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Best 13 WordPress Themes for Personal Websites and Blog Sites

Launching and setting up a personal website or blog have become so accessible and required at present, that a wide range of proposals has been formulated in relation to this. Being one of the basic tools for website creation, WordPress themes offer innumerable options for the client to meet the goals, demands and requirements brought forward. To this or that extent, those WordPress themes for personal websites represent a combination of flexibility, functionality, simplicity in usage and effective interface.

Apart from the qualities set above, each single theme tries to focus on certain type of activity to be covered or some categories of people, who can find the given theme suitable for their individual activity. Keeping this in mind, we have to confess, that the choice of an appropriate theme for personal website becomes not an easy task to complete, and while making a selection of the best from the offered themes, each should try to find some kind of guideline for him.

We are going to present such a guideline to your attention, which for sure will be a great support to you. We have picked out best 11 WordPress themes, which can serve as a solid ground for your personal website.

1. Character

personal WordPress theme


Character is the best WordPress themes for personal websites. With this template you can easily communicate with your potential customers and clients. You can shine in the web world with this beautiful template. It will be well suitable design for every kind of single page or a personal website for any business niche. It is included with demo content to know about latest trends. It is optimized with Gutenberg editor. Character is included with custom navigation menu, custom widgets and more.

2. vCard



vCard is a simple but elegant WordPress themes for personal websites that looks great on every mobile device and browsers. The template is very easy to use and update. It will suit best for fashion industry, beauty, spa, and salon. But it will not work for a large scale business because it is a type of business card that will have your own information. Because all images and videos are compatible with retina ready features you will get lots of traffic and conversion rate. vCard is coded with latest code.

3. Girlie



Girlie, as can be suggested by its name, is feminine-centric WordPress theme, designed for different kinds of girlie or women personal usage. With the help of this responsive personal theme, one is able to launch her personal business, activities, like handmade products, photography, any kind of online store, etc. This Google mobile and WooCommerce friendly personal theme comes with different sections, gallery area, default slider on the homepage, which are editable and customizable without any difficulty. Moreover, power packed theme options suggest text color, font and size changes and contact section management.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Google mobile friendly test passed
  • Team area for any members you have in your team
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress
  • Coded with HTML5 & CSS3


4. Nuptials



The next popular personal WordPress theme, which gains advantage over many other suchlike themes, is Nuptials. This is visually impressive and sensitive theme, designed to highlight important moments of your life with all its elegance and radiance. Nupitals is a perfect framework, on which on can build the online version of his or her beautiful life event, whether it be wedding, engagement or some other related event.

About us, photo album, blog sections, slider for large images can be easily filled with the appropriate information and photos. The available pink color of the theme can be changed in order to suit your wishes and needs. Diverse font types and styles also will help you to create an emotional and bright atmosphere for the visitor.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Custom navigation menu
  • Animated Slider which also showcases content along with wide images
  • Events, Contact Us, and other features included to set up your wedding website easily
  • Family members area in About Us section so that one many explain about family members as well


5. Design Agency

design agency


Design Agency is also among the best WordPress themes for personal websites. This responsive and Google mobile friendly WordPress themes for personal websites proves to be another useful framework for websites covering diverse personal topics and subjects, related to photography, portfolio, design activity, hand-made or other creative personal business and the like. Design Agency multifunctional theme offers extended field of applicable features, options and sections, including services, portfolio, blog, shortcode sections to be edited and filled accordingly, e-mail, phone, font and other icons, dropdown level navigation, easy to change background, text and colors. This personal theme shows compatibility with qTranslate X , Nextgen gallery, WooCommerce and Contact Form 7.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Portfolio section to showcase your work with links to details of the project
  • Widgetized sidebars and footer as well as header
  • 650+ Google fonts integrated
  • Blog area with changeable layouts


6. BeFit



Having its visual accent on black and orange, BeFit is praised for being one of the best personal WordPress themes at present. Functional characteristics of this free and graphically motivational theme are conditioned by all-inclusive options and tools, together with its easy to use and manage blocks on the homepage, slider with the availability of adding up to 5 images, functionality with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Nextgen Gallery and SEO standards.
Some of its feature includes:

  • SEO Friendly and SMO friendly
  • Integrated with 500+ Font Awesome Icons
  • Integrated with Google fonts (650+)
  • Integrated with shortcodes more than 100 in number


