SKT Divi Perfume - Divi Child Theme

SKT Divi Perfume - Divi Child Theme
Change Log
  • Updated July 2024
  • Working With Latest WordPress Version
  • Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  • Updated to work with PHP 8+
  • Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  • Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  • Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare
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Theme Features

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SKT Divi Child Theme

This SKT Divi child theme is a worthy option comprising uncountable features and functions that can make your site prosper greatly.

Works with Divi page builder

It is highly customizable. Being a Divi child theme of the parent Divi builder plugin, it is incredibly reliable and can be easily modified as per your requirements. However, you must ensure that you have the parent Divi theme to use this theme. Creating new page layouts and templates is completely effortless with it. The changes can be made by simple tweaking and tuning of codes. It is very easy to operate; hence, even if you are a newbie user, you can easily run this Divi Child theme without encountering any additional hassle or disturbances.

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to find the perfect business idea? Undoubtedly, with the growing population and business initiatives, it is difficult to establish your business. You will find multiple businesses of the same niche, and this is what makes it utterly difficult for new entrepreneurs to spring up. To make their business prosper well, they will need to put in a lot of time, energy, and effort. Are you willing to join this race, too? If yes, get ready to give it your best if you wish to harvest fruitful results.

If you want to start a business that can immediately get recognition, you can invest in the perfume and fragrances industry or any other eCommerce industry. For ages, this industry has been flourishing vividly as people are always looking for the best perfumes and fragrances. So, if you are in search of a business idea that can forever bloom and prosper, undoubtedly, you can opt for it. Though there are millions of popular business niches that you can invest in, it stands to be one of the most favored ones due to the consistency of its demand. So, it will be a wise decision to opt for.

Online presence

When you start a business related to perfumes and fragrances, you will need a good online presence as well to bring the perfect amount of exposure to your business and trade. It can only be done by creating an online brand presence. Opening a website is the perfect solution to it. You can easily bring ample quantities of exposure to your business by creating a website for it. It will enable potential customers from all around the world to check out your business and purchase products.

However, to make your website successful, the main thing you will need to do is pick the most appropriate website Divi child theme. On the web, you are sure to find millions of options claiming to be the best. But, if you want to create a commercial website based on perfumes and fragrances, no other option can prove to be more efficient than SKT Divi Perfume.

User friendly with typography and color options

Also, as it comes with a super user-friendly interface, you will not even be required to learn coding to operate it. So, it will be the perfect decision to opt for SKT Divi Perfume if you are an amateur. Documentation regarding the rules and regulations of the Divi Child theme is provided with it. You will even get concise demo content for your convenience. By going through the documentation and demo content, operating it will be completely effortless. This SKT Divi child theme comes Integrated with multiple options of Google fonts, background images, and colors.

A commercial website related to perfumes and fragrances needs to be highly stylish in appearance and should mandatorily comprise an essence of beauty and royalty to lure customers. All the info related to you should be dynamically presented. Also, the site should not look too decorative. SKT Divi Perfume is designed specifically in that way. So, even if you find numerous other options available for your commercial site, it will never achieve the perfection that it will get by using this Divi Child theme.

Cross selling and Upselling with related products

Besides perfumes and fragrances, it can even be used for various other products as well. You can use it for cosmetics, feminine products, incense, and other similar websites as well. So, if you are planning to open such a website, you can readily do it. But be careful in picking the appropriate Divi Child theme for it. Lest your website will remain unnoticed and unrecognized, which you will surely not want, right?

Similar to fragrances, cosmetics have always been in high demand as well. They serve as an essential unit of every woman’s vanity. So, if you start a cosmetic delivery business, you will always stay in business as customers will keep ordering from your site regardless of the season or occasion. Also, if you want to create something more innovative, you can start your own brand of cosmetics. It will require a lot more courage and effort, but once it gains popularity, the results will undoubtedly be fruitful.

A cosmetic or feminine shop website will mandatorily need to look sophisticated enough to make the customers interested in visiting the site. Similarly, if you want to invest in the incense industry, you will need a similar website layout to a perfume and fragrances site. Incenses are quite necessary in everyone’s household as well. Opening such a website hence can be useful. So, to make your customers keep coming back, try to go with the best option.

