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What We Offer?

1 Minute free Signup

1 Minute free Signup

Just add your email address, URL of your website, and now set a strong password. And you are ready to start sending traffic.

Lengthy Affiliate Cookies

Lengthy Affiliate Cookies

Suppose, a person is visiting our website with the help of an affiliate link, he/she will remain for 30 days and thus they will get commissions.

Resources for promotion

Resources for Promotion

To influence the affiliate business, images play a vital role and thus we are all set with professional-looking images.

Realtime Reporting

Realtime Reporting

For every successful referral purchase, an email notification will be sent.

Monthly Payouts

Monthly Payouts

You will get paid on the 15th date of next month.

Regular Promotions

Regular Promotions

We celebrate most occasions so you can promote our WordPress products during festivals as well.

What You Will Get?

50% Commission

For all our products we are offering a flat 50% commission. The rate is similar for themes as well as plugins.

Payout Limit

There is a payout limit. You will get paid when the referral amount reaches $150 USD.

Advanced Analytics

As per the date, you can check the conversion matrix and traffic.

Easy, just follow these 4 simple steps

How To Become An

Sign Up

Sign Up

Get Approval

Get Approval

Start Promoting

Start Promoting

Get Paid

Get Paid

Affiliate FAQs

What are the approval criteria for the SKT Themes affiliate program?

We do accept only full-time professional affiliate marketers. In case, you dont have similar content on your website plus do not have any content about WordPress products, then there are more chances of getting your application rejected.

To get accepted, you must share these things in the affiliate program

Facebook group link
YouTube channel or video link
A website link or a blog post
Or any other profile where we can see our products.

How does the Affiliate program actually work?

On your social media handles or a website you can write reviews plus you can use a referral links to divert traffic to our website. You will get a 50% commission if a visitor purchases anything from us from the first-order value. We suggest you post reviews in the form of videos as well.

Do you approve coupon sites?

No, we do not accept the coupon site or coupon to signup for our affiliate program.

How long it will take to accept the account?

As soon as we receive the affiliate signup we try to approve it but it might take 24 hours to accept the signup. And if you have requested affiliate signup during government holidays or weekends, then it will take max. 30 hours to approve the request.

How I can promote SKT Themes?

You might have a website where you write about WordPress themes and plugins, or you might post tricks and tips about web designing and development by adding banner images of ours to promote our products. You can even write reviews about our products, or simply you can compare our product with the similar one of our competitors.

Even you can simply add instructional video on YouTube and make use of links on the description. You can share our blog posts or tweet about our product with the help of an affiliate ID along with the link. To promote the products on the web you will find different ways. Some users also might promote our products offline such as x banners, magazines, and brochures at any event.

Per sale how much commission I will receive?

On the first order, we do offer a 50% commission. This means a customer might purchase multiple or single products on their first order. On the total order amount, you will receive a 50% commission. For example, if customer A is ordering 3 products which is equal to 150 US Dollars. So you will get a 50% commission for that order.

What will be the less payout limit?

You will get paid when the referral amount reaches $150 USD.

When I can send a request for withdrawal?

It is important that your commission amount must be older than 30 days to avoid the chargebacks and fraud transactions. Suppose, the order is 30 days older then the commission will be directly sent to your PayPal on next month of 15th day automatically. You don't need to make any kind of manual request.

Why I would require to wait to get paid on day 15th?

To make sure that the payment we got is legit we actually wait for 30 days also the customer will have an opportunity to file a dispute or ask for a refund.

Consider an example, on the 4th day of the month you have made a commission then you will not be qualified for the withdrawal process on the 15th day. This is because it does not fulfill the 30-day rule. Hence, you will get that commission next month.

From my own purchases can I earn commission?

No. Only an individual can make use of affiliate referrals once. And only in case, the user is not registered on our WordPress website. We can recognize from our billing details even if you make use of different email addresses.

From upgrades can I earn commissions?

No, you can not. You will get paid only once when a customer will order for the very first time.

What is the duration of your cookie?

For a max. of 30 days the cookie will be set whenever a user visits our website with the help of your link. Suppose, they failed to clear the cookie and order from a similar device, for that affiliate referral you will get paid.