Consulting WordPress Themes for Consultant and Consulting Websites

A search based list of consulting WordPress themes for consulting companies and consultants, consultancy and finance websites, lawyers and advocates, legal experts and other consulting related individuals and agencies.

Consulting is more than mere a piece of advice or guidance. It’s a whole art with specific solutions for every single client or customer. From business and corporate to digital and individual, medical and construction, legal or private, consultation services are multiform and multilayered.

However, if you want to achieve more with less stress and losses on your way to success, better life, reasonable credit or financial management, turning to professional consultancy services is a must.

In this relation, our main focus is on the best consulting WordPress themes for different consulting agencies and companies, private consultants and advisors to virtually speak about their activities and offer them to the public at large.

Consulting WordPress Themes

Each and every single template you will be able to considerably expand your footprint in the digital arena and greatly assisting your client base online.

Our consulting WordPress themes are elaborated with care and attentiveness.

Therefore, they are of exceptional quality both in form and function. Finally, all of them are aimed at and recruited for one single objective: to showcase your professionalism in the field with minimum efforts and time spent.


Finance WordPress theme

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SKT Therapist Pro:


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Ele Attorney:

ele attorney

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IT Consultant:

it consultant new

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IT Consultant is well managed and minutely thought out consulting related template catering to any kind of consultation activities and service provision.

Whether you are a digital consultant dealing with digital technologies and development or a financial one with rich experience in the field, look no further than IT Consultant.

IT comes packed with lots of design and customization options to put your best foot forward and satisfy your clients both from the content and visual standpoints.

Among them are 600+ Google fonts to manipulate with the typography, calls to actions together with other details in footer and header, as well as homepage based slider with controllable touches.

Social media integration of the theme plays an important role in making your website more sociable and communicative with social media platforms.

Legal Expert:

Legal Expert

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Legal Expert is among the most popular and high rated consulting WordPress themes for which you are going to pay almost next to nothing.

This template will be highly appreciated by legal experts and consultants, advisers and counselors and not only. Mix and match of practical elements and features, Legal Expert is unequalled in its serious look and powerful management system.

Even with 2 coding knowledge and skills one will be capable of acting from the back part of the theme and change the way this template appears from the frontend.

Legal Expert is never dependent on the platform used for website access. No matter what mobile or device is under usage to view the website, this template knows the legible and pixel – perfect way to showcase both website and its content.


Condimentum is white based and uncluttered template for multipurpose usage and hence can effortlessly tailor to the needs of any consulting agency or company.

You will be astonished by the streamlined and precise look and feel of this template. Based on minimalistic web design approach, Condimentum never reduces customization possibilities to the minimum.

You are free as in freedom to add your texts and images, control the typography with which your content appears, control backgrounds for sections, homepage slider and more.

Extend your website with your services, company profile, experts and consultants, working hours, projects and events, contact details and let everything shine with accurate arrangement through content circles.

Condimentum is also as responsive and mobile friendly as it is SEO optimized and clearly coded.


You will be surprised by the amplitude of advantages hidden behind the beautiful and presentable face of Marvin. Since the theme is specifically made for private consultants and individual service providers, it shares a unique charm to host your personal information and profile.

This template deserves a special consideration among consulting WordPress themes thanks to its capabilities and characteristics when it comes to the user satisfaction.

Both desktop and mobile users are lucky to enjoy the sleek navigation and perfect exposure of your website from top to bottom. This professional and sophisticated template can also be used as an online CV or resume to attract the attention of different employers and recruiters.

For this purpose, a separate skills section is available within the theme to share all your skills and expertise.


Serious looking and power dressed, Character puts an extreme focus on the client success. Designed and coded to showcase the excerpts of your posts.

This lightweight and pliable template is capacious enough to include all the details pertaining to your consulting activities, working strategies and mission, experts and team members and much more.

First sort and premium quality, this template is not just exclusive to consulting world. Rather, it can be used to unearth any kind of other information as well, specifically those relating to personal profiles or websites.

The perfection of Character starts with its HTML5 coding and CSS3 marks, included shortcodes to dominate them easily, color and Google font management options. The theme is also fully translatable with PO file inclusion and plugin support.

SKT Dual:

SKT Dual will help you get things done in the most affordable way. It is one of the award winning consulting WordPress themes for all types of digital, marketing and legal consultants to leverage the digital platform easily.

The degree of coverage of the theme can never be underestimated when it comes to the admin part of the theme for a variety of controls and management options.

By the application of this template, anyone will feel competent to change the backgrounds and slider images, make use of the given Customizer and its options, fonts and social icons, shortcodes and sidebar layouts.

The best practices of hamburger menu, fast scrolling and loading, as well as search engine optimization are exercised with SKT Dual.

Consulting is an art of providing people or companies’ solutions or guidance in terms of medical and construction, legal or private and many more.

However, if you want to gain more avoiding losses and want to live a successful, healthy and stress-free life with minimal debts and reasonable credits then getting a supporting hand from a professional consultancy service is what you definitely need.

If you are already into consultancy business or planning to enter this business field in the form of professional individual consulting or want to start up a consultancy firm, setting up your reputation high in the market should be your first and foremost goal.

To achieve this target you must consider to set up your business by getting yourself familiar with the digital world.

Newspaper ads and business cards are the things of past and have become somewhat obsolete. However, to start preparing yourself and your business firm to get into the digital world building an elegant and powerful website should be in your first priority list.

This will be your first ticket to take your business on the internet where effortless you can execute a whole lot of marketing and advertising to connect your business proposals with potential audiences.

We all know that first impressions always matter and you have to do everything needed to keep that image intact with your firm reputation.

Across the internet, user retention is not a factor that is in our control, but we can partly hold that factor by providing a smooth user experience and promising content to your potential online visitors.

If you running a consulting company, then you definitely need a solid presentation of your business proposal as your service implies expertise and to be honest you are literally charging fees for your solutions.

If you want your business website to very successful from the start, you definitely need a strong tool that will help you every bit on the way. Such an important content management tool is available which is known as WordPress.

In order to bring success quickly, your business website needs to be better from your competitors in terms of performance, speed, flexibility and looks. These can be easily achieved by developing your website using consulting WordPress themes.

This business website will reflect greatly on your overall identity, and thus it will help in creating more reach towards a larger audience base, and more customers.

These consulting WordPress themes will not only help you build your perfect websites at an affordable rate, but also enrich them with huge levels of customization too.

These themes will allow you to customize various parts of your website that will add creativity and authenticity to your business without any requirement of coding skills.

It will help you to create an amazing looking and dynamic website, along with homepage sliders to showcase your business goals and motives, to give your customers a good first-hand experience.

The specialty of these consulting WordPress themes is the inclusion of various plugins that make every customization and functionality of the website very useful for your customers.

There are social media plugins to allow users to share your website’s content on various social networks which will help you to grow your user base stronger day by day.

You can also use Search Engine optimization (SEO) plugins to capture top positions in Google rankings that will help you to spread your business proposals to more audiences. In today’s world, the usage of smartphones and other portable devices has increased several folds.

So in order to capture that market base, consulting WordPress Themes will make your website optimized for use both with mobile and other portable devices, so that no customers are left in a corner.

In short, if you want to overcome all the hassle of developing a website from scratch the consulting website themes will be the best thing to consider which will not only save your time and money but will also help in promoting and advertising your firm to the ever growing internet and web users.

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