7. Marvin



One more popular theme, which offers all the favorable conditions for personal website creation for gaining and maintaining a wide range of visitors, is Marvin. This multifunctional theme can lay down the foundation of first-rate personal website, focused on any kind of topic. With its beautiful scrolling single page, profile section, available gallery plugin, skills section, pricing section, blog area and others, Marvin can be used by photographers, designers, photo enthusiasts and many other individuals to make continual visual impact on every single visitor of the website.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Font colors can also be changed
  • vCard download option for easy contact info
  • Skills section to showcase skills
  • Pricing section to let people know your rates


8. IT Consultant

it consultant new


Along with the rising popularity of innumerable websites, blogs, and different online platforms in general, the need of comprehensive IT or programming consultation also becomes of great importance. IT Conslutant theme is also designed first and foremost as a convenient and functional tool for IT or networking consultants, agents, specialists to set forth their professional skills and services. This useful WordPress theme for personal website comes with a default slider, easy to use homepage, social media integration, more than 600 Google fonts and more than 100 shortcodes to provide best functionality of the website.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Contact form with captcha and google map
  • Call to action with header and footer contact
  • Social Media Integrated for increasing social interaction
  • Blog section for increasing more awareness and promotional tips


9. Me



As the name of this theme suggests, Me is individual-centric WordPress theme, which perfectly suits for personal website creation and management. This one page responsive theme includes homepage fancy slider, education section, blog section, gallery section, all-round skill bars, all of which are perfectly envisaged to explore the individual’s strong points, performed and ongoing works, projects, provided services, etc.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Passes Google mobile friendly test
  • Fast loading theme
  • Looks fancy due to animated sections
  • SMO integrated and SEO friendly coding


10. SKT Launch Pro



The next famous and preferable WordPress theme as a framework for personal website, is Pen it. This Ebook Author WordPress theme offers the user all the necessary changes to be undertaken in order to achieve the target goals. For sure, apart from Ebook authors, this Google mobile friendly responsive them can be the best online tool for other authors, publishers, etc. About author, books and shop sections can be successfully used to provide the website visitor with all the necessary information about the author, his or her books, other publications and the stores, from where one can acquire them.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Links to various ebook providers are shown for ease of linking
  • Author area for showcasing about the author
  • Full color changing theme set your own colors
  • Integrated with 600+ google fonts


11. Lawzo



In case you have set your mind to formulate a professional and solid personal website to showcase your individual business activity of a lawyer, Lawzo is for you. This suitable theme suggests all the required sections, like about us, practice area, attorney profile, etc. to be filled with relevant information in order to make a full and comprehensive representation of the lawyer or attorney, to cover his or her professional activity, highlight the successful cases and overall experience. This SEO friendly theme consists of a bunch of useful and applicable theme options and goes well with the latest version of WordPress.
Some of its feature includes:

  • About us section to showcase about lawyer
  • Social icons like avvo, rocketlawyer to show credibility
  • SEO friendly and well documented
  • Theme options with fonts change, color change etc.


12. SKT White

skt white


SKT White, which is praised for its flexibility and eye-catching design, which appeal majority of the people, is also a convenient and presentable theme for personal website. The effective slider with its available 10 images, different homepage sections and different theme options can create a strong and informative area, presenting the individual and his or her activity in details. In contrast to other one-page themes, SKT Whites with its perfect navigation and easy management enables the user to keep his or her personal website under total supervision with very little effort.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Slider images upto 10
  • Filterable gallery set up
  • Retina and HD ready theme
  • Faster support using our support forum


13. SKT Full Width



Our list of best 11 WordPress themes for personal website concludes SKT Full Width. Large groups of people engaged in the pursuit of finding an appropriate framework for personal website creation, strongly recommend SKT Full Width for suchlike purposes. Generally speaking, it’s one of the most popular WordPress themes for personal websites at present, and yet many new individuals manifest interest towards this responsive and all-inclusive theme. SKT Full Width comes with slider on the homepage with up to 15 full width images, which allows to visualize whatever is needed, widgetized footer, widgetized left menu, Gallery and Photo Album features and altogether is very easy to use and edit.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Responsive for all browsers and devices
  • 50+ social icons are readily integrated
  • Choose among 600+ google fonts
  • Change color of the background as well as opacity


WordPress is a dynamic and open source platform, meaning that it’s free to use which is why you may want to consider using the same as a platform for your personal blog. There are any numbers of blogging platforms out there but none come close to WordPress and its flexibility, tools, options and the sheer diversity of themes available. This is the reason why you may want to check out WordPress themes for personal websites and see what looks good to you.

The fact that WordPress leads the rest of the pack when it comes to CMS should tell you why it is highly popular and moreover, some of the top companies from CNN to Tech Crunch have migrated to WordPress platform for this very reason. What makes WordPress stand out from the rest is the sheer flexibility that you get with its many varied themes; and if you know coding quite well, then you can tinker with the layout and customize it to fit your preference. But the icing on the cake is that everything is automated on WordPress, in the sense that you do not have to code in order to customize your website.

When it comes to WordPress themes for personal, there are a lot of themes to choose from and the process may seem a little overwhelming. That’s why it is important that you check out these tips for choosing the perfect theme for your website.

Simplicity: The favorite WordPress themes for personal websites for web design this year seems to be simplicity; the fact remains that a simple design can be much more effective in conveying a point than a flashy graphic. Cluttered content, flashy graphics conveys the image that you are trying hard to push information down a user’s throat and that’s bound to turn them away. So keep it simple and keep the focus on relevant parts.

Platform testing: Before you select a theme to use for your website, you may want to do a dry run and to be more specific, check out the platform on various browsers and see how it appears. Some of the themes appear differently on other browsers like Safari so it makes sense to test the themes before going ahead with the same for your website.

Plugins: It cannot be said enough that plugins are the bread and butter where WordPress sites are concerned; it is these plugins that make it possible for you to add and modify content on your website so whichever theme you select, make sure that it is compatible with all WordPress plugins.

Multi-lingual: Granted that the end user translation may not be perfect but still, it makes more sense to choose a theme that is compatible with multi-lingual plugins. This would make it possible for users located elsewhere to view your web content in their local language. This may even result in greater traffic and more prospective leads.

Your personal website/ blog is one where you are going to post often and naturally, given this, you would want to add your various social media platforms to your website so as to increase your reach.

Personal WordPress Themes for Building Some Personal Blog and Websites

personal WordPress themes
One of the basic and essential tools the person will need in order to start the crafting of his personal blog or website is a professional and well – structured personal WordPress themes available for them.

It’s a widely known phenomenon, that there are endless possibilities and chances both for individuals and companies coming along the global networking system.

As for the people trying to personalize their professions, hobbies, works, services, products or whatever it is in the digital world, the Internet is of great benefit to them in many diverse ways. Hence, by the application of a handy bunch of the proposed handy tools and strategies every single individual will have all the potential to fully demonstrate his profile in the online market from the ground up.

Keeping this in mind, in this article, we have sort out the best and highly recommended WordPress templates worked out and developed primarily to cover any personal and individual undertaking or initiative in the most productive way. All of them share the necessary theme controls and other features for the individual to take the whole process of the relevant website or blog building upon himself.

Personal WordPress themes for building some personal blog and websites

1. Me:

resume WordPress theme


Me is extensively intuitively, deeply customizable and adaptive, well – developed and seriously worked out one of the individual and personal WordPress themes to cater to any individual business or profile, resume and CV presentation. With the application of this user and developer – friendly template you will not need to be familiar with all the structural and technical aspects of the medium in depth, since the theme management options are really intuitive and smart to be exercised in the easiest way, at the same time saving your time and efforts to the maximum extent.

2. SKT Launch Pro:

author WordPress theme


SKT Launch Pro is stylish and modern looking, bright and dynamically designed, very flexible and adaptable, technologically cutting – edge and easy to customize template of WordPress ready to feature any personal or private online performance. With this perfect product every single person will be able to identify all the functional and visual drivers of the theme and subsequently stress out all the specific and attractive points of his newly launched products, services, e – books and other items so that they will be easily accessible and available for the website visitors and potential clients.

3. Character:

personal WordPress theme


Built on pliable and sophisticated framework, proved by eye –catching and alluring design, Character appears with its multipurpose and feature – rich nature to be exercised in relation to any private and personal matters and affairs. This modern and resourceful theme meets all the current requirements specified by the WordPress community and comes ready with lots of customization options to redecorate and restructure the default theme to match his needs and working perspectives. Character also shares totally responsive touches and mobile and device – friendly layout to be qualified and suited for any mobile and device usage.

4. SKT Lens Pro:

responsive portfolio WordPress theme


SKT Lens Pro is considered one of the best and the most convenient website creation and management tools to carry out any personal or individual plans and projects to be exceptionally deployed in your website or blog. This one of the personal WordPress themes with its neatly and precisely distributed overall structure and its dynamically developed integral parts can cater to exclusively any matter, from portfolio and resume display to wedding production, design agency, beauty center or something of the kind. The theme comes integrated with SEO and SMO optimization, shares multilingual support, as well as perfect operation with a set of modern and useful WordPress compatible plugins.

