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japanese restaurant WordPress theme
Change Log
  • Updated April 2024
  • Working With Latest WordPress Version
  • Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  • Updated to work with PHP 8+
  • Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  • Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  • Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare
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Theme Features

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Features of Japanese restaurant WordPress theme

  • SKT Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is designed for restaurant owners or food service providers who offer Japanese foods like Sushi, Ramen, and other delicacies.
  • Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is a versatile theme; hence, it serves a wide range of industrial purposes.
  • Elementor page builder has been put to use for coding this Japanese restaurant WordPress theme.
  • A spacious recipe section is available for showcasing several recipes at ease.
  • This Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is very mobile-friendly and supports almost every mobile device.
  • Being 100% responsive, the SKT Sushi WordPress theme suits almost any screen size.
  • It is incorporated with maximum resolution and makes sure that it looks amazing on every device.
  • This Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is highly customizable, and almost everything, right from the colors, fonts, and animations, to the background, everything can be changed the way you want.
  • You get a color picker with this Japanese restaurant WordPress theme, allowing you to change the color of almost every element.
  • For facilitating improved homepage management, tons of options are there for you.
  • Also, this theme is compatible with several Calendar plugins to showcase your special offer in your restaurant or if you are organizing a special event.
  • The SKT Sushi WordPress theme is RTL compliant.
  • This theme is 100% compatible with NewsLetter and MailChimp.
  • You get a separate member section to showcase the details of your master chef.
  • This theme has been tested with several browsers and is compatible with almost every renowned browser.
  • As it is very lightweight, it loads very fast and reduces drop-outs of the customers from your website.
  • The layout panel has been incorporated with this theme to use it at ease.
  • This Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is compatible with Ninja forms and contact form 7 and comes with an individual contact form.
  • For enhancing your shopping experience, the SKT sushi WordPress theme is armed with WooCommerce.
  • This theme is tested with 5-level deep dropdowns.
  • This is multilingual and translation ready, and therefore your customers can read it in the language they like.
  • It comes with page layouts having sidebar control.
  • The Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is friendly with sidebar widgets, and you can add as many as you want.
  • A separate sidebar has been available for you for your posts and blogs.
  • For the sections like team, gallery. etc., custom post types are available.
  • This theme is compatible with shortcodes, and already, 100 shortcodes are added beforehand.
  • CSS3 and HTML5 have been put to use for coding this theme.
  • This theme comes with more than 500 social icons.
  • More than 1300 Google fonts have been made available with this Japanese restaurant WordPress theme.
  • This theme has been checked using Codex.
  • A complete SEO-friendly coding has been done while crafting this theme.
  • It comes with an in-built slider and allows you to change the slider according to your needs.
  • Plenty of blog layouts have been made available with this WordPress theme.
  • Apart from testimonials, several other blocks are there for you to facilitate convenience.
  • The footer and heater section is widget-friendly.
  • You can use the featured image to change the inner page banner as well.
  • This Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is compatible with the NextGen gallery.
  • The theme is formulated with a touch of modernity and clean design.
  • Flat graphics have been put to use so that executing things with this theme becomes easy.
  • This offers you a CTA option on both top and bottom.
  • The WordPress theme is tested with several SEO plugins like All in One SEO and Yoast SEO and is compatible.
  • This Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is also compatible with tons of Cache Plugins.
  • Many booking plugins like Bookings, WooCommerce Bookings, Ultra booking pro, etc., are compatible with this theme.

Other features of Japanese restaurant WordPress theme

Physical with tech integration: Technology has evolved, and it is difficult to make a business thrive just with a physical store. Therefore, you need to get online and make a website. Of course, you may have any kind of website. But you will need to make sure that your website is incorporated with the correct theme because this is what makes you and your website look unique in the crowd.

Showcase offerings: You can see several websites offering the same kind of services and purposes. Therefore, something unique is needed to be done to stand out from the crowd. For instance, if you are a Japanese restaurant owner offering dishes like Sushi, Tempura, etc., what you need is an attractive Japanese restaurant WordPress theme.

