Fastest Free WordPress Themes for Getting Page Speed Optimised Sites

Speed is the biggest factor in website performance because the user usually looks upto the website which loads faster. plus the performance of a website also results in the conversion rate.

The major advantage of WordPress is that you dont need to break your savings to get your website speed faster. you just need to pick up the well optimize fastest Free WordPress themes that will result in effective loading speed and conversion rates.

To the evidence of WordPress theme performance, we have tested our themes with different speed test. Hence each test has been passed with effective results.

Fastest free WordPress themes

So let’s start, here are some fastest loading free WordPress themes that you willing to have for a long time.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

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Kitchen Design is one of the fastest free WordPress themes 2019 that have been designed for getting into an online presence.

We SKT developers have given all the efforts to create lightweighted, flexible, and clean theme.

This theme does not consist of any complex code. Hence the theme is not dependent on any browsers or devices.

Besides the best performance, Kitchen design is a fabulous versatile because it accepts the feature of customization very easily. This theme is recently used for modeling kitchen design and interior design.

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair

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Now you can use the fastest loading free WordPress themes to create a website for repair business.

Laptop Repair supports all types of page builder. Page builder like Elementor and WPBakery are supported. But goes well with SKT Page builder.

To give a little designing touch to your website you can easily edit this theme by using color options. You can also use the layouts option to set a website layout according to your repair business.

This theme is mostly used to provide services and maintenance.

SKT Solar Energy

Solar Energy

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SKT Solar Energy is the most well known fastest free WordPress theme.

You can check the demo content in a single click before downloading the theme.

You can keep an eye on live changes via a live customizer option. SKT Solar Energy consists of a lightweighted structure that has the latest features.

Some of the latest features that are supported are Multilingual Support, SEO plugin supports, and Social Media Support.

To insert product images and sell the product you can use Gallery plugins, and WooCommerce plugins feature.

In recent times this theme is used by large scale industries such as environmental industry.

SKT Cafe

SKT Cafe

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SKT Cafe supports the latest block editor i.e. Gutenberg editor to provide a different look for a different business website.

Creative writers and photographers can have the best option to create a website using SKT Cafe.

This theme has a option to get 2 different page templates with a maximum 5 different slider image options.

To make a website eCommerce friendly you can add WooCommerce plugins anytime.

This theme has a translation ready feature so you can use WPML plugin to convert pricing details to native languages.

In recent days this theme is used for service industry websites.

Bakers Lite

bakery wordpress theme

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Bakers Lite can be known as the fastest free WordPress theme because the theme is invented with the most recent HTML and CSS code.

It veils the sophisticated code and shows up the simple and elegant design.

To make any changes you need to access the backend.

The backend of Bakers Lite is also user and developer-friendly so there is no point in hard work.

The most elegant theme can be created by giving zero efforts. This theme is earlier useful for advertisement and product sales.

SKT Gardening Lite

gardening landscaping WordPress theme

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Some unwanted features can take time to load.

Hence, SKT Gardening Lite is also the fastest free WordPress theme 2019 because it allows you to disable all that feature you don’t want.

You will have control over your backend to adjust the themes feature and functionality according to your needs.

SKT Gardening focuses more on green color but it can be changed to any other color in the paid version. This theme can be used to show services like lawn, groundskeeper, and agriculture.

SKT Complete

SKT Complete will work faster on each and every device as this theme has no complicated features and functionality.

This theme has a very simple and straightforward design that does not consist of many widgets, sidebars, and no extra settings.

The theme follows the white background design look to get text more highlighted.

To add images you can integrate gallery plugins to showcase your business work portfolio.

If your targeted users are not creative and look forward to having full focus on services rather than the design then this theme will go with your user’s mind structure.

Hence, this theme has a conservative look with plain features.

Natural Herbs Lite

Natural herbs lite can be a blogger’s website. The layouts and blocks of this theme can adapt any designing look.

This theme is for free but can have lots of modules and its features in build.

To create a simple design structure deactivate the plugins and component features you don’t need. The use of fewer components can result to the fastest free WordPress theme.

A different business blog may need different typography styles to highlight important lines and titles.

Hence, you will have limited typography options to access your blog content.

This theme is usually considered for beauty and health-related websites.

SKT Handyman

The center of attraction of this theme is a demo. Because the demo can be viewed in a second.

This theme even doesn’t need a loading symbol to showcase the demo quickly.

The rich design look of this theme makes a standalone for all types of businesses.

This theme can utilize all the features of maintenance and construction business.

However, this theme is created by considering all the standards of the WordPress codex theme review.

Call to action at the top makes the theme more alluring.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services is a hassle-free theme that can be considered as the most efficacious website after redoing the structure using a customization option.

This theme is completely susceptible to every device you prefer.

Every single page of this theme is customized friendly that permits you to edit each and every section very easily and with effortless.

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