SKT Skill Bar

SKT Skill Bar


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Features of SKT Skill Bar Plugin

  • Fully Responsive and 100% tested for Google mobile friendly and other types of responsive tools as well
  • Several devices tested and found to be working just fine with them as well
  • Different styles of circle, gage as well as bar kind of skills have been showcased
  • Simple shortcodes are given and one can change the color codes through them
  • Easy to use and change the text color and the images colors of the bars as well easily
  • Fancy style of jquery style bars, half circle as well as full circle bars have been showcased
  • Different percentages can be showcased easily

SKT Skill Bar has been designed and coded in such a way that people can easily place the skill bar without any issues on their websites.

SKT Skill bar uses are many and can be used to showcase a persons resume and skills.

It can be used to showcase a students skills.

It can be used in resume format kind of websites to showcase personal skills.

It can be used in a corporate website to showcase successfully completed projects.

Pending projects and their timelines can be showcased.

It can also be used in banking websites as well as other industrial websites too.

Skills and their bars can be used for companies as well as personal uses too and can be used for any type of websites.

Installation Steps:

Easy installation via plugins section in your WordPress Dashboard.

Once the plugin is installed all you have to do is click on the settings page and checkout the shortcodes for various SKT Skill bars.

Once you copy the shortcode paste it into a page or post description area.

And then change the color using color code as well as the various percentage and the type of skills you need one can add.

One can add number of skills as well as showcase the different skills as per the type of SKT skill bar they choose.

One can also showcase percentages as well as bars and gages differently.

Personal as well as companies and online resumes can use it effectively.

Change Log

  1. Updated September 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts