, technologically cutting – edge and deeply flexible WordPress website builder theme to give a start to the most productive website you can ever have, then SKT Black Pro will meet all your expectations and even surpass them. Quickly and easily upload any image or other media to the website, customize their look, make use of the inbuilt collection of theme features to extend its performance borders and generally personalize your digital area as per your wishes and objectives.

9. Panaroma Pro:
portfolio WordPress theme


Panaroma Pro generates all the perspectives of being a truly priceless and reliable investment you can do in your future website right from the start, especially if you are going to keep the website visitors’ focus on the creative and stylish WordPress theme based images website created or authored by you. Hence, beautifully served and high – quality content published on your web pages will definitely be appreciated by all your fans, customers or clients, and will intuitively adjust itself to fit any mobile or another screen size.

Thus style brings into any website a great deal of attention which everybody wants and wants to get more of it. Who doesn’t like traffic or attention of customers or visitors when one visits the website. It is the sole purpose of a website to get sales and leads and if you are a visual designer or graphic designer or into some creative field like advertisement or motion picture or photographer one needs to maintain a stylish website all of which is possible only due to Stylish WordPress themes which can present your information in the best possible way without hampering your content and also not tweaking away the SEO part of it.

If you have been wondering as to why your online traffic seems to be stuck in doldrums, it could be time for a makeover session. The issue mostly has to do with your current website and you need to start from scratch; for starters, you may want to base your website on WordPress as it comes loaded with more options and has a spectacular content management system (CMS). But the challenge lies in making your website stand out for all the right reasons which is why you may want to check out Stylish WordPress themes. The stylish WordPress themes have been specifically coded to provide you with the very best that WordPress has to offer. It comes with built in templates, sliders and much more. The fact remains that you want to get a leg up on your competition and fair enough and frankly, you would be able to do that only with a strong, responsive, website with a spectacular design. Here are a few reasons as to why you may want to use these themes as opposed to others.

  • Design matters: For starters, each one of these theme comes with multiple templates and the designs on each one of them happen to be truly spectacular. And get this, these themes are completely customizable which means that you can edit the header, footer, play with the layout, font and even the color theme for your website. In fact, you can have the perfect website with these themes.
  • Built in templates: These themes are designed to be responsive and fast; that means that your users can view your site on any device without suffering from any loss of functionality. More importantly, these themes come with built in templates that you can use “as they are” or tweak them a bit before using them on your website. They are suited for any business and would be a perfect match for yours.
  • Faster loading time: Nothing irritates a prospective lead more than having to wait forever for a page to load. The fact is that some of the themes (not these ones though) are not coded well and as a result, there can be a lag time when the pages load. With these themes however, they are build to be robust and fast, and load instantly. You can do a dry run to confirm the same.
  • User experience: These themes come loaded with various tools that can help enhance a user’s experience. The site should be easy to navigate through so that your users can locate the information they need instantly and with these theme being installed on your website, they should be able to do just that.

These are some of the reasons as to why you need to use this theme especially since you need to make a great impression. With this website you should be able to snag more traffic, increase your SEO rankings and even land more customers than you had earlier on, with your old website.

Pain Relief WordPress Themes for pain relief clinic websites

pain relief WordPress theme

Each pain relief WordPress themes considered in this article will help you discover the easiest path to the higher level of digital performance without paying an astrological amount of money for that.

The best way to start your spa and massage services website, pain management or pain relief, psychotherapy or health centric website is to look for the niche specific pain relief WordPress themes.

In this respect, we have collected the best of such templates for any medical or health related, pain relief services and therapies, massages, rehabilitation, neuropathy treatment and other relevant topics and medical activities online.

In the contemporary digital based world, every business growth has much to do with the right online strategies and strong communication ties with the target audience.

The medical practice is not an exception.

From doctor and private clinics websites to healthcare presentations and medical service provision, each medical related phenomenon or expert needs to get its exposure online in order to be accessible for thousands of health information seekers online.

Those templates are distributed under GPL license which means that each of you can use any of them for your own purposes and intentions, modify, restyle , etc. without any problem. Moreover, they are surprisingly versatile and submissive when it comes to the customization and management processes without touching the codes of the theme.

SKT Medical:


Caring and clean, reliable and immensely smart, SKT Medical is a user friendly and admin optimized pain relief WordPress themes to perform accurately when hosting any medical or healthcare content.

All in all, it’s a professional and sophisticated online solution for your medical projects, pain relief massages and treatments online. Use the preloaded structure of the theme with comfortable content areas to host your information, consultation, services, types of therapies and treatments, contact details and more.