A lot of businesses nowadays fade off as soon as they emerge. The primary reason behind this is their lack of effort to keep their online presence intact, and they fail to spread what they offer.

So, when you are a restaurant owner, it is all about offering high-quality food to your customers to satisfy their hunger. All you need to tell people through your website is the foods and facilities you offer or the factors that make your restaurant different from others.

Clean design: SKT Sushi is a Japanese restaurant WordPress theme that is catered to the needs of the food and beverage industry and the chefs as well. This is a clean and exciting theme when you can boast about your products with tons of colors and excellent-looking images.

Compatible with recipe plugin: This Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is compatible with plugins like the recipe Plugin, and you can also make use of it to show recipes. In addition, several shortcodes are included that allow you to showcase your food offerings excitingly.

Page builder friendly: It comes with an in-built slider that allows you to change the images by including up to 12 slides, and you can add descriptions along with titles on every slide. Also, the color of the descriptions and titles can be changed at ease.
Pause control and animation control features are also there to control the animation you want to display on your website. Just with a few clicks, the colors of the whole website can be changed by using the Elementor page builder.

This Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is not just related to Japanese food and recipes. So, apart from this, you can offer other foods to expand your business. Different sections are made available for you to showcase your different food offerings in those sections.

Also, being a Japanese Restaurant owner, you will need to earn more than you invest. So, this Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is the best way to spread a buzz about your business.

As everything boils down to your chosen theme, this Japanese restaurant WordPress theme can be a very fruitful choice for your Japanese restaurant business. This WordPress theme is versatile and multipurpose and offers you everything you need to keep up with your business. You can boast about everything you have got at your restaurant for your customers.

Professional: SKT Sushi WordPress theme comes with a professional touch, and it has enough features to make your website highly appealing, and this WordPress theme can be put to use for any kind of professional website page.
Moreover, it is easy to install, and there is no need for you to seek guidance for accessing the special features as you can do everything all by yourself.

Exclusive features and promotions: To make your website look catchy and remarkable, exclusive features have been used while developing this Japanese restaurant WordPress theme. It is the best problem-solver for restaurant owners looking to expand their wings. The state-of-the-art design and powerful yet simple features allow you to opt for website personalize at ease.

Homepage is CTA friendly: The homepage is equally elegant and attractive. The in-built CTA button allows the customers to get connected to you with a single button click. Moreover, every element present on the homepage can be customized the way you want.

Coded as per theme review: In-depth coding has been done. But you always have the option to personalize the whole website within minutes. For convenience, an importer of demo content has been made available. SKT Sushi is lucrative and authentic and gives you sufficient space to showcase your contact information, location, details about branches (if any), menu, images, and videos of anything that you want. In addition, a different section for client testimonials is available, facilitating transparency and eventually establishing trust among your customer base.

WooCommerce friendly for online deliveries: This Japanese restaurant WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce. Therefore, you can offer cashless options. Now the customers can book their tables from the comfort of their homes, and they can pay you the booking online at ease. WooCommerce makes money transactions a breeze and helps in instant money transfers.

Newsletter integration possible: SKT Sushi WordPress theme is well-compatible with NewsLetter and MailChimp. You can use these to keep your customers informed about the latest foods, prices, discounts, events, new openings, and more.

Search engine friendly template: Besides, it is search-engine friendly. This means when you use this theme, it boosts the conversion rate and helps you rank higher in the SERPs. It is mobile-friendly as well and can run smoothly on every mobile device.

This Japanese restaurant WordPress theme has incorporated every latest feature, making it elegant, classy, and simple. This can prove to be the best weapon for you to overpower your competitors in the market. To all the restaurant owners who want to offer good food to their customers, SKT Sushi theme is what you need to make a powerful impact on your customers.

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