5. Panaroma Pro:

portfolio WordPress theme


If your primary goal is to make a visual impact on your visitors by means of the high quality and alluring images and content of the website homepage background, Panaroma Pro can be an ideal selection. This professional and sophisticated premium personal theme will contribute to the building of any private website or blog at any level of the website construction and design. Apart its stunningly beautiful appearance, Panaroma Pro is loaded with a powerful package of theme inner options and settings to make the website control and customization an easy task to perform.

6. PicArt:

portfolio WordPress theme


PicArt is fresh and colorful, powerful and pliable, polished and refined template at your disposal to undertake the manifestation of you and your relevant activities without worrying about the difficulties and complex situations you may ever encounter, as PicArt will prevent you from such uncomfortable and sticky conditions to the maximum. Thus, the theme allows you to create, design, develop and has total control over the personal website or blog across a variety of fields and areas, at the same time providing premium quality website performance on the one hand, and perfect customer experience on the other.

7. SKT Magazine Pro:

magazine WordPress theme


SKT Magazine Pro is designed to showcase any magazine, journal or news – related website or blog, highlighting any single aspect of the life and lifestyle, ranging from politics and science to sport and beauty. You may externalize and organize the website operational potential as per your requirements in order to maximize the number of people visiting your online platform daily. For the website better optimization, you are free to install all the compatible plugins, such as Disqus, Facebook comment plugins for the website social media integration, WooCommerce plugin for commercial and shopping purposes, as well as qTranslate X and other plugins for the website multilingual support.

8. Girlie:

girly WordPress theme


Girlie has been planned and implemented specifically to satisfy all the needs and pretenses any feminine representative may express. Hence, Girlie is designed and dressed with many girly touches and shades to be visually and graphically perceptible for the website female visitors. This elegant and imaginative, smart and secure, well – structured and well- developed personal and individual WordPress powered website will for sure simplify all the management and customization process of the whole web page and blog, as well as manipulation and distribution of the whole relevant content.

There are endless possibilities and opportunities for individual professionals to grow their business when they take up their work on the internet. This Global networking system has totally changed the game for the last few years. It does not matter if you want to showcase in what field you are expertized or you want to sell personal products to customers, going online and setting up a personal website will be your best option to grow and flourish in this competitive market. Many organization and individuals underestimate the power of the online market and hence are forced to fall behind their competitors.

Past is gone when building a website was either costly or a hectic job to accomplish. With the introduction of WordPress and it’s diverse themes has helped millions of companies and individual professions to expand and stand out their business amidst high competition. Personal WordPress themes will help you to build a super flexible, top-notch website with a very simple easy to use interface with a lot of functionalities. With these personal WordPress themes, you can customize the website just the way you want. You will have your website ready in just a few hours without having to code a single line. And moreover, you save a lot of money as well as time, which you can use to enhance your business or personal offerings to your audience and clients.

‘The first impression is always the last impression’. We all have heard of it, right? To make your website and your business or individual proposals look more promising, you can change the colour, background, header and footer of the website. With help of Personal WordPress themes, you can also add a homepage slider with images of your recent projects undertaken or a calendar of your recent business meets or events. This can be one of the elite ways to welcome your visitors. You can also customize the menu to help your customers a smooth experience navigating through your website pages.

These themes also support a lot of plugins which can be used to enhance the functionalities of your website and on the other hand will give your visitors a smooth and interactive user experience. For example, You can address your customers queries by integrating a live chat plugin or maybe you can offer your customers to download brochures of your business proposals in PDF format by the help of PDF viewer plugin. There are plugins too that acts as a marketing tool for your website such as the social networking plugin which helps the users to share content from your website in different social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Nowadays the solution to every problem is Google or Bing. These Personal WordPress themes have a built-in search engine optimization feature to help your website rank better in search giants like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. so that it gets recognised by people more than other websites of similar nature. During earlier days smartphones and tablets weren’t popular and people were habituated in using computers to access the internet. But now the scenario has totally changed and people use small devices more.

This is where these responsive personal WordPress themes come into play. These themes will make your website look perfect in any screen size. In short, if you want to grow your business, reach a larger market base and stand out in every possible way from your growing competitors then these personal WordPress themes will surely make your dream come true in reality.