Pleasant to eyes look, advanced functionality and visually clear cut layout are what make SKT Medial much demanded in the current repository of WordPress templates.

It’s predesigned with fully responsive touches and cross browser compatibility to serve your content to all the target groups of your audience, from PC to mobile and gadget users.

SEO WordPress theme



SKT SEO is the next white and blue based, fresh and superbly resourceful and one of the pain relief WordPress themes catering to the medical world and healthcare practices, pain management procedures, experienced medical experts, neuropathologists, psychologists and others.

With SKT SEO you will get a number of essential features and controls over how your profile will look and function. The preloaded shortcodes pack of the theme will enable you to quickly add any type of content, from tables and buttons to accordions and testimonials.

WooCommerce complaint nature of the theme does a laudable work in providing you with a totally ecommerce friendly layout to run your medical store or pharmacy online. Other compatible plugins are WPML, PolyLang, qTranslate X and other multilingual tools, SEO, events and gallery plugins, etc.

teethy WordPress theme



From dentists to therapists to chiropractors, alternative medicine and pain management specialists, almost every medical world representative can highly benefit from the dozens of advantages Teethy offers.

On the whole, this simple and lightweight, yet powerful and functionally durable and out of the many pain relief WordPress themes will draw more attention on your textual and visual content since it is both HD ready for large images, as well as offers tons of fonts for the legible content creation.

What is more enjoyable in this relation is the fact that the same pixel perfect operation is present no matter what device is used to browse your site. It means that Teethy has been developed to share maximum adaptability and responsiveness when it comes to mobile usages.

complete WordPress theme

Complete Pro:


Complete Pro is the next pain management and relief WordPress powered template to help you create your presentable profile and keep its things strictly organized. This truly complete and comprehensive, wonderfully pliable and robust template is immune to complexity or errors while providing you with a professionally worked out admin area to put your touches to the theme.

With its multipurpose nature and layout controls, Complete Pro comes with shortcodes based performance for quick content setup, smooth and sleek navigation levels for the clutter free journey of your web visitors, homepage slider with pause time, animation and other controls.

With different inner page and header layout choices, fonts and icons managements, color combinations and sidebar controls, Complete Pro is also cross mobile and device compatible with its ultimate responsiveness.

doctor WordPress theme



Another medical based pain relief WordPress themes that is worth your attention is called Handy. It has a decent library of practical tools, shortcodes and fonts packages, color controls and layout options to make your profile stunningly beautiful, clear and eye catchy on the one hand and quick in performance, easy to navigate and mobile friendly on the other.

This handy and easy to customize template works seamlessly with any medical institution or personal activities you might ever want to transfer to the digital sphere and be in the center of attention of more patients.

Since the search engines are good at indexing WordPress based websites, your site supported by Handy will be considerably search engine friendly. For more tangible results, you can turn to the help of SEO plugins to boost your site’s SEO results and traffic coming through it.

medical WordPress theme

Healing Touch:


Another white based and serious looking, inherently competent and simple in usage template for pain management and relief, treatments for chronic pains, inpatient and outpatient physical therapies, chiropractic care and more is called Healing Touch.

Showcase your business profile, share the experience of your seasoned doctors and experts, display the comprehensive list of your medical services, treatments, medical evaluations, diagnosis and follow ups in a compact look and easy to find fashion through the given parts and sections of the theme. You are also free to modify and edit them to be exactly what you need for the decent presentation of your categorized content.

The theme is also 100% responsive and Google approved with its plugin compliant character and compatibility with WordPress codex and its requirements.

Animal Rescue WordPress themes for helping save animal websites

animal rescue WordPress themes

A comprehensive assemblage of Animal Rescue WordPress Themes for animal shelters and rescue groups, animal care services and pet adoption organizations, pet grooming and walking, training and other services, pets hotels and other animal centric activities online.

Animal shelters and protection centers do an important job in taking care of stray pets and animals and keeping them under their roofs before they are adopted. In this spectrum, relevant websites and blogs are essential in linking two sides of this kind of activities.

Websites are the main connection links unifying animal and pet lovers, animal shelter groups and workers, animal trainers, veterinary experts and other specialists, who all have one primary aim. To save, rescue, recover or turn animals back to their normal lives.

We have put together the best of the Animal Rescue WordPress Themes to serve as the basis of suchlike websites, blogs, NGOs, charitable funds and communities catering to animal needs, salvation and protection.

All of the pet rescue and Animal Rescue WordPress Themes we are going to discuss here are designed for the most demanding client.

