16+ Free WordPress Shop Themes for Online Store 2023

Following are some free WordPress shop themes that are used by different brands and business.

Different types of websites serve different purposes. While some are informative, some involved in promoting brands along with the products and services they offer, and then there are online stores.

Each type of websites focuses on their target audience and follows a marketing strategy that would help in generating leads and turning potential businesses into real businesses.

Site owners can make any changes to the website as per their need. Customizer makes it easy for them to preview the website from the backend before finally implementing them.

Therefore, brands and businesses can use these themes to set up their websites for promoting their business and the products and services they offer.

free WordPress shop themes

These themes come with different features that are proved to be quite effective in setting up websites.

Ele Store Lite

ele store





SKT Software

SKT Software


Bicycle Shop

bicycle shop



SKT Lights


Ele Fashion Lite



SKT Pottery Lite



Flower Shop Lite

flower shop Wordpress Theme


Similar to the best free WordPress shop themes, Flower Shop Lite is compatible with popular WordPress plugins such as SEO plugins, analytics, tables, events calendars and many more.

It also includes various social media icons which help the website to be linked with various social media sites. Besides, its compatibility with various SMO plugins makes it easy to share contents on social media.

SKT Luxury

Luxury Watch


Various brands prefer to have a website to not only spread brand awareness through a strong online presence but also as a selling platform. SKT Luxury is undoubtedly quite popular among the other free WordPress shop themes for this purpose.

It is used by various luxury brands to build a website to display their products. The default slider of this theme contains three slides and with the help of various social media icons, the website could be linked with various social media platforms.

The WooCommerce plugin helps in creating an online store where the brands can display all their goods and products.

Kitchen Design

Kitchens are a major part not only in households but also for various restaurants. As a result, companies involved in designing kitchen opt for having an official website to promote the services they offer. These types of websites are quite effective in establishing the reputation and credibility of a brand.

Owing to its effectiveness in developing websites for the same, Kitchen Design is often preferred by the brands out of the different free WordPress shop themes available. One of the most important advantages of this theme is that it appears great irrespective of the browser, types of devices or varied screen resolution, it is being accessed from.


As a part of rising concern related to health, various fitness clubs, health clubs, yoga centers or Arabic classes have witnessed significant growth in membership.

Therefore, combining this awareness along with the importance of the website, various clubs and gyms have focused on building their websites. In this regard, SKT Gym is one of the free WordPress store theme suited for the purpose.

The site owners can customize the website as per their requirements. It comes with an ‘our services’ section, where the various services that the site owner offers can be updated for the benefit of the viewers. It also includes a timetable section where the weekly schedule of the health clubs or similar others can be updated.

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair is one of the popular free WordPress store themes used for setting up websites. Owing to its compatibility with various SMO plugins, the contents could be shared on various social media plugins.

Additionally, site owners can use various multimedia files such as videos, images, etc on their website to create engaging content for their audience.

The homepage section is consistent and six columns are included in the service section, which one can utilize to display their contents. The theme also includes four types of header and footer design which can be utilized to customize the website as per requirement and preference.

SKT Cafe

SKT Café is popular free WordPress themes online shop used to set up websites for various businesses. It is compatible with various page builder plugins such as SKT Page Builder, Elementor, WP Bakery, Visual Composer and others. These page builder plugins help in selecting an eye-catching content style for a website.

Gallery plugins such as NextGEN, Nimble gallery, and others are compatible with this theme. With the help of these plugins, one can add images related to their business on their website. This helps in establishing the reliability of an organization.

Bakers Lite

Bakers Lite is another free WordPress store themes that can be customized as per the preference of the site owners. Various call-to-action buttons can be added to the different sections of the website. It includes about more than 100 inbuilt shortcodes which can be used to improve the functionality of the website.

Cache plugins can be installed to the website to improve the loading speed of the website. Additionally, WooCommerce plugins are quite effective in setting up an online store, where the visitors can place their order and make payment in a secure way.

Natural Herbs Lite

Natural Herbs Lite is free WordPress themes online shop that includes demo contents, which makes the process of developing website easy. It also includes comments feature that allows visitors to leave their comments if they prefer.

The theme is compatible with various RTL languages and can be translated into other languages with the help of multilingual plugins such as WPML, Polylang, and others.

The color picker allows the site owners to change the color of different elements on the website. Different pages of the website can be used to display static contents such as information related to their organization and the products and services they offer.

Pizza Lite

Pizza Lite is free WordPress themes online shop that comes with a default slider with three slides. Using CSS3, the homepage is designed with a fading effect which can be disabled if required.

The theme includes standard pages such as archives, category, 404 and others.

With the help of WooCommerce plugins, one can set up a complete eCommerce website or dedicate a single page on the website for placing an order through a secured payment gateway.

SKT Spa Lite

SKT Spa Lite is one of the best free WordPress shop themes that follows a minimalistic design approach which helps the viewers to concentrate on the contents and images. It is HD and retina ready and hence appears great on different types of devices irrespective of their screen resolution.

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