Most Popular Free Customizable WordPress Themes to Download

Several free customizable WordPress themes have been made available that could be easily downloaded.

Understanding the importance of having a website, many people are opting for developing websites for various reasons.

Some focus on making it as a reliable source of information or education resource, some others want to showcase their talent attracting the people who share the same interests.

Some want to promote their brand making a strong online presence, whereas some wanted to establish an online store offering their products and services.

Over time, WordPress has become a reliable platform for developing websites for various purposes.

free customizable WordPress themes

Therefore, to meet the growing demand of developing websites presenting the following list. Let us discuss some of these themes along with their attributes in the following section.

SKT Girlie

girly WordPress theme

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SKT Girlie is one of the very popular free customizable WordPress themes coded using the handbook and codex reference coding standards of the official WordPress site.
It is compatible with qTranslate X plugin and includes a default slider of five slides.

The sidebar can hold the widgets required for the website and the site owners can change the color of the link.

Compatibility with NextGEN gallery help in adding images to the website and with the help of WooCommerce plugin, an online store can be set up.

This theme also includes standard pages such as archive, search and others.

SKT Elastic

Elastic Pro

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SKT elastic is a popular theme counted among the free customizable WordPress themes.

The AMP plugin makes it easy for the sites to access from various devices without compromising on the appearance of the website.

POT files make the theme translation ready and the theme works smoothly with RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and others.

This theme contains more than inbuilt shortcode plugins which help in improving the functionality of the website.

Cache plugins can also be installed to provide the users with a faster website loading experience.

Event Planners

Event Agency WordPress Theme

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Similar to some of the best free customizable WordPress themes 2019, the default template of the Event Planners come with a commenting feature.

This provides an opportunity for the visitors to interact with the site owners by leaving their comments for each post or page.

With the help of various SMO plugins, the web content could be shared on various social media platform as well.

This and its compatibility with SEO plugins help in improving the search rankings for any website.

Various multimedia files can be included alongside the textual contents to provide a stunning web appearance to the visitors.

SKT Spa Lite

spa Wordpress Theme

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SKT Spa Lite is an effective theme for building commercial as well as personal websites and is categorized under the best free customizable WordPress themes 2019.

It is compatible with various page builder plugins which can be used to create stylish page design as required.

The theme is retina ready which guarantees quality appearance irrespective of the screen resolution.

The security plugins ensured that the website is protected from various malicious activities.

As many as widgets required can be set up in the sidebar and blog section can be used effectively in creating engaging contents for the visitors.

Black and White Lite

black and white Wordpress Theme

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Black and White Lite is a very popular theme used for building various types of websites and is considered as one of the best free customizable WordPress themes.

With the help of color picker, one can change the color of the websites and add widgets to sidebar, header, and footer as required.

While customizing the website as per their preferred way, one can preview the same through Customizer.

It is compatible with SEO plugins such as Yoast and All in One SEO which helps in improving the ranking of the website in search engines.

SKT Magazine

magazine Wordpress Theme

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SKT Magazine is free fully customizable WordPress themes used mostly for building newspaper or magazine websites.

It does not require knowledge of HTML to set up the website.

It is compatible with various popular WordPress plugins. The WooCommerce plugin help setting up an online store where visitors can subscribe for e-magazine or others.

It also includes comments feature where the audience can post their comments. With the help of SMO plugins, web contents could be shared on various social media platforms.

Spirited Lite

Spirited Lite is popular customizable WordPress themes free that come with a default slider.

The homepage includes multiple easy to manage sections where contents and posts could be set up effortlessly.

It comes with standard pages such as 404, category, archives and others.

The theme is also integrated with social icons and one can add widgets to the sidebar. It is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest version WordPress.

While NextGEN gallery plugins help in developing a portfolio website, WooCommerce plugins are effective for setting up an online store.

I Am One

It is mostly used for developing a single-page website and is highly customizable free WordPress themes.

It includes a Parallax slider and the homepage has twelve sections for potting up different types of content.

It performs well on different types of browsers and devices.

This theme is quite easy to set up.

It is also compatible with popular plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and others.
One can add images as required in the gallery section.

Charm Lite

Owing to its features, Charm Lite is regarded as one of the most customizable free WordPress themes.

Whether one prefers to change color or add widgets or any other form of changes to their website as per their need and choice, they can do so effortlessly.

Customizer helps them to preview the changes before finally implementing them.

It also provides a faster user experience to all the visitors.

The shortcode plugins help in improving the functionality of the website whereas security plugins work efficiently to protect the website.

The theme is also compliant with RTL languages.

SKT Panaroma

SKT Panaroma is customizable free WordPress themes compatible with portfolio plugins such as NextGEN Gallery, Master Slider, Cyclone slider 2 and others.

This helps the site owners to add relevant images as per their web content to their website.

It also includes five levels of the drop-down menu that proves to be quite effective while navigating through different pages of websites.

It includes default templates, slider, and standard pages. One can also change the color of the link to their preferred color.

It is also compatible with multilingual plugins such as qTranslate X. Location and social media icons can be set up on the default footer section.

Fundraiser Lite

Fundraiser Lite is easy customizable WordPress themes free used to develop websites for NGO.

The WooCommerce plugins allow visitors to make contribution or donation for charitable works.

One can also update their audience about their ongoing as well as upcoming program through their blogs, and posts. Images of events can also be included to the website.

The website can be translated into other languages with the help of PO Edit or LOCO translate.
One can develop a fancy content style for the websites with the help of page builder plugins such as SKT Page Builder, Gutenberg, Elementor, and others.

SKT Education Lite

SKT Education

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This WordPress themes free customizable is compatible with popular SEO plugins such as Yoast, All in one SEO and others which further improves the search rankings for the website.

The compatibility with SMO plugins ensures that the website content could be shared on various social media platforms.

The default slider includes three slides and various call-to-action widgets can be added to different sections of the website.

The shortcode plugins are responsible for improving website functionality, whereas contact form plugins help in setting up different types of forms required for the website.

SKT Gardening Lite

SKT Garden Lite is customizable responsive WordPress themes free.

Various multimedia files such as images, videos, banners, and other elements can be included alongside textual contents to develop a visually attractive website.

With the help of SMO plugins, content can be shared on social media platforms.

It is compliant with various RTL languages and the multilingual plugins allow the site to be translated to other languages.

Visitors can also comment on each post or pages.

Widgets can also be added to different website sections. Cache plugins help in improving the loading speed of the website.

Kraft Lite

Kraft Lite is free fully customizable WordPress themes that come with complete documentation which makes it easy for the setting up of the website.

It includes a simple blog template along with various standard pages.

The default slider includes five slides and the theme is integrated with basic social icons.

One can also change the hover color of the website.

It is compatible with NextGEN Gallery, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce plugins.

Widgets can also be added to the sidebar.

The theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

SKT Complete

This easy customizable WordPress themes free can be customized as per choice and requirement in terms of color schemes or adding widgets to the header, footer, and sidebar.

It is compatible with SKT builder which can be used to set up website pages effortlessly.

Step by step guidance is provided with this theme and it is compliant with different RTL languages.

The default slider includes three slides and the theme is compatible with contact form plugins such as WP forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7 and others.

It is also compatible with SEO plugins, eCommerce plugins as well as cache plugins.
All these themes are highly customizable and hence suits the needs of different types of site owners who want to build websites for various purpose.

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