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Nutritionist coach WordPress theme
Change Log
  • Updated April 2024
  • Working With Latest WordPress Version
  • Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  • Updated to work with PHP 8+
  • Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  • Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  • Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare
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  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
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  • Less plugins compatible
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  • Less flexibility
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Features of Nutritionist coach WordPress theme based website

Appointment booking system: The Nutritionist Coach WordPress theme is readily compatible with appointment booking plugins like BookingPress, SKT Appointment booking plugin, appointment booking calendar and others. This can include a calendar showing availability and the ability to select desired time slots.

Nutrition plans showcase: Sample nutrition plans on how to keep yourself healthy. Plans on how to keep your weight under check. On how to lose weight fast or gain weight. Also, the Nutritionist Coach WordPress theme can have detailed descriptions about those plans and if you wish to sign up with the Nutritionist to get access to these detailed diet plans.

Client testimonials: Testimonials show a reliability factor for anyone. So if reviews or testimonials are showcased it adds like a social proof of how trustworthy the nutritionist is and how they can be helpful.

A blog for nutrition tips: A blog is a page which can various posts about tips of how to remain health and nutritious. Regularly posting recipes and tips and tricks of nutrition will make the blog rank higher in search engines.

Responsive UI UX: The Nutritionist Coach WordPress theme is responsive in nature and has been designed and developed and tested across browsers as well as devices to make it mobile friendly and responsive.

Social media integration: The Nutritionist Coach WordPress theme consists of social media pack icons which can be used nicely and integrated with any social media platforms. Nowadays with the boom in social media and more personalization happening brands want people to connect with them online. This also builds trust about the social media.

Newsletter sign up: Building an email list of subscribers so that you can have brand loyalty and brand advocates. Also these people will become brand loyal and can advise people for signing up on this newsletter for health and nutrition tips. Visitors of the website also would want to hear back from you about promotions and new offers. Also some combo deals about diet plans etc. A book on health can also be launched and distributed via newsletter.

Resource library: A resources section can have books about how to live a healthy lifestyle. Recipe lists and books on how to create healthy home made meals and food.

FAQ section: Frequently asked questions about the diet plans and if someone skips a diet chart for some days and other queries with regards to someone who is diabetic and if the recipe includes sugar then its alternative etc. Frequently asked questions will answer everything to remove doubts from people’s mind. You can add FAQs using SKT Elementor Add ons.

Benefits for the nutritionist coach in the long run

Increased client base: A well designed Nutritionist Coach WordPress theme based website will increase the online visibility. Your website will be available 24×7. Also the website will have clear information about everything including contact information. This will definitely lead to more footfalls in your location as well as appointment bookings.

Time efficiency: Online appointment bookings and FAQs are tools to save time and does not require any human intervention. Imagine earlier people used to ask all queries on call. A separate receptionist would be sitting all day answering the calls and making people aware of the commonly asked questions and their answers. Also for booking appointments also they will check the schedule calendar. Now all of this is automated thanks to the Nutritionist Coach WordPress theme based website.

Trust: An online website definitely builds trust and credibility. With all genuine information about the Nutritionist Coach customers also feel like what they will be getting in return. Testimonials, gallery and clinic photos will tell them that this place is for real.

Client retention: Newsletters, Appointment reminders monthtly and quaterly will keep the customer in toe. It will also remind the customer that they need to visit the Nutritionist Coach for guidance. This will definitely create client retention.

Improved SEO: An online website which is kept updated with regular blog posts and tips as well as diet plans and recipes will definitely get more traction and see improved local SEO. It will also get more visibility for the business.

The Nutritionist Coach WordPress theme core features

Custom Post types: Custom post type plugins like ACF and other plugins are compatible. It is important that one can make use of these post types to create specific services. Diet meal plans and recipes section. Also SKT Addons for Elementor has some wonderful 100+ add ons which can be made use of.

Page Templates: Page templates like canvas for without header and footer layout. This layout can be useful for creating a landing page for PPC paid ads or creating special promotion pages for seasons.

Customizable Fonts: Since the Nutritionist Coach WordPress theme is compatible with Elementor fonts can be easily customized. Typography changed, bold, italic, cyrillic and other options are available. Fonts and font formats are available to the user.

Colors: Color picker is given for the page builder to change colors of the pages and the sections.

Plugin Compatibility: Other plugins like WooCommerce compatible for eCommerce products and having an online shop. Then form plugins for enquiries. Other plugins like appointment booking calendar and event calendar. Newsletter plugins and post types etc.

Documentation and Support: Complete documentation is provided along with this free Nutritionist Coach WordPress theme which means one can make use of the documentation to easily edit the website without any issues.

Fast loading: Nowadays a user does not have much time. Hence your website should be created in such a way it is faster and quicker. A fast loading website will lead to good search results, less bounce rate and more customers checking more pages.

Security measures: The coded template has been made with the help of WordPress theme review standards and codex standards. Also security plugins like iThemes security, WordFence and sucuri tested along with this theme for compatibility. This way the business is also ensured of no issues from malware and hacks.

Latest version update:

Compatibility check with WordPress version 6.5
Footer credentials tweaked.

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Also Included with Nutritionist coach WordPress theme

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