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    Sonnal S SinhaSonnal S Sinha
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    Remove previous CSS which i sent.

    Ans add this New CSS there

    #topmenu ul li.current-menu-item a:link, #topmenu ul li.current-menu-item a:visited, #topmenu ul li.current-menu-parent a:link, #topmenu ul li.current_page_parent a:visited, #topmenu ul li.current-menu-ancestor a:link, #topmenu ul li.current-menu-ancestor a:visited {
        color: #282828 !important;
    #topmenu ul li.current-menu-item a:hover {
        color: #fea700 !important;

    Hope this help


    Ruheene JauraRuheene Jaura
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    That didn’t work either unfortunately (you can check the link again:, but thanks for trying. I’ll just leave this as-is for now.

    On a different note, could you help me add icons next to the contact info in my footer please? I’ve turned the address, phone and email into links, but it would be great to have a locator pin, phone and envelope icon next to each of them respectively.

    Sonnal S SinhaSonnal S Sinha
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    Footer area is widget friendly.

    So you can remove the one part which we have and replace it with widget having font awesome icons and text.


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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