In a nutshell, they are more resourceful and functionally stable than you would expect. In addition to that, they are also pocket friendly for small or low budget companies and organizations so that any NGO or pet rescue center will be able to craft an online platform with less financial means.

animal wordpress theme

1. Pet Care:


Pet Care is by far one of the most trusted and frequently used Animal Rescue WordPress Themes ready to tailor to any pet and animal related websites and blogs.

No matter what your online plans are in connection to your profile, this template is ready made to serve all your needs. Instead of commissioning designers to take care of the look of your site, you will be able to pre choose from the given layouts, templates and styles and make your unique site in no time.

With template color switching controls and fonts management options, with custom post types and widget friendly footer, header and sidebar areas, Pet Care is also 100 % responsive and cross mobile compatible to bring you more traffic from mobile users. It is also totally commercial ready for trading online, selling pet related goods and accessories for donation or animal charitable funds.

local business WordPress theme

2. Local Business Pro:


If you want to use the virtual platform for making your local community more famous, Local Business Pro can be your best partner. Get the website you need with less cost and make sure you receive the best results. Instead of getting your hands dirty in coding and other complex processes, you will merely enjoy working from the backend of the theme, since the hard part is already done by the dedicated authors of the theme.

By the application of Local Business Pro you will also get additional pages which will certainly contribute to your web traffic increase. Blog, gallery, services, contact and other areas, widgetized footer and header parts with summary of your community or local business, recent posts, contact details, phone numbers and more will make your profile more ergonomic and easy in usage.

chiropractor WordPress theme

3. Bony:


Bony is clear and eye catchy template supported by an entirely dynamic basis and strong HMTL5 coding. As one of the tried and tested veterinary and Animal Rescue WordPress Themes, it economizes your financial means and nerves. You are going to pay almost next to nothing for the theme but receive tons of useful features and customization controls which even more expensive templates lack.

Your website based on this wonderfully robust template will easily respond to any mobile or gadget size or resolution which your website user has in hand at the moment. It has also been checked for its error free cooperation with multiple plugins, such as WooCommerce, SEO, gallery and contact form plugins.

marketing WordPress theme

4. SKT Dual:


Serious looking and well formatted, SKT Dual is irreplaceable when it comes to taking your animal centric content and serves it to your potential audience, donators, partners and others. Fully responsive design, unique homepage structure, gallery and portfolio options for controllable albums and imagery and much more are what put SKT Dual at the top of competition and make it one of the most productive Animal Rescue WordPress Themes.

Whether you provide professional services for animals and their care, sell your products and services, offer veterinary services or animal shelters, this template knows the shortest path to the online success.

Receive more flows of website visitors and let them quickly get in touch with you by following your quick guidance through contact details, location, contact form, social media profiles and more.

non profit WordPress theme

5. SKT Trust:


SKT Trust is a multifunctional and multidimensional template designed for religion and charity related communities, activities and organizations and as such is wonderfully fitting to any animal care and animal charity programs, events, protection campaigns and more.

The theme has a nice looking and motivational appearance, however, you are the one to play with color and font combinations, selection and deployment of social media icons, fix sidebar area, arm header and footer with the right elements and links, etc.

Once your web visitors are landing on your homepage, greet them with unique imagery that will also adapt to any mobile or device screen and will keep its pixel perfect look, since SKT Trust is seamlessly mobile optimized.

education WordPress theme

6. Play School:


Play School is clever and ambitious, visually captivating and commercially coherent template created ad launched with convenience and precision in the developers’ mind.

Take Play School and craft the online profile that will become the meeting place of your community partners, animal lovers and owners, volunteers, foster care specialist, donators and charitable funds and more.

The smooth and sleek navigation of your site together with fast response time and beautiful environment will make your website an enjoyable experiment for all the parties and sides.
The theme also shares dozens of customization and management options, compatibility with the most useful online tools and plugins, shortcodes based performance, etc.

The Top Benefits of Choosing Bespoke WordPress Themes

WordPress planning

It can be argued that WordPress is the most popular online web hosting service in the world today. Millions of website are powered by this architecture and the numbers seem to be growing on a daily basis. One of the main advantages associated with WordPress is the sheer variety of themes and templates to choose from. Let us take a look at how modern online business ideas can benefit from this architecture as well as why it is a great idea to combine such software with third-party e-commerce platforms. If you have been considering creating a website based off of the WordPress hosting service, this article will prove to be quite informative.

Flexible, Cost-Effective and SEO-Friendly Solutions

Many website owners will tout the flexibility associated with WordPress as its primary benefit. Not only does this involve the sheer variety of themes currently available, but it also centers around the fact that those with even a basic understanding of CSS coding can make any changes as they see fit. All options are presented from within a user-friendly dashboard and any changes can be previewed before they take effect. In the event that the wrong theme is chosen, it can simply be replaced by another. Let’s also keep in mind that there are thousands of themes to choose from. Some are provided directly through WordPress while others are offered by third-party developers.

The themes associated with WordPress are very cost-effective options for those who are governed by a limited budget. While many templates are free, even those which require a one-time payment are quite affordable. We also need to refer back to the user-friendly nature of the architecture. As opposed to being forced to hire a dedicated programmer or IT specialist, many changes can be made by the end user. This saves times as well as money.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very real concern for any business. Unfortunately, some owners are unable to wrap their heads around the best policies while avoiding outdated tactics. WordPress is unique in the fact that it offers SEO-friendly coding. This architecture can be easily recognized by major search engines such as Google. Also, there are a number of advanced plugins which can be downloaded for free. These are essentially tools to enhance existing SEO strategies and to check for errors in blocks of text (such as a product description). Yoast is arguably the most famous example of this architecture and it is a very useful tool for those who might be new to the concept of SEO.

A handful of additional advantages that should not be taken for granted include:

  • The ability to embed content directly into an RSS feed.
  • Mobile-responsive website design.
  • On-the-go updates when necessary.
  • An excellent customer support team in the event of a problem.
  • Intuitive help guides and tutorials.

Still, are there any ways that you can even further enhance the e-commerce side of your website? Let’s take a look at some useful suggestions to consider.

Why Not Mix and Match?

WordPress themes are generally centered around requirements such as content marketing, social media integration and responsive web design. However, some themes do not necessarily focus upon e-commerce solutions. It is only fair to observe that WordPress does indeed offer a number of basic templates which can be embedded within a specific page of a website. However, most are associated with a limited sense of functionality. This “bare-bones” design can be slightly problematic if you are hoping to offer advanced checkout options or if you require more advanced marketing tools.

This is why a growing number of retail websites are choosing to employ third-party templates that are specifically designed to address e-commerce concerns. Most are fully compatible with WordPress and they can be inserted in only a matter of minutes. It should also be mentioned that possessing a strong e-commerce page will help to gain the trust of new and existing customers; an important benefit if you hope to remain ahead of the competition.

On a final note, WordPress themes can often be used as virtual sandboxes by those who are looking to try out specific pages and templates before presenting them to the general public. This allows website owners to fully appreciate their associated functionality as well as any potential drawbacks.

WordPress and e-commerce should always be able to enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. Through the use of bespoke and eye-catching themes, this concept will soon become a reality. Of course, be sure to check for third-party themes offered by such firms as Oberlo and Shopify to truly understand the advancements that have been made over recent times. The digital sky is the limit in regards to web design and there is no doubt that WordPress is still at the top of its game.

What should I take into account when choosing my theme?

The venture spending plan and time period will have a considerable measure to state about how much time you can stand to spend on a site. There are three distinct classes of topics you can consider dependent on the requests of your undertaking and the measure of time you can spend idealizing the completed item.

Topic structures are the best approach in the event that you have to begin with a clear slate. Beginning, and Thesis are for the most part strong items you can manufacture any kind of site over. With some training, you’ll get quite great at making destinations rapidly with your most loved system. In any case, if speed is the most essential factor, you may need to either skirt the structure for a subject or select a skin or youngster topic pre-worked for your most loved system.

At the opposite end of the range are full-included topics proposed to be utilized with appropriate out-of-the-case and require insignificant change. You can either choose an independent subject, for example, the previously mentioned Sydney topic, or a pre-manufactured skin for your most loved system.

Finally, in the event that you would prefer not to fabricate a subject sans preparation with a system, and you can’t discover a topic that is ideal appropriate out-of-the-container, you can choose a topic or structure skin that is intended to be effectively altered. It nearly abandons saying that system skins are intended to be anything but difficult to work with. Be that as it may, the equivalent isn’t valid for subjects. Some are anything but difficult to modify while others are exceptionally hard to alter and may break effectively. In the last piece of this article, we’ll investigate approaches to decide how simple it will be to redo a subject on the off chance that you need to go this course.

Ways to protect your website from hackers worldwide

WordPress Security

As a webmaster, you want the world to have access to your website. That’s especially true if you have a product or service to sell.

However, there are reasons why you may want to restrict access to your website. If you happen to operate a landscaping company in British Columbia, Canada, then you’re probably not interested in generating interest from potential customers in the Philippines. Broadcasting your website to the world and allowing other countries to index it is a waste of bandwidth.

