Poultry Farm - Poultry farm WordPress theme

Poultry Farm - Poultry farm WordPress theme
Change Log
  • Updated July 2024
  • Working With Latest WordPress Version
  • Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  • Updated to work with PHP 8+
  • Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  • Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  • Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare
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Theme Features

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Features of Poultry farm WordPress theme

  • Poultry farm WordPress theme is the latest collection for enhancing your business purposes.
  • A website created with this Poultry farm WordPress theme will give the best solution for a regular source of income.
  • The Poultry farm WordPress theme will add high value to your business.
  • Plus, it will be a good platform to provide a part-time and full-time job opportunity.
  • With the little cost investment, you can build a connection widely.
  • One can sell high nutritional eggs and meat online.
  • One can double their income by taking a few steps for the search engine optimization process.
  • The poultry farm WordPress theme suits for farm food, fresh food, gardening, farming, Eco-friendly products, Eco farming, and cattle farming businesses.
  • This WordPress template is Gutenberg optimized for using block editor.
  • Each and every web page is tested with high-resolution images.
  • The Poultry farm WordPress theme is compatible with all visual composer versions like 5.1.x, 4.12.x, etc.
  • Plus different page builders are compatible. By default the theme has set with the elementor page builder.
  • The Poultry farm WordPress theme and plugins that are supportable all are licensed with GPL.
  • One can share out this theme with whomever you want to.
  • In one click you will be able to install the theme setup.
  • All web pages are featured by using HTML and CSS code.
  • The responsive feature of a theme will avail to start your own blogging website.
  • We assure you that the web template is an only ideal platform for your next organic product.
  • The Poultry farm WordPress theme has an international design structure to drive more attention to your business.
  • The use of animation effects will give your business details in an effective way.
  • Very easy to replace images, add content, remove elements, etc.
  • Make use of shortcodes for adding an element or a page.
  • SEO optimized for a future pint of view. Hence the page is user-friendly too.
  • Supports all over 900+ Google fonts.
  • WooCommerce compatibility feature will help you to create an online store.
  • Fully responsive with high screen sizes.
  • The minimal design approach will make your website look simple but clean.
  • Each layout and plugin compatible are customizable.
  • Awesome theme setting is given to design a website as you want.
  • Allowed custom background. A custom background can be added by setting options.
  • Without saving the modifications one can view the changes in real-time with live customizer option.
  • You can add different patterns and textures to the background image.
  • One can create a number of websites with a high-quality Poultry farm WordPress theme.
  • The poultry farm WordPress theme is designed with a powerful sense of advanced UI and UX design.
  • You will have access to more than 5 web templates.
  • It supports the third party plugin.
  • Provided supports with email/skype and forum.
  • A multilingual plugin like WPML, .PO and .MO files all are supported.
  • NextGenGallery plugin is supported for giving gallery view to the collection of images.
  • 5 level drop-down menu will guide you to increase the website performance and interface.
  • Multiple blogs can be created on a website.
  • We used the latest WordPress version and for future updates, you will be notified.
  • A bundle of options is provided to make an online store just like your dream.
  • Sliders can be provided to the product images.
  • One can sell any products or grains or crops with users all around the world.
  • We will help you to make a website well furnished and well-formatted.
  • One will have an option to choose portfolio layouts too.
  • The easy visual interface will avail your users to experience your services.
  • For more functionality, anytime install a theme from WordPress URL.
  • Essential grid slider, crelly slider, and others are coherent.
  • Contact form 7 and various security plugin will keep your website secure from hackers.
  • In the very first look, you can gain more user attention by making use of customizable layouts, widgets, and elements.
  • You will be surprised if you know that the SKTTHEMES will provide you assistance for the next 1 year.
  • Along with the support free documentation has been declared to provide you.
  • The Poultry farm WordPress theme is constructed by keeping all development environments in mind.
  • You can check the demo content by visiting a demo link.
  • Once satisfied with the features and functionality of a theme you can purchase it by clicking on the “Buy Now” button.
  • Our team will be dedicatedly working to provide you full customer support.
  • Hence, the Poultry farm WordPress theme is flawless for organic farming and domestic fresh market.

If we talk about farming and agriculture it meaning we are thinking for a previous life age. The peaceful, joy and quietness. We think about the days we have spent on the farmhouse or villages. We are talking about the previous life of a farming business but now as a technology has been enhanced the demand for agriculture business is also expanding. Because of unhealthy lifestyle user searches for organic products, food to consume and live for long years.

For today’s lifestyle, it is very important to know which types of crops we intakes are the quality products or just an artificial. Maximum people do searches for organic and naturals products that are free from hormones, chemicals and fertilizes. They see a label first of an organic tag and then they purchase it.

In the same way, poultry farming business is the most demandable business widely. Poultry farming can be considered as a process of increasing domesticated birds for producing a large number of eggs, meat and plumes production. And the most demandable bird for commercial poultry farming is a chicken. More than 6000 million chickens per year are increasing for eggs and meat. The process of producing more eggs is known as layer chicken and the process of producing chicken for preparing a meat is known as broiler chicken.

If you looking to start a poultry farm business then it is a good idea but only establishing an offline or physical business is not sufficient for generating income. Some people invest their all saving for establishing physical farm business but they forget to think about their users. How they will come to you? Will your business accessible from any corner of the world? And more. If you are also limited to this stuff then you are lacking many important things. Within a less investment, you can reach to all people by strategic your work as per customer need. The only solution is a website.

Some benefits of this poultry business website.