Cross browser compatible

Are you looking for a versatile option? Switch to SKT Divi Perfume, undoubtedly. It is one of the most versatile commercial themes you will ever find. As this SKT Divi child theme comes with the striking feature of multi-browser compatibility, running it on any browsing platform will never be an issue of concern. All popular browsers work perfectly fine with it. Do you want to run it on Google browser? You can readily do that. It can even be smoothly operated on Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, Thunderbird, etc.

Responsive and cross device compatible

Not only is it compatible with multiple browsers, but it comes with the feature of cross-device compatibility, too. Being cross-device tested, you can operate it on any device. For instance, are you looking forward to operating it on your laptop? You can easily do that without facing any negative consequences. Otherwise, if you wish to run it on other devices such as PCs, tablets, etc., you can readily do that. Additionally, it can even be operated on your mobile phone. Being mobile-friendly, it has efficiently qualified the Google’s mobile-friendly test. SKT Divi Perfume can be operated on multiple devices regardless of its resolution.

Since time immemorial, perfumes have been great gift items due to their high versatility. Indeed, they are highly versatile gift items that can be given to almost anybody on any occasion. Also, they are considered to be highly virtuous gift items. You will rarely come across someone who is not fond of perfumes. So, as these are excellent gift items, people are always in search of the best products to gift their loved ones.

Online shopping eCommerce template

Nowadays, people prefer online shopping a lot more than outdoor shopping. Hence, it is very common that they will look to the internet to find the best site for perfumes and fragrances. Hence, if you build an online presence on the web, it will make you connected to more buyers all over the world. You can mention the ingredients and other details regarding your products on the website. It will make it even easier and more convenient for the buyers.

You can also use SKT Divi Perfume, the perfect SKT Divi child theme if you are related to the export and import of perfumes. Many people prefer to wear branded perfumes and fragrances nowadays. Hence, the export and import business has been in high bloom recently. You can also start an export and import business if you find it lucrative enough.

User reviews and testimonials

A website will also enable your customers to leave their valuable reviews, which will help your business flourish in the future. Reviews are incredibly essential for a business as they provide a sense of reliability and assurance. When your customers are satisfied with your products or service, they will leave a satisfactory review, which will, in turn, help other potential buyers to make their decisions in commencing business with your site. Overall, when running a business website, the Divi Child theme you choose should be appropriate.

WooCommerce compatible

It is integrated with the WooCommerce builder plugin. Hence, if you want to commence financial transactions with it, you can easily do that without undergoing any hassle. Running a commercial theme undoubtedly requires financial transactions. If you stick with an option that’s not compatible with the WooCommerce builder plugin, you will not be able to run smooth and swift financial transactions and services. Hence, picking this Divi Child theme can be a great initiative. Multiple CTA buttons are integrated with SKT Divi Perfume.

Call to action

CTA buttons are an essential part of any website as they act as a medium of direct communication between the customers and the website. Through the help of the CTA buttons, your customers will be easily able to purchase products, book services, and ask questions. Hence, picking a theme comprising CTA buttons is a favorable decision to go for.

SEO friendly Divi child theme

Another praiseworthy feature that it contains is SEO integration. Being SEO-integrated, this SKT Divi child theme will enable your site to achieve a commendable rank in the Google search engine, making it appear on top of the suggestions list in the search bar. This feature will undoubtedly provide more exposure to your site.

Header and footer layouts

This Divi child theme has header and footer layout options so that one can easily choose to have their own style of header and footer options using the same.

Global layouts

Page and post layouts are also provided so that the website owner can take advantage of the layout options to have unique page and post experience for their users and visitors.

Custom modules

Some custom modules and custom post or page options have been added in this child template. Some WooCommerce custom pages too have been designed.


CSS3 animations are enabled to give the user a pleasing scrolling experience while checking the website.

Widget friendly

Widget friendly so that different widgets like pricing comparison, custom HTML and banners and ad widgets can be added.

Performance optimized

Minified CSS and JS as well as compatibility with cache plugins make this template performance wise superior. Also compatilibity with CDN plugins ensures faster web page experience for users leading to less bounce rate and exits.


Simple documentation is done so that it becomes easier for users to set up the Divi child theme and make the edits. Rest Divi theme already has extensive documentation of page builder as well as the main theme using which one can do customization.

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