Allowing worldwide access to your website is a bad idea for other reasons. As Privacy Australia notes, many hacking and phishing schemes are conducted by bad actors in other countries.

Which Countries Have the Most Hackers?

According to Security Today, the countries that have the most hackers are China, Turkey, Russia, Brazil and the U.S. Depending upon where your company is located, you may want to block access from any or all of these countries.
many faces of hackers

If you have customers in these nations, then blocking access won’t work. Instead, you’ll have to beef up website security. Some of these steps may include:

-Keeping your software up to date

-Installing any pertinent security plug-ins

-Employing HTTPS

-Making all passwords complex

-Using Content Security Policy

-Securing File Permissions and Directories

Whether you’ll be blocking access from certain countries or not, the above list of security protocols is critical to protecting your website.

What Is .htaccess?

Suppose that you have identified users from a country that you suspect are trying to hack or otherwise undermine your website. You’re located in Canada, and the website visitors have IP addresses that originate in Turkey. Your business does not operate in Turkey, you have no customers there and you’re worried that you’re being targeted for an attack.

What can you do?

The answer may lie in .htaccess. This configuration file is used on web servers that run Apache Web Server software. The .htaccess file is loaded onto the server software where it is subsequently executed. These files can be used to disable or enable numerous functions and features.

htaccess hack free

Among the capabilities of .htaccess is blocking website visitors from unwanted IP addresses. Here is an example of the code you would create to restrict visitors from certain IP addresses from being able to access your website:

order allow,deny

deny from

deny from 124.35.6

allow from all

Accordingly, all visitors with either the IP address or 124.35.6 will be denied access. Notice that in the second denied IP address, the fourth set of numerals is missing. All IP addresses that begin with “124.35.6” will be blocked regardless of the content of the fourth set of digits.

The next time that someone from a blocked IP address tries to access your website, they will receive an error message that says “403 Forbidden.”

What If You Have a Long List of IP Addresses to Block?

Any hacker worth their salt isn’t going to use just one IP address. They may use several, and many hackers now work out of farms. A webmaster can block one IP address, but the same bad actor just pops up a few minutes later with a new IP address.

Adding each IP address to the “deny” list in your coding is time-consuming and likely to be a losing battle. Fortunately, you may be able to make use of some alternatives.

Some webmasters who are really concerned about being targeted by hackers in another country are getting memberships for service providers such as Country IP Blocks. This Internet-based service allows users to choose specific countries that they would like to block from accessing their website. It’s possible to select multiple countries at a time and what kind of restriction protocol, including .htaccess, should be used.

After making selections, the website generates code that can be copied into the user’s website to prevent web browsers from certain countries from accessing the website. Comprehensive in scope, this is an efficient shortcut when compared to having to painstakingly enter IP addresses one by one.

Options for People Who Don’t Want to Use .htaccess

.htaccess configuration files are fairly helpful when it comes to limiting access to a website. However, it’s not necessarily the most effective or efficient method.

IP2Location may be a reasonable alternative. This company sells IP geolocation databases as well as offering a free and extensive database firewall list. Organized by country, it’s possible to choose to allow everyone in the IP address list to access your website or to ban them. If you sign up for a free account, you can block as many as 30 countries. Choose the selection Apache .htaccess deny from the menu, which gives you an appropriate text file to upload the directory on your homepage. is another website that may be useful if you have several websites to protect. After signing up for a free membership, you enter a website address and select which countries you would like to block. This enables you to download the appropriate block list.

Your Web Host May Be Able to Help

The better your web host, the more secure your website is going to be. If you’re using shared hosting, then there may be little that your host can do to block IP address from particular countries. Although you may have access to a control panel, you may not have networking controls because any changes you made might affect all of the other websites that are hosted on the same server.

Still, you may be able to add certain IPs to your firewall. This also is the case with bare metal servers. You have complete control over this server, but you may not have control over how the back end is routed.

When it comes to blocking certain countries from accessing your website, you have many options. One or a combination of these options may help to protect your website from a hacker.

Performer WordPress Themes for performing artists websites

performer WordPress themes

A wide choice of performer WordPress themes is at your fingertips for creating your personalized singer or band profile, sharing portfolio items, works and projects, events and programs, songs, albums or whatever it is.

Well, you are a startup performer, artist or singer and have your social media accounts, Soundcloud and other media platforms to share your products and keep in touch with your fans and audience.

So you are accessible online but without having your own website or blog you are losing dozens of opportunities and advertisement and marketing. A special virtual space under your full dominion is what really matters if you want to get your creativity and unique identity up and running for a long haul.

Whether you are an outstanding artist with great performances you want to share in the digital world or a singer who is seeking new communication ties and new offers, this collection of the carefully sorted performer WordPress themes is for you.

Creating a dazzling and energetic website ready to render your passion and unique style can be easy with any of them, since they are superior in customization and management.

Create and edit your site as many times as you may want without thinking about possible errors or discrepancies since they are reduced to the absolute minimum.

With those performer WordPress themes you don’t need to rack your brains in order to remember something you have ever heard about site development or design. With simple structure and intuitive working mechanism, each of them is really easy to understand, customize and maintain.

music band WordPress theme

1. Music Producer:


Music Producer is one of the dynamic singer and performer WordPress themes that is certainly worth your time and finances.

Express your artistic talent to your audience via this template and receive flows of applauses.

Showcase your personal profile in about section, enlist the events, concerts and meetings in events section, share your compositions and songs in albums, run your daily blog with fresh content and finally share your location, studio address, as well as other contact details.

With color picker running at the core of the theme, you are powered to manage the overall theme style with your preferable colors and color combinations, fonts and typography, social icons deployment and much more.

This zealous template is also cross mobile and browser compatible thus enabling your web visitors and fans reach your content and updates from their portable devices and while browsing your website from every corner of the globe.

audio WordPress theme

2. Musical Sounds:


The next self promotion tool you can acquire at an affordable price is called Musical Sounds. As one of the top rated music and artist, singer and performer WordPress themes, this template has been coded to cater to all kinds of needs of the musical and artistic world.

From singers and songwriters, producers, managers, musical bands, artists, dancers to music and dance studios, performers, magicians, anyone and any structure can make the most out of this modern looking and highly motivational website builder.

This rapidly responsive and ultimately safe template lets you create an online foothold and rely on it to serve your content and portfolio, audio and video materials to the public at large. Music player is also at your disposal together with post and page layouts, header and footer choices and more.

video WordPress theme

3. SKT Tube:


If you think that the creation of a user centric and fully fledged website requires more of an investment of energy, time and financial means, be sure SKT Tube is not the case. Available at a cost effective price for low budget companies, music industries or individual singers or performers, SKT Tube shares a totally manageable framework with powerful capacities, unique appearance and modern graphical solutions.

This audio and video based website tool is ideal for multiple project and program management and manifestation online. One can use the slider area of the theme to share the most effective
pieces of his portfolio and works.

Video shortcodes are also given within the theme to get more with less stress. Team members, testimonials and more are also possible with shortcodes to make your website more competent and convenient in usage.

Make that crucial first impression by editing the default look of the theme and powering it with your color and font, icons and logo choices so that the overall face of your site will fit your studio’s or band’s aesthetic.

disco dancer WordPress theme

4. Disco Dancer:


Disco Dancer is also included in our roundup of the best performer WordPress themes for dance and music world and its inhabitants.

This template can be the crucial point in promoting your music or dance studio and bringing more clients or fans to your posts and pages. The theme is armed with durable framework supported by
HTML5 and CSS3 making your online presence visually excellent and technically firm.

Build and advertise your unique brand or identity online and boost your results with the help of the theme’s responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility. These coding qualities will make your site flexible enough to understand the requirements of every mobile device and adjust accordingly.

Multilingual compatibility with translation plugins, WooCommerce support, widget friendly areas, call to actions and social media integration are all wrapped up in Disco Dancer.

music studio WordPress theme
5. Melody:


Melody is another classy and modernly shaped, fast and tight performer template of WordPress origin.

From starving artists to pro quality performers and money makers, everyone with any background or financial state can afford himself to purchase Melody and transform the given platform into something valuable.

Build your powerhouse effortlessly and without hiring seasoned webmasters or designers to do the job. The admin dashboard of the theme is crafted for convenience and reliability whenever you want to make certain changes to your website and keep it up to date.

With multiple practical parts and manageable sections, Melody is perfect in showcasing your well managed content and keeping your readers coming back for new posts and articles, events and plans, songs or other portfolio items.

Stylostixis WordPress Themes for pain relief medical clinic websites

stylostixis WordPress themes

A practical guide to the best stylostixis WordPress themes can be found in this article for acupuncturists and stylostixis specialists, as well as other medical experts, doctors and health care professionals.

The healing power of stylostixis or acupuncture has been known for a long time although it has become a widely recognized therapy in alternative medicine only recently.

The human body is very sensitive to the external intervention when it is done in the right way and by the application of the right methods. And the truth is that stylostixis offers not only effective pain relief, but is also beneficial for a wide range of other health problems and chronic illnesses.

With these advantages of stylostixis and acupuncture activities, this type of alternative medicine also needs a virtual presentation in order to keep the communication between the relevant medical specialists and their patients fresh and productive.

In this respect, we have scraped out the best stylostixis WordPress themes for stylostixis, acupuncture and acupressure therapies and treatments, clinics and health centers, doctors and medical experts to have a great looking and highly functional websites.

Each of the stylostixis WordPress themes discussed here incorporates all the essential characters and features to amp up your website without sweating hard or wasting your financial means. All of them are pretty easy in usage and stand out in the market with their cost effective prices.

perfect commercial WordPress theme

1. SKT Perfect:


Whether you need a website that will be visually captivating, or something saturated with lots of textual messages and visual images, SKT Perfect as one of the top stylostixis WordPress themes will do the job perfectly. This responsive and Google approved template comes packed with integrated fonts and social icons choices, color management options to feed your creativity and create your own style.

The serviceable content areas, sections and parts are more than enough to draw the general picture of your site and serve it in the most perceptible fashion.

Use any type of visual composer or page builder to craft whatever is needed without touching codes of the theme. You can also different shortcodes which are already preloaded or turn to the help of supplementary ones in the form of shortcode plugins.

doctor WordPress theme
2. Handy:


Handy is the next super easy and affordable medical and acupuncture, stylostixis and health care website builder with niche specific layout, as well as clean and precise look. It can be a real time saver for a website admin who is clueless about all the coding hustle and bustle behind the website development and design.

Create and edit, manage and customize your site from top to bottom in a matter of minutes and hand over a user optimized and responsive profile to your existing and potential patients. Use the homepage pre enabled slider to showcase the most effective images of your therapies and procedures, relaxed patients and more.

With Handy you can also tap into the power of social media and highly benefit from the presence of millions of active social media users.

perfect medical WordPress theme

3. Perfect Medical:


Always updated and well supported, Perfect Medical is one of the serious looking and clean, ambitiously flexible and user optimized stylostixis WordPress themes you will certainly like. The installation and activation process will take only several minutes, after which you will find premade design and prebuilt structure with demo content. Of course, you are expected to add your own content and upload your own images in order to finalize the given platform and make it yours fully.

Today people are more than hyper mobile. It means that one of the first things you need to consider is the responsiveness and mobile optimization of your site. With Perfect Medical you don’t need to build up another mobile friendly site, since your content will be automatically adjusted in compliance with the mobile or device screen under usage.

chiropractor WordPress theme

4. Bony:


Bony is the next award winning template any stylostixis specialist or acupuncturist will highly benefit from. This clean cut yet modern looking responsive template comes with a handy collection of web safe fonts and icons, colors and color styles to choose from, homepage slider for the visual exposure of your expertise, etc.

A bulk amount of practical shortcodes is included in the theme for a wide variety of application. You can create and apply user interface accordions for a better look and convenience, homepage carousels for ads, banners and more, videos displaying your therapies or working processes, and other layout types.

Bony features total compatibility with multiple plugins for different purposes, among them translation plugins for having multilingual content, Nextgen Gallery and other gallery plugins, ecommerce and SEO plugins.

medical WordPress theme

5. SKT Medical Pro:


SKT Medical Pro deservedly occupies its unique place in our collection of stylostixis WordPress themes for medical and health care usages.

One of the essential upsides of this template is its limitless flexibility and adaptability. In other words, SKT Medical Pro will be your trusted partner in building, styling and managing your website to meet the demands and expectations of your audience.

Homepage slider along with separate gallery area is ideal for large, high quality and bespoke images and photos. The theme also offers a wide selection of slides and colors, shortcodes for different tabs, buttons, accordions, etc., social media and other icons and much more.

medical WordPress theme

6. Healing Touch:


Healing Touch is one more caring and robust, dependable and smart stylostixis template that is specialized in covering any medical or doctor based website or blog. With 100% precision and legible appearance across mobiles and platforms, this template generates responsiveness and fast loading rate to give a good impression to your website users.

Responsive and SEO optimized, the theme’s well laid out structure is pliable enough to wear any shape and segmentation for your content to be easily categorized. You have about us and services sections to tell your story, present your clinic, offer services and consultation, showcase gallery images in gallery area and let people make reasonable judgments about who you are.

Aquarium WordPress Themes for aqua and water related websites

aquarium WordPress themes

A useful collection of the best aquarium WordPress themes for marine and fish aquarium websites, fish and seafood merchants and breeders, marine product retailers and wholesalers, fisheries, fish, marine product and crayfish merchants and suppliers, as well as other fish aquarium related topics online.