Low cost online presence

You will require a low cost to start a business as with small areas you can start your business plus once going online you can sell millions of eggs per year. We will help you in creating a website with Poultry farm WordPress theme

In a short time you can reach out to the world you can provide international shipping too.

You will be able to get more profit in a short period of time by enhancing your business for Search engine results.

High maintenance will not need as we will take care of your website for the next 1 year at free of cost.

You dont need any government license to open an online business. The Poultry theme has already licensed with GNU and GPL means you can use it anytime, anywhere

You will be on high demand as you will be providing nutritious products, full of protein and fresh chickens.

As a result, non-vegetarian people also look for fresh eggs and chickens to maintain their health and body. With the Poultry farm WordPress theme, you can provide fresh eggs to your customers that are full of nutritious and good taste.

Easy to add information

In each business area if you sell a product or service price range, the quality of a product, shipping charges, and customer support matters. Thus you can provide all these details by creating a seperate section. Highlight these terms with the Google fonts and typography options.

Neat and clean website

The neat and clean website is always preferable by most of the business owners due to complexity level owners ignore such themes that have variant animations, visual effects, etc. A simple but good looking website can appeal your thoughts in a strong way plus such a website leaves a mark on every person’s mind. We are aware of the fact that most of the poultry business owners belong to the non-technical field.

Bug free

Hence they will not be able to solve technical errors and impossible for you to find a bugs. But the Poultry farm WordPress theme is a web template that does not have any bugs plus in case you face any issue during customization connect with the customer support immediately.

We will give you a solution over it within some minutes or hours. Till date we have never taken days to reply a customer. Additional live chat option is there on our website to get directly connected with one of our team member. And the solution for non technical person over coding is that the theme is code free and developer free means you never need a help of any technical person to apply the changes. You yourself is a developer and designer too for your website. You can make a professional website without writing any code.


This poultry farm WordPress theme is responsive and mobile friendly. It has been tested with variety of user devices which are either hand held or desktop, laptop or HD monitors.

Also the template has been extensively tested with various browsers for cross browser compatibility.

Booking options

Contact forms are provided so that any customer who might be a wholesaler or distributor or retailer can contact the farm for more details or share their requirements for a call back.

Also appointment booking and scheduling options is also provided using this poultry farm WordPress theme.

Simple other options like google map location so that someone can directly visit the farm themselves check the area and then book an order can also be done.

Phone numbers are also displayed clearly for someone to enquire on the phone before placing orders or to contact them for further details.

Call to action

Call to action is important as people who visit your website should at all times know where to click to contact the business or should be guided through with easy navigation. Hence call to action is important for lead generation as well as user interaction.


Poultry farm products like egg and chicken can be used to share some recipes online. These recipes can make users aware of the better ways poultry can make delicious dishes and how they can involve poultry products into their daily lives.


Certifications from government authorities of vaccinations to the poultry chicks. Also certifications of hygiene and other prerequisites can help enable the business gain more better recognition and prospects will trust the business more. Certifications help in gaining more trust and hence displaying them are fruitful in the website.

User reviews

In this poultry farm WordPress theme we have testimonials section which can have user name, image, their review about the business and experience. Dispplaying them in a good way will help other users realize the experience they had. Also one can link to other third party user reviews too and display some of them like Google reviews. Reviews also increase trust in a business.

About the farm

This section can include about the farm, its history, team members and their detailed profiles and bio. The mission and vision statement and other important details about the farm.

WooCommerce online shop

Many B2B businesses are focussing on having direct B2C business with consumers to avoid middlemen invovled. And hence an online eCommerce direct store is the option in this case. Using this poultry farm WordPress theme one can easily set up WooCommerce and get users to directly purchase the products via the farm.


Articles and tips and news about the farm can be published. A blog can become an informal option for users to interact with the business via commenting and also helps the business remain in news and also have the business share tips, news and press releases about themselves easily without any additional hassle.


Frequently asked questions about hygiene, about the company, why to deal with the company and difference with competition and other such frequently asked common queries can be answered in this section using a simple accordion style or directly questions and answers given.

SEO optimized

SEO optimized poultry farm WordPress theme. SEO wise coding has been done. SEO plugins compatibility is also tested to have a search engine friendly website and have a better ranking website.

Fast loading

Any business nowadays desires a faster website and faster performing site. Hence this poultry farm WordPress theme has been created with minimal scripts and to perform in all condtions. Also we have ensured that this template is compatible with cache plugins to have a better loading speed and to pass in page speed insights and core web vitals.

Also CDN compatibility is also tested and can be useful to have faster loading of images and assets to have minimal load in maximum traffic.

Security plugins

Secured coding has been done as per WordPress theme review standards. Also security plugins compatibility is done so that one can have a worry free website which is secured.

Drag and drop page builder

This poultry farm WordPress theme is compatible with Elementor and hence it becomes easy for people without any technical knowledge to easily edit the website without any issues. No coding knowledge is fine and you are still able to edit the website effectively.


Any business needs portfolio both images and video showcase to display products.

In this case poultry farm WordPress theme can display poultry related products nicely. Also videos of how the poultry is done can also be shared.

Realistic photos and videos make the prospect or users feel that the business is genuine.

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Also Included with Poultry farm WordPress theme

  • Theme Files

    Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased

  • Sample Content

    1 click demo import to set up all the content of all pages easily

  • Support

    You will get a login for our support forum and our email ID and Skype ID after purchasing a theme

  • PSD Design Files

    Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so. All Themes Bundle users will have to demand PSD files since including so many PSD files is not possible. Single theme users can get the PSD design files on demand.

  • Free Installation

    You will get free installation if you request us to install the Poultry farm WordPress theme on your server with demo content