This time our attention is directed to the most practical and niche specific aquarium WordPress themes for the above mentioned businesses and undertakings online.

All of them are decorated with aquamarine design and blue color dominant appearance for you to feel the breath of the underwater life and the smell of the water.

Whether you want to capture your client’s attention with your large scaled images running on your web pages, or want to properly present your services and attendances, share the most exclusive offers and locations, fish and seafood eateries and restaurants, our aquarium WordPress themes are here for your consideration.

For the sake of your comfort and creativity, they are easy to regulate when it comes to their customization and management as per your necessities and wishes.

You can take the default template and make it something unique and superb with pretty little investment.

beach and aqua WordPress theme

1. SKT Beach:


SKT Beach is one of the blue based and visually captivating beach and resort, sea and aquarium WordPress themes for multiple usages across different relevant topics. Whether your primary aim is to receive new streams of visitors and clients or finding new partners to expand the working horizons of your marine business, SKT Beach will help you in getting things flowing.

The overall color scheme of your template can be quickly changed since you have the authorization to manage the theme’s colors along with fonts, their sizes and types, as well as shortcodes for quick content production and disposition.

All the other important coding and styling controls are also minutely done via HTML5 and CSS3 making the theme fully responsive and cross mobile compatible. SKT Beach has also been tested with different useful plugins and proved its seamless cooperation with them. Among them are multilingual and commercial, as well as portfolio, page builder, cache and shortcodes plugins.

SEO WordPress theme


SKT SEO is a highly functional and general purpose website building template ready to go with any marine and fish, as well as aquarium websites and blogs thanks to its relevant white and blue based design.

This well balanced and thoroughly pledged template shares the most fitting environment for you with all the hard work already completed by the theme authors. It will considerably lighten your workload when it comes to bringing your website to its final look and destination.
Use the preloaded sections and areas to showcase your fish and other seafood products and underline the importance of their essential nutritions, share the best images of your restaurant or fishery, store or warehouse.

Get the most caring support from us when purchasing and using SKT SEO and get access to its boundless features. You can find font variations and social icons, blog layouts, as well as sidebar controls, header and footer options and more.

travel WordPress theme

3. The Trip:


The Trip is one of the dynamic and well formatted, visually captivating and technologically cutting edge aquarium WordPress themes for marine and aquarium related websites. From seaside and vacation rental websites, beaches and resorts, tips and tours, ship tracking and port information sites, underwater world and seascapes to fish related and merchandise websites, every kind of relevant topic can be easily served by the help of the Trip.

This highly appealing and eye catchy website tool is custom built to reveal numerous wonders of any WordPress powered template and even more. Get more with less financial means and customize your profile to replenish your client army with new members. It comes with totally configurable framework with customizer based performance for live updates and previews, as well as multilingual and commercial ready coding.

perfect business WordPress theme

4. Perfect Business:


Perfect Business is another multipurpose and widely practiced business template ready to tailor to the needs of absolutely any kind of business, so that marine and aquarium ones are not exceptions. Serious looking and technically error free, responsive and cross browser checked, this template is packaged with the most applicable theme elements and features to make your profile revenue generating and results focused.

A modern and clutter free coding runs from below the surface of the theme making your future website something adaptive and perceptible to any mobile or screen resolution. The theme’s responsiveness and mobile friendliness is more than a necessary web design approach to keep both desktop and mobile users closer to your profile, products and services.

As for the other advantages of the theme, it is time and security checked with its utterly customizable character, preloaded shortcodes, fonts and other controls.

fishing WordPress theme
5. Go Fishing:


Go Fishing is one of the typical and highly productive aquarium WordPress themes for you to enjoy the challenge of creating and having user optimized and future scalable website.

Crafting and maintaining a well adjusted and wonderfully pliable fish eatery or restaurant, marine and sea services or product website is a quite achievable goal with the help of Go Fishing. The dedicated specialists working on this responsive and flexible template have done their best to alleviate a host of problems and error you might otherwise encounter if not the durable and stable coding and structure of the theme.

corporate WordPress theme

6. Spirited Pro:


Another multipurpose and feature rich template with sea and fish website fitting look and feel is called Spirited Pro. Accurately arranged and clearly coded, amazingly versatile and plugin compliant, Spirited Pro will enable you to share the most informative content in the most attractive and easy to find fashion.

Whether you are running a national aquarium official website and showcase bottlenose dolphins or other creatures, or want to establish your fish store online and sell your products, Spirited Pro will provide you with the most favorable conditions.

The theme is also focused on the best performance across mobiles, browsers, different platforms, plugins and extensions.